Did Your Company Have W-2 Employees During 2020 Or 2021? Receive A Refund Up To $26,000 Per Employee!

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Did Your Company Have W-2 Employees During 2020 Or 2021? Receive A Refund Up To $26,000 Per Employee!

Have you heard of the Employee Retention Credit? It was a credit designed by Congress to help businesses that retained their employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If your business experienced even ONE of the following:

1)    A government mandated shutdown

2)    A reduction in revenue

3)    Began after February 15th 2020

You may qualify for this valuable refund.

Why Employee.Credit?

Risk Free Analysis – There is no fee if you are not deemed eligible

ERC Experts – Our attorneys and accountants are solely focused on ERC regulations

Audit Preparation – Each client receives a thorough case study for their credit filing

Clients We have Serviced – Restaurants, Schools, Nursing Homes, Retail Stores, Publicly Traded Companies, Non-Profits and many other industries in all States

Cost Free Analysis – We are currently servicing all companies with more than 5 W-2 employees

Why don’t I just call my accountant to file this for me?

There is a reason you have not had anyone help you file yet…. This credit involves the assistance of business tax credit experts. We employ some of the best attorneys and accountants to ensure your credit is filed properly and efficiently.

Visit with https://employee.credit/ today!

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30 Comments On "Did Your Company Have W-2 Employees During 2020 Or 2021? Receive A Refund Up To $26,000 Per Employee!"

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I know 2 companies who each got over $400k from this program. The ERC is the new PPP


I know the post says W2 employees. I only had 1099 employees. Can I get anything for them? Maybe a lower credit?


Unfortunately 1099 employees are not eligible at this time.
For business owners with more than 5 W-2 employees, we have been able to assist with eligibility for nearly every company that has applied.
If a company is not eligible- they do not pay.
We are here to help, reach out today!


More then 5 employees is a criteria from the IRS, or is that just your rule?
I have 1 w-2 employee, can I benefit at all from this program?


Only for w-2 employees and can’t double dip. Can’t use same payroll that was used for PPP forgiveness. Can only use excess payroll.

Chaim Ber Finkelstein

Correct me if I’m wrong but this only works best for higher pay employees? Employees making $15-18 an hour will not net you much under this program. Correct?


Respectfully, That is not correct.
Employees being paid $15/hour can still net an employer over $21,000 through the Employee Retention Credit.
Feel free to click the link above so we can help you.

Sam federation

What about over 500 employees?


Some companies can be eligible even with over 500 employees.
If you submit a ticket through our portal, we can have someone schedule a call and take a look at your employee count.

Ezra Mosseri

What if your company employees are family ?


Every case is different.
One of the factors is ownership structure.
We look forward to helping you.
If you submit a ticket through the link above, we can have someone reach out to assist.


If our company got both rounds of PPP with over 10 employees can we still be eligible?


This Credit is even for companies that took ppp loans. It does not matter if they were forgiven or not.


Does anyone know a company that went through Employee.credit to receive this program? I know a company that received this credit but went through their accountant and said it was a very long and complicated process. I would like to hear from someone who trusted this company and it worked out.


We are happy to provide references!
We have plenty of happy customers in nearly every industry across the country.
We will have someone reach out once we receive your information.


how is it 26k I thought that it is 7k per quarter for the first 3 quarters=21k?


It’s a great program and I’m sure this company does fantastic work . But when 95% of the commons below were all written by the company itself that scares me. The company or products should sell itself


The comments we have written have
been replies to peoples questions about the program. But we agree, great program and we do fantastic work.


what if the employees are family members


Unfortunately, typically the family members wages are excluded from eligibility.


Does it matter if I received PPP or EIDL? and what does a reduction in revenue consist of?


Nearly every client has received ppp and eidl loans. PPP and EIDL does not exclude a business from eligibility for the ERC Credit.
Reduction of revenue criteria can depend on year/quarter/other business interests.
Feel free to reach out so our accountants and attorneys can help with your specific business.
Do not be concerned, there is no charge if you are not deemed eligible.

Jack the Quack

Are all W-2 employees eligible?
I have W-2 employees but they are paid as Clergy
Are they still eligible?


How much do you charge for the application?


We do not charge anything for an application!
We do not take any deposit to start the process.
If you are not eligible- you will not pay.


how about if I have 6 employees but 3 of them are family members, do we qualify?


How much is the charge?


We do not charge anything for an application!
We do not take any deposit to start the process.
If you are not eligible- you will not pay.
We take a percentage of your credit amount if deemed eligible, the lowest in the industry. Feel free to contact our office so they can help you.