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From what the website says, it looks like a great buy.

Anyone know the neighborhood?

lol 🙂


can someone please advise:

when i call to cancel and close a citi advantage cc, they offer 1000 miles if i dont cancel;

how often can i call to collect 1000 miles that way???


are they planning on selling to non-lubavitchers? whats with chizuk haschuna?????


whos building is it?


do they HAVE to sell it to lubavitchers?!?


Non-Lubavitchers can’t be mechazek the Shechunoh???
Who else will buy all those products that the Rabbonim have “assered” (with a certain “hashgachah).
What I assume you are asking, Joey, is if they plan to sell to non-Jews.


It’s Drizin’s building.


Can anyone tell me how the Advanta Platinum Business card stacks up against the Starwoods Card.


He can sell to who he wants, but a lubavitcher who lsitens to the rebbe should look to try to give affordable housing to the community and should not just be looking for the highest buck.

In fishers days these wud not be more than $300,000, he was into building the community.

I think drizin should give a anash rate, what is better? Giving our young families a chance to build a jewish home? or is it bette to make some more money?

rachemim gold

anyone know pricing?


actually its fishers buiding! (not that i care but just to let you know!)


Reply to Chosid: This building is Drizins, and he will not cahrge to much, but not as cheap as Fishers back in the days.


The only nonlubavitchers that would come into a luxury bldg like this will be professionals, doctors, lawyers, etc. While we can be mechazek them, they will no doubt add value to the entire schchuna, and this will be mechazek all of us, too.


Ugh, I hate flash based sites.
Always looks like they’re trying too hard to be professional…
Interesting building though.


ok so i read through the comments and a few points:
to scrable i dont know where you heard that hes not charging too much. i hear its $375 per square foot. if you do the math the large ones of 4-5 bedroom are 800g to 1m.
the smaller ones from 600g. but from my math nothing less than 600g (for a two br!!!)

otherwise it looks really nice. i watched the building go up as i lived right across the street until i moved….


Well i really dont think he will charge 800k for 4-bed i will thin about 600k or less, thats what i think unless he has plans not to sell to jews, and people who will pay more.


If you are all so interested in finding out the prices then why don’t you just call them and find out. Whether or not it will be expensive or affordable is not really something someone should guess – especially if you can easily find the answer in a more accurate manner. Wouldn’t you agree?


What do you all think is a reasonable price for an apartment? By the square foot? By the “luxury” title? By the NYC location? By the Cr Hts location? By the current real estate market? By mortgage rates (after the summer when you could actually buy)? By other associated expenses yet to be disclosed also at a future date unknowable now?
By supply and demand? By moral responsibility to the community? to the Rebbe? to be a viable success to the promoter(s)so they can continue other projects? to a realistic appraisal for those who are tempted but who could gd forbid end up foreclosing because they are in over their heads? What prices are fair to all so that they can sell successfully in Crown heights to Lubavitchers who are otherwise being forced to move elsewhere?