20% Off The Shmuel Kunda Collection


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Do you remember those days, those songs that we sung
As we’d listen, bated breath to When Zaidy Was Young!
Of Pesach the Longest or Incredible Dreidel,
It’s what put us to sleep in our beds, bunks and cradle.

Now you can listen again to a Shmuel Kunda tale
with a twenty percent off entire site sale!
Like back in the day it will not take long
Your family too will be singing those songs!

So in your home or on the road
Enjoy a CD or quickly download!
Chanukah5774 as the coupon code
The sale is limited so don’t hesitate.
When December 4th passes it will be too late!

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In for 2. Thanx!
BTW if you save it to a cloud like Dropbox you can easily access it on all of your devices.


Wow! Talk about old childhood memories! Thanks Dan


reb shmuel zt’l was multi talented i used to rush out of our shabbos meal in order to go to reb shmuels pirchei group @ agudah of 14th ave branch where he told amazing stories,acted out with sound affects
years later as an artist,and then those childhood tapes we all lovingly remember
may the kosher entertainment he provided to jewish children be a zechus for him in the olam hemes


Chaval Al D’Avdin! R’ Shmuel was one of a kind. Every one of his albums are gems and stand the test of time. Pure classics! And hilarious! Thank you Dan for promoting something so special and necessary in todays world where its very hard to find good & fun kosher entertainment for kids.


I remember we used to sing all his songs in camp nearim


Keeps the kids entertained every day during carpool.
They wish we were stuck more often in traffic….
Great kosher entertainment for young and old.
Brings back childhood memories
Thanks dan for posting


My kids LOVE these! No One else even comes close!


Perfect timing, I was just planning on ordering a bunch of these.


What memories…these bring me back to my childhood! All the other kids tapes get on my nerves, besides for the Shmuel Kunda tapes, which I still love to this day !