$20 For Unlimited Talk, Text, And Data!


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For a limited time, Teltik has lowered its prices and is offering plans on the T-Mobile network starting at $20/month! Your plan will include unlimited talk, text, and data, domestic roaming, calls to and within Canada, and more.

No contract. No hidden fees. No overages. Port in your number from any carrier.

Your first order will include our business PBX cloud-phone system for free!

Hurry! This sale ends 01/10/2017.

Call 888-406-2838 or click HERE today!

-2GB high-speed data** – $25 $20
-6GB high-speed data** – $30
-UNLIMITED high-speed data (Mobile HotSpot will work at 3G Speeds) – $45 $40
-UNLIMITED high-speed data (14GB Mobile HotSpot) – $55 $50
*All prices listed are pre-tax.
**Unlimited data at 2G speeds once high-speed data allotment is depleted.

Use discount-code DansDeals10off for $10 off your first order.

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Has anyone actually USED this service? Sign up wants a business ID, and federal tax id? Is this legit?


Was gonna ask if this is for personar lines or only business? If it’s only business then it makes sense that they’re gonna ask you for your business ID and tax ID.


did anyone ever use this company?

Chaim Javitz

I have their service for 6 weeks now and service is great (NYC)! I have 6gb/$30 plan. The ad doesn’t mention the fact that streaming music/videos from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, iHeart etc. is not counted as using your data allowance thus making this plan a lot better than it appears! As for business name and EIN, yes, that’s correct – These plans are for businesses only. But, if you are a sole proprietor, you can upload for business listing and use use your SS#


Is this deal continuous. Will this be the price for every month or just the first month etc.


If you place an order with the current prices, they are locked in for you indefinitely. Be sure to place your order before 1/10/17 when they’ll got back up to their regular price.


Does service start immediately, or can I order now and wait a few months to activate once my current plan expires?


could i have it


@Kevin: someone who I sent this to called and they were told that you need to show that your working for a company and SHO proof to the $30 dollar deal
Have you heard of this ??? Is this deal good for anyone ?

samuel traube

Shlomo at customer service knows what he is talking about, not a overseas idiot.
They are even giving me a temporary # and if i like it i can port mu number at a later time.
I am now waiting to try the connections



Our service is for business use. So yes, upon signing up you would need to provide your business info so we can verify it.

If you are a LLC or corporation, you will provide the name of the business and the tax ID or EIN.

If you are self employed, a sole proprietor, contractor or something else, and do not have an EIN you can upload a document from an official entity stating the name of your business. This may include a business registration, DBA form, sales and use form, business license, permit, screenshot of website or online business listing.

Please get in touch with any other questions.
Email: support@teltik.com
Phone: 888-406-2838
Chat: on our website, use the 24 hour chat service


Great service. I just switched and Ive been quite impressed by the customer service. They switched my phone number to my new plan almost instantly. VERY IMPRESSED SO FAR!!