Groupon: Buy Shutterfly Photo Books From $12.99 Shipped And Stack With Unlimited Free Pages And 10% Back In Groupon Bucks, Plus Save With Chase Offers!

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Update: Alive again!

Update: DEAD!

Groupon has Shutterfly photo books on sale from $5 here.

The prices for the hardcover photo books if you buy a Groupon voucher for Shutterfly are as follows:

  • 8×8: $5 (plus $7.99 shipping=$12.99)
  • 8×11: $13.99 (plus $8.99 shipping=$22.98)
  • 10×10: $19.99 (plus $8.99 shipping=$28.98)
  • 12×12: $26.99 (plus $11.99 shipping=$38.98)
  • 11×14: $39.99 (plus $11.99 shipping=$51.98)

While officially these are for 20 page photo books, you can stack your Groupon voucher with this promotion to get unlimited extra pages!

You can also check your Chase Offers for additional savings. My Freedom Unlimited and Sapphire Reserve card have a 10% rebate on Groupon purchases through 11/9, with a cap of $6 back. You can check your Chase offers online or in the Chase app to see what offers you’re targeted for.

If you buy the photo books directly from Shutterfly with 40% off you would pay:

  • 8×8: $11.99 (plus $7.99 shipping=$19.98)
  • 8×11: $23.99 (plus $8.99 shipping=$32.98)
  • 10×10: $29.99 (plus $8.99 shipping=$38.98)
  • 12×12: $41.99 (plus $11.99 shipping=$52.99)
  • 11×14: $44.99 (plus $11.99 shipping=$55.99)

There are some other advantages to Groupon:

But there are advantages to Shutterfly direct as well:

  • You’re not locked into making the book as you don’t pay until checkout.
  • The Groupon voucher’s bonus value expires on 12/31.
  • You can make multiple books or add other items to get to the $49 free shipping threshold.

But if you just want to make one 8×11 hardcover photo book, you’ll save $10+tax and get 10% back by going the Groupon route. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

The 8×11 is my go-to book, we make one for every trip we go on and it’s always stunningly awesome!  I’d highly recommend getting the 8×11 size over the 8×8 size. 

You’ll want to read this post for more information on the unlimited free pages.

Will you make your photo book with Shutterfly direct or with a Groupon voucher for Shutterfly?

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Do I do anything different to get the 8×11 layflat hardcover? Or they’ll just calculate the price for that?


Can i buy it multiple times to get multiple photo books?


Does the Unlimited free pages expire?


Does the Groupon work for the 11×8 photo book or just the 8×11?


I have 10 percent back Groupon offer on my freedom and 10 percent on my ink


Anyone have the TMobile free 8×11 offer saved in the app and doesn’t plan on using it?


I had to order 13 photo books 8×11 and this offer saved me over $300!
Got them for only $20 a book
Dan, thank you for all you do!


Dead again 🙁


Do these codes work for layflat hardcover?


@Dan any experience on the matter?


they should work. but it would come out more expensive….the 40% off will automatically be calculated….in my experience….good luck!


If I were to buy the Groupon vouchers, Can I stack the free shipping on that, as well? I would buy the 8*11 and 11*14, which would come out to more than 49$. DOes the free shipping work on that? or should I just do it through shutterfly?


The shipping doesn’t stack but it still may be cheaper


Dan the 8×11 is better than the 10×10?