Offer Extended! Targeted: Use 1 AMEX Membership Rewards Point And Get $30 Off $60 From Amazon!

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Update: This offer has been extended through 11/30.

Several people have reported that additional accounts have been targeted, so be sure to check again even if you weren’t targeted before.

Originally posted on 11/9/17:

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This offer is targeted to select users. If it doesn’t work for you then you can try calling Amazon (888-280-4331) or chatting with Amazon and see if you can get it manually applied to your account…YMMV!

You can also try linking your American Express Membership Rewards card to your Amazon account and check back in a couple days to see if you become targeted.

If you clip the “Click here to activate” coupon via this link it will tell you if you are targeted to save another $30 off $60 at Amazon when you redeem 1 AMEX Membership Rewards Point.

You can link your American Express Membership Rewards card to your Amazon account by clicking here.

This will only work with AMEX cards that earn Membership Rewards points, including:

Once you do that just add anything $60 or more that is shipped and sold from Amazon to your cart. This won’t work for items sold by 3rd parties.

This won’t work for Amazon gift card purchases, but it will work on gift cards for hundreds of stores found here. Gift cards sold by Amazon that work for this promotion include AirbnbGap IncNetflixLowe’sNordstromOffice MaxSouthwestStaplesStarbucksUberWhole Foods, and more.

If you can select e-delivery cards you’ll be able to request a $60 gift card in order to maximize your savings.

At checkout select the Membership Rewards card that you linked.

You may need to click “Change” by the credit card at checkout if it’s showing a different default credit card.

On the final checkout page click on “Apply rewards points” and enter $0.01 to use 1 point to save 1 cent (Don’t use more than 1 point as buying on Amazon only gives a paltry value of 0.7 cents per AMEX point!):


For example I added a $60 Gap Inc e-delivery card and got the $30 AMEX Promo and $0.01 from the 1 point used at checkout:

You can also try linking your AMEX card to another Amazon account and see if it works from there as well!

What will you buy with $30 off $60?

HT: jackofall, via DDF

Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Alex worked again…whole food $100 gift card for $70


where do i get this promotion? and what types of things does this promotion work on?


Just give the article a read.


$60 @lowes


Thanks Dan! i did not get it but my wife’s account did!


is there a code for this offer if i was mot targetet and want to call and try manually ? (like the $25 off $50 had AMEX17EVER


on my 5 accounts


Thanks for posting this, I used it to purchase a new dash cam I’ve had my eye on.

But, in addition to the other deal caveats, be sure to note this, #5 in the Terms & Conditions:

“Offer is not available to American Express Membership Rewards eligible cards whose points have been previously used for purchases at in the past twelve months.”

I took advantage of the recent deal that was same (a month or two ago?). After activating the offer via the link, when I went to checkout with the same card the discount was not applied, even though I used one AMEX point. I simply added an additional AMEX card I have (AMEX Everyday with Membership Rewards), set the new card as the payment, and the $30 off discount showed up.


worked fine even i used the card a month ago


I used one I’d used for a promo before and it still worked.


Which dash cam? I was looking for one as well, but it wasn’t sold by Amazon.


Will I be able to pay the rest of the bill with different credit card? Meeting not an Amex credit card

deals dealer

no, you have to pay the rest with the same card.
But you could reload your Amazon gift card balance with a different card and it will automatically apply to the purchase.


How? I have gift card balance. I have to select the amex with the points to use 1 pt. It isn’t letting me select the gift card balance as well.


Thanks, Dan! Always on the ball.


not targeted 🙁


called amazon to have them do it manually and they said they do no know of the promotion


What are considered “eligible products” to discounted? I’ve added $80 worth to card & applied the Amex point. But nothing is showing up! (obviously I’ve activated the promotion too)


The product must be sold and shipped by Amazon (not through a 3rd party) to be eligible.


Do I have to buy something now or can I leave the promo on my account for the next time I buy something from Amazon?

l h

i got promo, but it didnt apply to my uber gift card. chatted with amazon and they tell me this promo does not work with gift card


Could I use the same card and enroll it in multiple accounts?


Wasn’t targeted. First attempt at chat was a no-go. When I responded to the email that asked how they did in the negative, I was put into chat again to give them another chance. Got agent to say I should place an order and he’ll refund me $30. Wasn’t sure if he would have required me to use MR, but I put 1 in there just to keep it safe.


I was not targeted either. What did you tell them? My prior experiences had me give them a link of the promo before they would do anything. How did you get around that?


How did you justify the promotion? Did you say you have an AMEX card but for some reason it doesn’t work?


Worked for me too! I also bought a $60 Gap egift card. Thank you!


Not targeted. Is it because I don’t have any points available? (New card)


Was anyone able to use it for multiple purchases one account? Or the same card on multiple amazon accounts?


Thanks Dan, I got this already for the third time! Just wanted to know if I can linky my amex account to 2 Amazon accounts? Thanks.


thanks Dan! worked great.


It is dead…


Wow, so many questions, but no answers to them. I was hoping to read answers to some of the good questions.


Chatted 3 times, no luck 😉


Just got a $100 Uber for $70. Thanks!


DEAD. It mentions reached its limit.


I tried all my account and it doesn’t work.
I used it already once, maybe that why.


Pretty sure it’s dead. On 1 account it says not eligible. And on other account it says “Sorry we have reached maximum number of participation for this promotion”


It mentions reached its limit.


Works great! Thanks.


I didn’t see motion this offer :
Not as good as 30$ but 15$ is nice too 😉


Hard to get the full $15. Everytime I use code it only comes as than $15.


As less than $15. It seems as if you must have at least $40 purchase.


I tried it and it didn’t work I also spoke to a couple of amazon reps and still no luck


I Used it and it worked but when I tried again I got this message:
“Sorry we have reached maximum number of participation for this promotion”

Looks like its finished


It worked for me an hour ago, thanks!


Reach the limits 🙁


Doesn’t work. Message says “We have reached maximum number of participants”


It’s expired only if you didn’t save the offer before.


It’s working again, Dan


Sorry we have reached maximum number of participation for this promotion
this is what comes up when u click


Thanks Dan! I bought a 60$ Starbucks Gift Card.


Thanks, again!


Just registered for two accounts.


Thanks, got a nice samsonite carry on (added on 5$ coupon for prime members)


It still works, it’s even letting me buy a second time with the discount.


it still works! just used it!


Worked for me today


“Sorry we have reached maximum number of participation for this promotion”
5:47PM; 3-19-18


Is the amex deal dead?


Thanks. I purchased a pair of Ecco shoes for $57


Just to add another data point; just used at 5:15 CDT (added and successful checkout) and working great. Was not previously targeted.


I got this message when I was going to link my American Express Premier Rewards card

Update: This offer has been extended from 3/15 to 6/15. Additional accounts have also been targeted, so check the link below to see if you’re currently targeted!


I want to point out that last time I called Amex after a 60$ Amazon purchase and they told me that although they don’t see the promotion applied to the the purchase they will match the promotion and refund me 30$, which they did.
Thanks Dan!


Also thanks Dan as I was able to use the promotion twice being the first time was through a promotion match refund.


amazon is asking for a screenshot of the promotion. can anyone help me out?

Daniel Aaron

I just chatted with Amazon customer service and was told that “Everyone is eligible but someone should invite you for this”. Does anyone know or have an invite to share?


i just checked again an account that i checked afew day ago and it was not targeted and now it is thanx dan!


thanks dan, got Uber 60 for 30!


Do i have to buy something by that date or just add it to my account by that date?

amex amazon

it still alive until 8/31 so could you pls repost it

amex amazon

i mean 11/30


Does this apply to subscribe and save items as well if its total is more than $60?


amazon asking me for a link. the screenshot i sent them expired june 1st.


1 can same promo used in march be used again ?
Same Amex card?
2 when used points, it charged the balance on same Amex used for points, didn’t allow use another card


I get “Your points will be applied at checkout but we were not able to activate the promo code. If you have already activated this code, your discount will be applied at checkout.”

Doesn’t seem to work at checkout




I get the same note as etech0. Any workaround, Dan?


Ordered. Thanks!!!