[JetBlue Confirms No Advance Notice Devaluation] Ouch! JetBlue Massively Increases Points Requirement For Even More Space Seats In Major Mosaic Devaluation!

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Update 2: JetBlue corporate communications has responded and they confirmed the no advance warning Mosaic program devaluation. They also maintain that the new upgrade pricing, which is more than triple the previous pricing, still offers EMS seating at “significantly reduced rates” as the Mosaic program promises.

“With TrueBlue, we reward loyalty with customer-friendly options such as no blackout dates, all seats on all flights are available for redemption, and points that never expire. As a revenue-based program, our pricing model aligns with changes in travel demand and redemption values are linked to fares and ancillary fees. Although there was a change in the redemption rate for Even More Space seats, our most loyal customers are still able to redeem their points for Even More Space seats at significantly reduced rates. Mosaics continue to receive 15,000 bonus points when qualifying for Mosaic status, even at the lowered thresholds for this year, which can be used to redeem options such as Even More Space seats.”

Update: When asked why the Mosaic upgrade rate went from 600 points to 2,000 points on my itinerary without warning while the paid rate remained $48, JetBlue’s Twitter account responded that “We aren’t seeing any available Even More Space seats on that flight for 600 points. We apologize for any confusion.”

JetBlue corporate communications team has not yet responded to our request for more information.

Originally posted on 10/12:

JetBlue Mosaic elite benefits are somewhat sparse compared to elite status on airlines like AA, Delta, and United.

On those airlines, free extra legroom seats and upgrades to first class are some of the primary benefits.

Here are JetBlue’s published Mosaic benefits:

One of the primary Mosaic benefits are free changes on non-basic economy fares, but Alaska, American, Delta, Hawaiian, Southwest, and United no longer charge change fees on many routes. JetBlue has offered free changes to all members on all fares since February and plans to do so through at least 2/28/21. They are the only major US airline that hasn’t announced plans to permanently remove change fees.

Another major Mosaic benefit is the ability to “Redeem your points for Even More Space seats at significantly reduced rates.” This benefit was devalued last year when JetBlue introduced basic economy fares that didn’t qualify for this benefit. American has now gone in the opposite direction, and allows elites to select extra legroom seats and upgrade even on basic economy fares.

Last week I looked at the rates for redeeming points for EMS seats from Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland and the Mosaic rate to upgrade to an EMS window or aisle seat is $48 or 600 points. A middle EMS seat upgrade is $43 or 500 points. That’s a value of 8 or 8.6 cents per TrueBlue point compared to a typical value of about 1.3 cents.



Today I looked at the rates for redeeming points for EMS seats for the same flight and the Mosaic rate to upgrade to an EMS window or aisle seat is $48 or 2,000 points. A middle EMS seat upgrade is $43 or 1,800 points. That’s a value of 2.4 or 2.39 cents per TrueBlue point compared to a typical value of about 1.3 cents, but down from 8-8.6 cents per point.

Upgrading my family of 6 just went from 6,800 points round-trip to 23,200 points!


Worse yet, JetBlue did this major Mosaic devaluation without providing any notice to members.

Similar massive pricing increases can be found on all JetBlue routes systemwide, with EMS point redemption values dropping from 8-9 cents to 2.3-2.4 cents each.

That’s still a decent value, but no longer represents “significantly reduced rates” as JetBlue promises on their Mosaic site.

Due to free flight changes, I expected JetBlue to enhance Mosaic benefits by making EMS seat selection free, as other airlines do for their elites. Instead they have made them more expensive than ever!

I reached out to JetBlue for comment earlier today on this unannounced Mosaic devaluation but they have not yet responded. I will update this post if they do respond.

JetBlue unofficially provides free Mosaic upgrades at the airport on the day of departure, but that can be removed at any time without notice. It’s also tough to count on that when traveling with your family, which is what made the discounted points upgrade feature so valuable for Mosaics.

Between free changes for everyone, rollbacks of benefits with basic economy fares, and this EMS seat upgrade devaluation, spending time and money to earn JetBlue Mosaic seems harder to justify than ever.

A pandemic sure seems like a strange time for airlines to devalue their elite status, when they need their elite members more than ever to keep them afloat.

Will you still work to earn Mosaic status after this devaluation?

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cant we file a complaint? Dont they need to give notice? Mosaic is basically worthless now. AA and United (maybe delta too, dont fly them) all give elites EMS seats for free


When citi premier went to 3x at grocery idk how anyone would want to MS 2x jetblue. I have flown cle-fll-latinamerica several times pre covid and always had all 6 exit row seats to myself as the staff do actually block people from self-upgrading. When they did/do it day-of i was always awarded the points as-if i paid for the “upgrade” as well. Quite silly if they are doing this on purpose As it is X/was a nice perk if you are flying your whole family. For the next year or more everyone gets free cancels on most flights and even pre and during covid SW is always this way and using my favorite citi transfer partner was $25 to cancel(Now im not certain as its not on your list), neither of which requires spending a dime to have that privilege. Flying SW has been great with the blocked seats, free internet, and same friendly service and 4000 point flights cross country. Just has been impossible to use my drink coupons :).


Your lucky. I see some are requiring 2,800 points. Going up as the dollar amount goes up. Mosaic members shouldn’t have to pay so much when most of the perks for extra legroom seats are already given to mosaic members. Not sure why they decided to change that. There should be a law against devaluing points without at least 12 to 24 months notice. I collect points because I’m promised I can use it with a specific value and then when I’m ready to use it the value can be cut in half or worse.


As I Have Been Mosaic the last 3 years I see them going downward as an airline. There website is very unfunctional, There customer service reps are not there to help mosaic members when you have an issue.
I flew with my family this past week and paid for even more seats ( I took 3 rows with block middle as I purchased these seats) when I get to the gate the rep tells me as a family they put us together and used the middle seat also , I tried to explain that I purchase these seats, but obviously yes they are racing to the bottom.
#Jetblue #racetothebottom


So I learned two things from this post.

1. It’s starting to look like a good thing that I didn’t pay to buy a Mosaic invite a few months back.

2. Apparently shmais still exists 🙂


This and other shenanigans is why I no longer fly JetBlue. They cancelled my flight to FLL two days before pesach with 1 hour notice and offered a flight 5 days later.
I also experienced an extreme delay departing PBI, the delay was announced by a uniformed Police Officer with an upholstered gun. If that is how they treat their customers, count me out.


Shame!! Hope they’ll rescind this asap


Just got off the phone with a Mosaic rep who implied that the airport EMS upgrade would be going away


What made you take a screenshot last week?
Were you expecting changes to come?


nail in the coffin for me. Have several trips booked but didn’t select EMS in advance as I anticipated doing same day changes. oh well…

Bitter Mint to swallow

Same here on the one non Mint segment I had booked!


Spoke to a Jetblue Mosaic agent this evening. Per her, agents started noticing the increase in EMS points rates about a week to a week – and-a-half ago, and when they inquired higher up, they were told that the plan was to notify the agents in advance but they didn’t know when the change would take effect in the system and it happened sooner than they had a chance. Whatever. Strange.
On a complete 180° off tangent angle, am I the only one super annoyed at Jetblue’s hold music?


i understand what your saying but when they start flying to london in 2021 then we will se what they charge for ems seats and if they give unofficially mosiacs upgrades at the airport maybe they’ll honor that unofficialness on the new london routes


I was attempting to change a flight for my family of 4 for which I had paid 1100pts for each EMS seat – if I change it goes to 3200 per seat.


Don’t change it


What a bizarre time to do this.


@dan what do you recommend we switch to? This is for people that get status via the spending on the Jetblue Credit card for mosaic status. I would switch to another airline’s credit card if you can recommend one for a spending status. Thanks


Lol, it was an incredible value, congrats to those who were able to take advantage of it for so long!


EMS seats from FLL > LAX are now $96 or 4,000 points each for Mosaic. Unbelievable and sad.


Just waiting for the day when Jetblue will eliminate free carry-on allowance for Basic E., and will begin to start charging for all snacks and beverages. The question isn’t “if” but “when”. You’ll get 1 free beer and a few ounces of blue chips with Mosaic status

Voice of Reason

I am a mosaic and I usually do not upgrade unless it is in order to avoid a middle seat scenario. Jet blue has ample room between its non EMS seats. Not so necessary to upgrade even at 600 points. Definitely not at 2000+


Just booked a flight for my hubby and had to use 2,100 points for his seat upgrade, which used to run anywhere from 500-600 points. I was astonished. NO notification from JetBlue at all, which is disappointing for being a Mosaic member. Not sure what precipitated this; as it is, Mosaic members are not receiving their full benefits due to COVID and no food/drink being served on planes. At this rate, you are not increasing the point balance of your account; for most flights you will be using more points than what you earn. I really can’t see the benefit of being a mosaic member after this change. Very disappointing.


Just got this from jet blue mosaic: Like many, we’re excited about all the possibilities that come with a new year—and welcoming you back on board again. We recognize that 2021 will be a year of transition and we look forward to taking care of our very best and most loyal customers (that’s YOU!).

To give you a flying start to 2021, we’re offering you unlimited companion passes! Valid for travel booked and flown 1/1 – 5/20/21. Just call your dedicated Mosaic line at 1-877-JET-TRUE (538-8783) to book you and your companion on any flight, any seat, and your companion will fly free.1

And, to make it easier to maintain your Mosaic status—and give you more perks as you do—we’ve been busy updating the program for the new year ahead.