AAmazing! American Goes Above And Beyond In Their Elimination Of Change Fees, With Several New Benefits Added!

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American is behind United and just behind Delta with their elimination of change fees, but they did it best!

American will waive change fees on all tickets for domestic flights (US 50, Puerto Rico, and USVI as Delta and United did), plus they will also include flights to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean in their waiver!

As with Delta and United, basic economy fares are not eligible for changes. However the free change policy does apply to award tickets.

However unlike United, American will give a voucher if you change to a flight that is lower than the cost of your current flight. That means if the fare on your flight drops you can “change” your flight back to your original flight and get a voucher for the drop, though perhaps you’ll have to change dates and then change back to make that work. With United you don’t receive any refund if you switch to a cheaper flight or if your flight goes down in price.

Starting on 10/1, American will remove same day standby fees on all tickets, including international tickets, award tickets, and basic economy tickets.

Starting on 10/1, American will also allow passengers with basic economy fares to purchase upgrades, priority boarding, preferred or main cabin extra seating, or same day confirmed flight changes.

Incredibly, American will allow elite members on basic economy fares to get their regular benefits so that they can get upgraded, select free preferred or main cabin extra seating, and make same day confirmed flight changes! I’d love to see Delta and United match this!

On the downside, American will no longer count basic economy tickets towards earning elite status.

American is also matching Delta and United in waiving change fees for all domestic and international flight changes for flights booked for the remainder of 2020 for travel anytime. This waiver is valid for basic economy tickets and award tickets.

Well done American, your move JetBlue!

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What’s the best airline now to book flights to Israel in December if you might need to cancel?

Stam a guy

Still not comfortable choosing ElAl for the time being. I’d go with United.


I’m loving these posts today! Keep ’em coming! Thank you!


Does all mean all? I don’t see awards mentioned specifically


As they say, when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up 😉


What does this mean the credits no longer expire on any of these airlines since I can continue moving flights forward for free?


We’ve always been reading about the race to the bottom in the travel industry. BH, this now bounced into upward motion. Can we start dreaming of revamped mileage charts for the better…?


“As with Delta and United, basic economy fares are not eligible for changes. However the free change policy does apply to award tickets”
does that include delta basic economy award tickets.


Can I cancel and redeposit Awards within 30 days (or any time frame) or just changes? And if just changes, do changes include different city pairs or just dates?

joseph koney

Obviously it doesn’t mean much, but when I chatted with a aa rep (yesterday) they said on basicE tickets there won’t be any change fees ..
That’s incorrect?


The question lies now
1. Besides giving free bags how is Southwest going to stand out
2. What is spirit and frontier going to do now that the contrast is so large and clear
3 . What is JetBlue going to do


Southwest also allows easy free cancellations and straight up points refund and tax refund. I am not seeing that the legacy’s have announced to follow that yet.


What about cancelling an award ticket?
Did they match United allowing that to be done for free if done 30 days in advance? What about Delta?


once all these virus thing is over, those airlines will get back to their “old rules”. =D


I’m guessing jetblue will allow free changes permanently on blue fares and extend all benefits to mosaics on basic fares. It would also be nice if travel bank money would not expire for mosaics.


Mosaic benefits on basic fares is about the only thing that would keep me with JetBlue. I’ve avoided AA for a long time but have lifetime status and giving those benefits back to basic fares is big enough for me to go back.


Does “upgrading Basic Economy” mean that families traveling together can now reasonably purchase basic economy fares?


What about web specials?


any update on this from anyone? thanks!


I think JetBlue Mosaics doesn’t have any benefits that regular people get from from United, American and delta


I would like to believe this policy isn’t coming from a place of goodwill. If the Big 3 announced it within a few hours of each others, I’d suspect it was imposed on them. Just my thought.


So other than earning miles towards elite status, will there be any downside to a elite booking a basic economy ticket?


Any idea on how Airpass is considered on all this? I am a member of airpass but rarely book tickets via the airpass program (business travel only). But even when flying basic economy, I still get some airpass perks like free snack box and premium drinks on board. Wondering if any of these new policy changes will apply to airpass tickets as well.


Dan, do you forgive them?


I thought I would share in case anyone misunderstood as I did based on a previous post. Unless things change, which as we see they keep changing all the time, only award travel in 2020 has free cancellation. After speaking to a supervisor who consulted with another supervisor, if you are traveling in 2021, you can always cancel 60 days in advance and cancel for free but the corona waiver is only for travel in 2020, booked as of now by September 30 (which they might extend).


As a Gold elite, will a domestic Basic Economy ticket still be limited to 1 small carry on?