It’s The Last Day Of Starwood Preferred Guest! Did You Remember To…

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Today is the final day of one of the best loyalty program ever created, Starwood Preferred Guest, or SPG.

Marriott takes over the program tomorrow and while many have praised them for how many SPG features they have saved, I can’t forgive them for the massive devaluation that happened to the SPG AMEX card, with card earnings being devalued by 33%.

Marriott phone reps are also all over the place with bad information provided and offer much less consistency than SPG phone reps. Marriott’s is significantly worse than SPGs and there’s no doubt that I’ll miss

But good things come and go and we’ll just have to adapt.

Today, don’t forget to:

Tomorrow, Marriott and SPG systems will be down starting at 6am to complete the program merger. Afterward, you can merge your SPG and Marriott accounts and use the new merged website and award chart.

What else are you doing today before the end of SPG?

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Why screenshot our points balance?


What if you only have spg but no Marriott points or account?


Thank you for this. I appreciate the clear, bulleted plan of action/information.


Could you please clarify what you mean by “On the Marriott side you don’t even have to have sufficient points in your account now to lock in a reservation under the current rates”? Could we reserve a category 9 with a category 1-5 cert and pay the outstanding points after the merger?


No you can’t, I tried, had to buy the extra points


If you need to buy Marriott points to have sufficient points to buy the travel package, it takes 2 days to transfer. BUT, if you call and give them your order number they can immediately lend you the points you bought and they will take them back when they actually post. I just did this and it worked great, I now have six travel packages.


Will there still be spg flights? I only use my spg points for flights or to transfer to airline miles. Should I change then all out today?


Is it not to late to transfer SPG points between household accounts since it can take 5 business days?


You missed to buy a box of Kleenex for all the tears…


Hi Dan, I booked several reservations at Domes of Elounda next summer not knowing which week will work for us yet. I applied a travel package to one of those weeks. If we end up needing a different week do u think they will allow me to “transfer” it to another week?


What is going to happen to my SPG credit card? Will I get a Marriott card instead?


how long does it take to to combine standpoints? if i do it today will it be complete by the merge? is it possible to transfer all at once (55k)?


Will I be able to get the new CC a(nd the Sign up bonus) if I get the Marriott now?


can i book a reservation in the maldives now if i dont have sufficient points in my account? and wait till the point cost goes down to pay with points?


Is there a glitch in Marriott today? I can’t log in to my account or my wife’s, says invalid ID. I am on hold with them now…


I couldn’t get in either.


Same thing happened to me.


Same here


Same here


Yeah, confirmed with a rep that site is down today and I can’t merge accounts or transfer to SPG. She was able to tell me my balance though and I recorded the conversation.


SPG no longer processing member to member transfers. Tried online didn’t work. Called and was told that they can’t do it. I guess the glitches and outages started a day early.


me too.


Ditto. Tried first thing this morning and again just now.

it\'s me

Will I be able to sell Mariott points the way I sell SPG points?


If I want to book an SPG hotel that will be Category 7 until 2019 before jumping up to Category 8, do I need to wait until tomorrow to be able to get the rate for 60K marriot points rather than 32k SPG? SPG phone rep said I can’t cancel reservation if I make one at this point since it’s for next week and that SPG points only transfer at 3:1 if they are in your account at the time of the merger so won’t be able to do rate adjustment. Since the merger happens on Shabbos, I’m concerned the award rooms will get book immediately post-merger. What is best way to do this?


Sadly canceling my SPG amex after 17 years of loyalty.


i just tried to combine mine and my wife points. after few unsuccessful trials over the website i called them, but the rep told me that transfers will be allowed only from tomorrow and on, with the max amount of 50k per 24 hours 🙁


Are they sending new credit card?
Is it worth keeping this card?


if i am planning on going to the st regis bal harbor florida in december and using points should i book today before the merger?


@dan I have 29.5k spg points. What do u recommend I do today? What’s the best course of action? I called them but they were very unclear.
Thanks and have a great shaboss


I booked a couple different date for a vacation because points on that hotel will be going up in points. When I cancel am I getting the new Marriott points? the new rate or the old?


If i have an SPG account, but don’t have a mariott account will my SPG credentials be converted and become my new Mariott login credentials?


do the stays on these certs count towards elite status?


Just confirming what’s already been said. Tried to transfer and they said no more transfers as of 12am today.


do we need to merge accounts or spg do it all? will the provide marriot numbers to people who are not part of that program yet?


Hi Dan,
I have 144,000 Marriott points and 1-5 certificate, would it make sense try to upgrade it to Category 9 and get the same hotel as well you did?


I’m on the phone with SPG now and rep is saying that no more transfers till tomorrow 6 am and getting an error online. Anyone else having a problem transferring ?


Marriott telling me system down and nothing they can do. Then they hung up on me.

Nechama Dina Turk

Do I need to transfer the spg points into airline tonight?