[Updated With Extended Foreigners Ban And Cancellations] Roundup Of Airlines Cancelling Service To/From Israel Due To Coronavirus, And When Service Is Scheduled To Restart

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Update, 5/20: Israel has extended their ban on foreigners and mandatory quarantine for returning citizens through at least 6/15. Returning residents can apply for permission to enter through their local consulate/embassy and returning students can apply for permission to enter trough their schools. Updated airline cancellations can be found below and expect more airlines to update their cancellations shortly. El Al has stopped selling flights through 6/30.

Update, 5/5: El Al has stopped selling flights through 6/27.

Update, 5/3: United has cancelled their afternoon flight UA84/85 between Newark and Tel Aviv through October 23. They also cancelled all flights between San Francisco and Tel Aviv through July 5 and cancelled all flights between Washington DC and Tel Aviv through October 25. 

Update, 4/28: El Al has stopped selling flights through 5/30.

Originally posted on 3/11:

With Israel closing their borders to foreign nationals, many airlines are reducing or cancelling service.

This situation is highly fluid and this post will be updated as more information is released. If you are booked on a flight that is cancelled, be sure to call your booking airline or agent for reaccommodation or refund. Click here for the master post on Coronavirus fee waivers.

Israeli law requires that airlines issue refunds for cancelled flights, but airlines now have 90 days to provide a refund.

Cancelled or significantly delayed flights to or from the US must be refunded in a timely manner.

Here is a roundup of apparent cancellations from many of the airlines serving Tel Aviv, based on which flights they are currently selling:

  • Aegean: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through Jnue 10
  • Aeroflot: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through July 31
  • Air Canada: All flights to Israel are cancelled through June 1. Reduced service through June 22.
  • Air France: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 30
  • Air Serbia: All flights to Israel are cancelled through June 16
  • Alitalia: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 30
  • Arkia: All international flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 30
  • Austrian: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 7
  • British Airways: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through May 31.  Reduced service through June 30.
  • Brussels: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 17. Reduced service through September 1.
  • Cathay Pacific: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 30
  • Delta: All flights to Israel are cancelled through June 2. Reduced service through June 30.
  • El Al:
    • Flights between JFK and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Newark and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Paris and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between London/LHR and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Johannesburg and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Toronto and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Boston and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Las Vegas and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Los Angeles and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Miami and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between San Francisco and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Amsterdam and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Athens and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Barcelona and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Brussels and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Frankfurt and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Geneva and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Madrid and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Milan and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Moscow and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Munich and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Rome and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Prague and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Vienna and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Zurich and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Beijing and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Bangkok and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Flights between Hong Kong and Tel Aviv are cancelled through June 30
    • Service launch between Chicago and Tel Aviv will be delayed until 7/2
    • Service launch between Tokyo and Tel Aviv will be delayed until 8/29
  • Easyjet: All flights are cancelled through June 30.
  • Ethiopian: Twice daily flights between Addis Ababa and Tel Aviv are being reduced to 3 weekly flights through May 31.
  • Finnair: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 30.
  • Iberia: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 30.
  • KLM: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through July 3.
  • Korean: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through August 31
  • LATAM: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through July 31
  • LOT: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 15
  • Lufthansa: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 1. Reduced service through June 30.
  • Norwegian: All flights cancelled through June 30
  • Royal Jordanian: All flights cancelled through June 30
  • Swiss: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 30
  • TAP Portugal: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through July 31
  • Turkish: All flights to/from cancelled through May 31
  • Ukraine: All flights cancelled through June 30
  • United
    • United will continue to operate evening Flight UA90/UA91 daily between Newark and Tel Aviv, with schedule modifications.
    • United is cancelling flights between Washington Dulles and Tel Aviv through October 24.
    • United is cancelling flights between San Francisco and Tel Aviv through July 5.
    • United is cancelling afternoon flight UA84/UA85 between Newark and Tel Aviv through October 23.
  • Virgin Atlantic: All flights to/from Israel are cancelled through June 30.
  • Wizz Air: As of 5/3, fights are operating on a reduced scheduled between London/LTN and Tel Aviv. Daily flights resume June 7.


You can discuss coronavirus and how it’s affecting your life on the dedicated COVID-19 board on DDF here.

Have your travel plans been affected by Coronavirus?

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Do you recommend traveling to Israel for Pesach to inlaws with family knowing you will have to do a 2-week quarantine? Is anyone doing this?


depends on how much you like your in-laws – you won’t be able to escape


In fact, I think it’s the reverse, as they would like be quarantined in a separate house.


What about American?

Flight 0085 united

What is the date on that internal Memo from United to the travel agents?


Can you please translate that United memo? Thanks.


I called up several times Delta as I’m flying back from Israel on the 14 and they said that it’s not canceled …please advise if the info you are getting is including the 14th and delta hasn’t announced it yet?

Delta Flyer

I just got off the phone with Delta as well and the 14th is still scheduled.


Just a word of warning. Delta is infamous in this situation to claim flights are still scheduled and then cancel them anyways last minute. In Guatemala for example, where I am, they claimed and kept reassuring that they will keep their flight throughout all of last week, and several folks are now stuck here.


easy jet tlv – london any update on them


Hi Dan, I’ve tried but can find no consistent flight policy with Brussels airlines and some days it’s cancelled some it’s running. do you have any concrete information as I would like to cancel but expedia says I have to pay cancellation fees as all flights are scheduled as normal. I am do to fly in 2 weeks. thanks.

Ivan G.

What about Tarom (Romanian Airlines)?


Anyone know about Israir? I have a flight to Tbilisi at the end of March that I would love to get out of. They typically don’t allow cancellations


I have a flight April 5th NYC-TLV was not cancelled do you know my options if I would want to cancel?


KLM not letting me cancel for a voucher since I already flew the first leg of the flight to Israel


And outbound flight is not canceled yet


If my flight was canceled and the airline only offers to change to a different date, will my chase reserve cc insurance cover me to buy new tix?


any other way to get to them to get refunds beside this 866 879 76 47


Just dispute it I tride getting my refund but they are hard to deal with

Chacham...or not

@dan Any recommendations on how one would go about getting a refund for LOT airlines business class tickets made months ago for travel in April, using UR points-one way? And the same using United points the other way? Really don’t want to lose the value of those expensive tickets. Thanks so much for your assistance.


Dan..do u kno any status wth el al after the 17th of march


Anything on Air Europa?


MY daughter is in seminary in Israel, should i bring her home for Pesach now? will there be flights later on?
Also will European Pesach programs be cancelled?


Dan can you help ?
I saw this on Air Canada web site But what if I cannot travel to israel for the rest of 2020 but want to go later. ? Any chance they would refund my money ? But also I purchased it with UR points. Any suggestions please would help. Thanks

If you purchased a ticket before March 4, 2020 for travel before April 30, 2020, Air Canada will allow you to make a one-time change to your flight without incurring a change fee up to 24 hours before your departing flight. You can also cancel your booking and credit what you paid against future travel. In both cases any fare difference will apply, any residual value resulting from a lower fare will be lost, and all travel must be completed by December 31, 2020.


How long does it usually take to get thru to elal? been waiting to get thru about a canceled flight for ages!


Just a Heads up. I called ELAL and since I booked from November I must reschedule by November ( a year from purchase) but I can pick any date until 2/28/21

Amex guy

hi dan im unable to read this article because the credit cards links thats usually on the right side is in top of the article not sure if something is wrong in my end (other article are ok)


I cannot get through to priceline to get help with my VA ticket. The system sees my departure date in the past and says since I am not traveling in 21 days call back. The chat is useless since they tell me to call the 800 number , which I can’t get past the IVR. Is there someplace else I can call without having this problem?

Sanity please

Priceline is the worst.
They are impossible to deal with.
I tried getting thorugh to them, they now say there is a 40 wait to talk to a rep.

I will NEVER book a ticket through Priceline again..


Is it clear that Elal 001 early Friday morning March 13th is still on ? Thank you. Such useful information

Unsure what to do

Hi Dan, I would really appreciate your personal opinion on this. We’re a young couple living in Israel with a small toddler. We were thinking of going back home to America over Pesach, but what are the chances that the quarantine will be extended all the way through after Pesach (April 19 or so?) We don’t want to quarantine for 2 weeks when we come back, which means we’re at a standstill about whether we should skip seeing family this year (and also miss a family wedding) or take the risk that the quarantine will end by mid April.


Its probable that the situation will get worse before it gets better. There is no guarantee that you will be able to get back at all.


nobody knows but the one above. Common sense, and news tells us that this does not blow over in one day. Pick your choice here for eight weeks minimum, or miss seeing family and a simcha. You got to decide, it is your choice and be happy with your decision!


In the same situation. Dont want to be stuck in the usa if there will be no flights back! And dont want to be quarantined at home for 2 weeks…


I tried calling El Al and Priceline to freeze my tickets for March 30, but cannot reach anyone. Cannot be done online either. Any advice on how to freeze or reschedule flights? Thanks

Hoping they don\'t cancel

U have to call a few times till u get thru, and than wait on hold for an hour


Hi Dan. I am due to fly jfk to Tlv on Sunday the 15th with aeroflot. My flight itinerary says that the flight is still running as scheduled. I booked with UR points. Any way I can get a refund?

Leah Lesserson

I’m sorry for all of you with the flight dilemmas especially those trying to go to or from EY for pesach. My take is, we do not know what will happen with the machla so we dont know if u will have to be quarantined after returning pesach


Any information on Azerbaijan Airlines (TLV-JFK) April 5/6 is greatly appreciated. The airline hasn’t updated anything news-wise since March 3rd…


What did they say on march 3rd? Im supposed to fly wh them March 22nd TLV-JFK. Haven’t heard anything from them…
BTW, only 330$ On skyscanner and u get 2 bags


Their updates (or lackthereof) are posted on their site. https://www.azal.az/en/
Great deal, but now I think we’re going to pay the price for it…


My flight with AZAL was canceled. Thank g-d my travela gent notified me. I didn’t get any notice from Azal themselves.


Who did you book through?
Their flights yesterday/today from TLV-JFK went…


I booked with Mark Friedlander of Travelers Choice (gr8 guy,gr8 service)…It could be that Sundays flight from TLV to JFK was their last until things clear up….Azal will also respond to emails. We’ve been in touch that way…Hatzlachah


Was in touch with them via e-mail when making the booking. I know they’re great!


I am ticketed on that same April 5 flight. I can’t take it because I didn’t make it to Israel due to the responses to the coronavirus. I spoke to the airlines and they said they won’t refund because they are still flying, and it’s not their fault I can’t get to the flight.

ElAl Canceling

ElAl Canceling? Seems like they blocked next week flights


Just had 2 flights cancelled by Ryanair
Cyprus March 27
and Lithuania on April 6



when i check the status of my flight it still says on time. its from israel to jfk with delta on March 14th @ 10:55 PM, didn’t you report they cancelled?


בהוראה מיוחדת שיצא היום ממרן לראשי ומנהלי הישיבות של חסידי בעלזא בארץ שלא שולחים את הבחורים מחו”ל לביתם ואין מה לפחד. באם ישנם הורים שרוצים שבנם ישובו לביתם לפני חג הפסח חייבים לחתום על אחריות אישית למשגיח שבנם ילמד במסגרת מיוחדת שיוקמו בכל הערים בחו”ל עד לחג.

Hoping they don\'t cancel

Elal just changed my flight on me. Technically the dates r the same but it changed from the thurs afternoon to late wed


What’s the story so far for a lot of us with flights on air Serbia April 6 from Jfk to Israel?


How do we get Air Canada to refund the tickets and Get UR points back?
they still say they are flying to Israel and the web site says they will let you change but must fly by Dec, 31, 2020 , Which i can’t ) any thoughts please ?


What’s the status with American Airlines?? Thanks


My United flight for IAD-TLV from Apr 8-14 hasn’t been cancelled yet, but nobody is replying to my tweets and the phone line keeps hanging up on me automatically—I don’t even get redirected to an agent. What do I do?


Looks like Israel is the only place on earth to be. End of days. Get there while there’s a flight!! If you can.


Are most flights worldwide excluding China Italy and the other “hot zones” still operating normally ? Or is everywhere going thru this Israel craze!?


Is it safe to fly from Israel to NYC via Amman?


The Air Canada flight AC80 on Mar 16 and Return AC81 Mar 17 will be upgauged to a 777-300 from a 787-900 to add additional capacity for AC81


can anyone help me i have a flight from israel on sun thru turkey to canada and they refuse to give refund and they want $ to change my ticket what do i do thnx

Yaacov Craven

How do you know KLM and Air France flights are cancelled? I was sent my itinerary today for Sunday flight and their web site says it’s still on


Dan, I just checked my flight with AirCanada from TLV to Tronto, on March 26, and it doesn’t say anything about it being canceled,
Can you clarify?


whats with american airlines that are doing stopover to form tlv to ny

Fellow Clevelander

Is this true that The Cleveland Clinic has produced a test that provides results within 8 hours? If yes, why is quarantine for more that 8 hours?


united flight 17.3 israel-usa and back 25.3
is there a chance of cancelation from the company?
i want to know if there’s a chance to receive a refund.


When people are checking into their flights, is anyone getting an option to be bumped? We know people on the united tlv-ewr flight right now and they said it’s packed. We have a bunch of tickets booked to leave israel, it doesn’t seem like our flights will be cancelled, so can we just try to be bumped, make some money, then cancel the next day? Travel agent says if we change the flight we need to provide a new travel date.


Hi dan
Have flights thru moscow for pesach on march 25. Should I canvel or are chances of quarantine high now that they closed schools in israel


Hi Dan,

Booked the family to fly LOT EWR-TLV for Pesach.
Got an email this morning telling me they are changing the airport to JFK and delaying the flight by one day, does this give me the right to cancel (I was hoping they’ll do that instead of a change)?


Any suggestions on cancelling upcoming el al flight for monday. Booked on sapphire points and chase keeps hanging up or not letting it connect. El al is closed. Any other ideas?

ua iad

Booked an award ticket one way in economy EWR-IAD-TLV for APR 19, I called to add lap infant child and they are charging me $395. They claim that it’s 10% last ticket sold for $3,300 at Y fare, plus taxes and fees. Any info how to deal with this?

points baki

Will an Alitalia entire round trip be cancelled if it begins between now and March 28 (ie when all flights are cancelled to/from TLV) and returns well after?


If you live in Israel and have a flight this week and are obviously not going does the insurance you bought for the flight cover any problems? Will you then get a full refund? How can the airlines expect you to fly when they cant guarantee that you will come back or that you will have to go into isolation or that in Israel they say not to fly???? If you were going for a wedding getting a later date doesnt help!


BA canceled my flight from tlv to lhr but not the 2nd flight to bwi. March 23


El al started canceling and consolidating flights from Tel aviv to NYC for the coming week


Does anyone know which daily flight British Airways will operate? Will it be different each day?


Anything on Air India to Australia?


do you have to pay fare difference on Air Serbia what about tickets from trip.com how do you change those?


did turkish change their cancellations today?

A DNSD follower

I was moved back by elal 12 and a half hours. can i make money for that move back from elal????


if I were you, I would just be happy that your flight is still flying! forget the money! There are many people whose flights have been canceled again and again, you are fortunate that you can still fly!


We have a flight from Dulles on UNITED on April 1. Where can I find the written proof that the flight is cancelled? We have not gotten any notification yet.


I have the klm flight on the 18th am I still good?

help in cle

Dan, for travel into Israel in early May. Parents want to cancel now. What is their best bet for a refund? Insurance claim? Airline refund?


El al flight March 31st from Tlv – JFk. Any chance we will be able to fly?


what about azerbaijan airlines


ukraine is starting a travel ban on march 17th. Does this affect flights stopping over there?


The airline is suspended service, I believe


Dan your a legend. Think Israel would consider shutting Ben Gurion soon even?


My son is supposed to be flying TLV to EWR on March 18th… is it hopeful that flight will still be flying? thanks Dan, and mazal tov for your brother’s engagement!


if im not a ukrane cititizen can i make transfer after ukrane is closing border for non citizen


I wound up buying 2 tickets on UA73 Sat. night to IAD after banging my head against the wall with Priceline. I am going after them for full refunds, the UA tickets, and non-refunded $ from the apt rental. Plus some $ for the incredible frustation of not being to access the call queue “as you are not traveling within 72 hours” for my itinerary that began March 4. Chat support said I should call the 800 number for help with this, even though I could not get past the Pratorian Telephone Guard.


RJ is shut. PS is shut. Please update. Thanks.


Dan, you wrote of United paring down to specific days (EWR to TLV) in April. I’m booking my kids’ return flight and they’re offering one for Tues, 4/28. If United is selling it, doesn’t that mean it exists??




Good luck…

Think it’s time to admit that the local Travel Agencies still have what to sell


My Elal flight for Pesach was changed and will land super close to Shabbat, which I obviously can not take. What should I do? and is Israel allowing people to come in??


Does anyone know what is KLMs policy, I have a flight from NY to Hungary for Pesach, should I cancel now or wait for them to cancel?


Dan, If we cancel our united flight that was booked with Chase Ultimate rewards, will they refund the points immediately, or if we don’t use the credit after 12 months, will they refund the points then? Does this policy even work with points, or does it only work with money?


hi dan you posted that va canceled their flights from israel,on their site its still up ? i contacted priceline to try and get a refund but they say its still running.


the va flight is through london on the 25th

Bennish travel

BA looks like they’re cancelling all flights from today until march 30


Thank your Dan for your regular updates on flights from Israel. I am not aware of any other information source that is as comprehensive, accurate and informative as your blog.

My kids are flying into JFK from TLV (following a stop in Heathrow). If anyone can provide an estimate as to how long it has been taking to get through customs/immigration/health screening for returning US citizens would appreciate it, so I can plan accordingly. Thanks


my friends told me that their kids took only about an hour to 1.5hrs to make it through . Not JFK, but Washington Dulles and Toronto.. HOpe that helps

Barry D

My Daughter arrived from TLV into JFK yesterday morning, (Tuesday the 17th) and from the first notification to seeing her walk out of baggage claim was about 1.5 hours. She said that customs took about 15 minutes and that was because 3 flights were going through together and the remaining time was waiting for her luggage.

Hope that helps.


Seems British has cancelled flights until March 30


Dan, thanks for all the efforts in this trying time. I’m in Jlem (arrived before mandatory quarantine thankfully), original flight back was VA last Sunday. Cancelled, rescheduled to Thursday Elal to LHR, then VA to JFK. I just got notification that the VA LHR-JFK flight was cancelled for operational reasons. I’ve now booked on UA 85 on March 23 (seemingly the last one). Do you think it’s likely they’ll maintain that flight and not cancel that route/flight early?


Can we get a roundup of which flights are left?? It might be simpler to read.


United flight from Dulles to Israel is cancelled BUT they just changed it from Dulles TO NEWARK then toTel Aviv! Any way to get out of it?


If I had a ticket on United, but am willing to give it to someone else, can I change the name on the reservation?


Dan how come no info on ANA airlines refund/waiver policy on paid and mileage tickets. This airline is left off for some reason? multiple people have commented


I am sure this was asked many times. Flight from tlv to Dulles but stopping in Newark. Any way to stay in Newark without continuing on to Dulles? Checking in bags.

Barry D

I have a mileage ticket for Monday, March 23rd from TLV to EWR w hi ich I would like to cancel. I’m trying now to cancel it and I’m being told that they will return the mileage and the taxes of $45 but charge me a “Re-deposit fee of $125. If the ticket was originally issued on March 13th, is that fee waived or is it charged?
Thank you.


anyone coming to Israel from new york


still able to book on united online flight 91 from tlv to ewr for march 23 is there a danger that even so it will be cancled ? same with ElAl


Air Serbia canceled my flight- April 6t to Israel. Until what time can I choose a different date


Was supposed to fly TLV-ORD via AMS with KLM 3/25. They told me I can not cancel my reservation since I already took the inbound to TLV. Was waiting for them to cancel so I can get a refund but looks like they’re still running that flight

CLE Rocks

Just received a full refund from Delta for our trip from CLE to CUN.


Any update on Turkish are they still flying from US to TLV?


So far yes !


I called ELAL .They cancelled my flights but said it could take up to a year to get refunded to my cc because the billing department is overloaded. Will disputing the charges help get a refund quicker?


Call and try!


How does the rebooking work if I booked my now cancelled airserbia flight with chase points?


Is the European compensation law apply for cancellation due to corona virus?


United zeroed out most direct flights starting April including UA90/91


i booked aeroflot home for after pesach through “flightnetwork”. it took a 4 hour phonecall with a call back from them at 230am, but within a few days i got the money back on the cc !


Was your flight originating in TLV or NYC? Did Aeroflot cancel it or did you choose not to fly? I have similar situation but they refuse to refund me…

Unhappy With El Al

FYI, I was told that, as of today, El Al is not refunding any tickets, even if they canceled the flight with no protection. This is in effect until they resume regular operations. Is this legal? Can they get away with this?


Hi Dan. We had a flight booked from TLV > JFK > ATL on March 30. Your most recent update shows Delta canceled flights from March 25-April 10. (No surprises. We assumed the flight would get canceled). However, I have neither received any email telling me of canceled flight nor did Delta.com say canceled when checking my itinerary. Everything looks normal. Does this make sense? We booked through the Chase Ultimate portal. Thank you very much.


United cancelling all international flights starting April 1st!


I booked an Alaskan cruise set to sail on NCL at the end of June. My credit card was charged in full in February but I have not as yet paid the cc bill (payment is due on April 10th.) In the event that the cruise is canceled, or, if we will not yet feel safe going on the cruise even if it is sailing, I don’t want to be stuck with a cruise credit rather than a refund since we generally have a very limited window of when we could go each year, and we won’t know if we’d be able to get the same itinerary, or class of cabin, for the credit amount within the rebooking period. And even if there is a refund offered, who knows if the cruise lines will be in the financially solvent position of making all these refunds to tens of thousands customers as the stuff continues to hit the fan?
My question is whether there is any wisdom to trying to dispute the charge with the cc company (it’s an Alaskan Airlines Visa card through Bank of America) based upon the fears and uncertainty of the times, etc. — just to try and be on the safe side? In other words, am I better off trying to have NCL chase me for the money rather than me trying to chase them for a refund, or is there a risk to me trying to be a bit too clever and somehow losing out on everything in the process?


My Air Canada refund for four tickets showed up today and was dated 3/17, when they were cancelled due to connecting flight cancellations.


Turkish Airlines has now cancelled all flight to Israel. We booked our flights through a travel agency and the Airlines is saying we must go through the agency to get our refund and the Agency is saying that Turkish Airlines is not giving refunds at this time and we must wait until things ‘go back to normal.’ Anyone else having this issue?


Looks like United removed all April flights


Not accurate
Wizz air cancelled until May
Elal to London until April 12


Hey- Anyone know what the status is with EasyJet?


EasyJet cancelled all flights between London and Tel Aviv until may 1st.


Thank you!


How’s long do I have to dispute a charge on my credit card ?


I have a flight that was cancelled for March 31st that was cancelled by ELAL. I spoke to travelocity and ELAL and neither could give me a refund. Any suggestions


Thank you so much!


I got a refund from ELAL for a cancelled flight. But the refund has yet to hit my CC. Any idea of how long it will take? It has been over 10 business days. ELAL’s website says will send to CC within 7 days, however, I am worried they won’t actually process the refund.


the dot website is not working!


Looks like AC just cancelled the TLV routes through May!


You’re missing easyjet.
Also system wide cancelled. Until date TBC


How does united operate a flight to TLV if americans aren’t allowed entry?


What’s the chances United cancels flight 90 entirely(Booked for 4/26, obviously not going)


I’m not such an expert but just wondering – why can’t I find united flights from ewr to tlv on April 22nd? or that whole week?

Bennish travel

Dont forget Belavia! still flying


my flight with elal from ewr to tlv on april 6th wasnt cancelled yet, how is that possible?
elal website also only says that new york is suspended till 4.4.20?

Dan\'s the Man

Don’t worry. You ain’t going nowhere. Don’t worry


ELAL just announced full suspension extended up to 05/02/2020.
After that they will first restore some flights to NYC, YYZ, LAX, HKG, BKK, JNB, LON & CDG up to 05/30/2020.


My flight on April 30th from JFK to TLV still says confirmed. Can I assume it will cancel soon?

Dan\'s the Man

If you have a ticket do not wait for them to reopen to get your refund. Preserve your dispute rights and dispute the charge within 60 days of the statement date that had the charge (or as soon as possible afterwards). Simply state you haven’t received the service you paid for and that you tried in good faith to obtain a refund but they are closed due to the virus outbreak.


From Austrian airlines today:
Hi Ben, sorry for the late reply to your message.
Our flights will operate as scheduled starting April 20th, 2020.
Kind regards,



Canceled flight

Just spoke to elal and they told me the local offices including NY WILL be open throughout.


I have a ticket on May 6 with united ewr-tlv UA-90 and back on May 13 tlv-ewr UA-85 12 pm. I want to cancel it for a full refund. I do see that that don’t sell anymore my return flight as well as all afternoon flights in that period of time. United says that this flight was not cancelled. Can I expect this flight to be cancelled? And if it’s not cancelled why are they stopping to sell tickets for these flights?

Hirsch apfelbaum

we bought tickets through chase travel for pesach going from tlv to mia on air Europa and they were canceled by the airline is there a y way we could get our money back instead of an airline credit


A little report her regarding United for flights made using United mileage: Using the cancel feature online, I got the points INSTANTLY credited for flights that were not yet cancelled; both United flights and partner airlines (LOT). However, be sure that that you log in under the account from which the points were withdrawn to get the fee-free cancellation. I.e. If you made a ticket for your wife using your own points, you would have to go through your own account to cancel that to get the instant mileage refund


Any updates on United?


Hi, if anyone can help with this, it would be appreciated. I originally booked and el al flight on kiwi.com and I am now applying for a refund. If El Al’s call centers are closed, does that mean that there is no way for them to work on my refund?
Are there still some avenues of contact that are open or functioning or they are completely shut down?


Looks like El Al has extended their service cancellations through May 9



Update the times of UA 90/91 that are still flying

Machal Malot D

Doesn’t seem clear
If ban On foreigners is until May 15 how are two daily flights from Newark going to Israel
And why would some airlines cancel until July if Israel’s ban is only until May 15


United is flying cargo and Israeli citizens who are allowed in.
Other countries have their own restrictions which can make it unprofitable for the airlines to fly to Israel.
Airlines make $ by flying both ways: foreigners to Israel and Israelis abroad


can you also tell us which countries still allow us citizens on us passports? does sweden allow people to come to their country from the us? or germany? im trying to figure out where to escape to for a few days and cant find where already had corona. a month ago thanks


I originally booked flights UA 84/85 out of Newark, flying in May..
They condensed my flight onto flight UA 90/91, and won’t give me a refund as this flight is operating.
Any suggestions on how to get refund as our family cannot fly to Israel now? I HUCA several times..


Has anyone had luck getting a refund or change of flight with no fare difference, for Air Serbia flight to Israel that was purchase through Chase travel?
They’re telling me, that I’m only entitled to Etihad credit ($285/ticket).
Evidently, it’s viewed as an Etihad ticket on an Air Serbia plane.


Turkish seems to be canceled through may 28


You had posted about an end of April non stop Miami to Tel Aviv flight that I shared with my friend who booked in on Orbitz… are you now saying it is cancelled? She thinks it is not as the plane is almost full and she is expecting to go next week…


Hi Dan, I have United roundtrip tickets LAX-SFO-TLV leaving June 30th, purchased last year. They were expensive. No intention of going but on the fence about cancelling before april 30th. Would rather have the refund then credit. How likely is this flight going to be cancelled? What would you do?


I have tickets with air serbia for may 11 from ny to israel did they cancel yet? Will i be refunded?

New York jets

I just got an email from delta regarding my succos flight. Looks like they have reduced their schedule in September from two daily flights to one. On September 23 They have canceled the 3:51 pm flight from JFK-TLV and put me on the 12:51 pm flight.


Should I buy a ticket now for after May 15th to return to Israel as a Yeshiva student? I’m an American citizen


Does anybody have any information regarding the US State Department issuing new passports? The Post Office told me that they are closed now and I will get my new passport within 10 weeks.


If israel has a ban on foreigners united should refund my ticket not offer voucher, am I right? Do i have right to only settle for full refund?


You might like to add in Georgian Airways which has canceled all its flights from Tbilisi to Tel Aviv and return. They are offering a free rebooking until December 31 with a cap of EU 25 on higher ticket charges. No refunds being offered at all. I raised a dispute with Citi.

Vera Leby

Why ELAL is flying to NY a hotspot to covid 19 and cancel all flights from Vienna to Tel aviv, wich have less infected of covid 19 than Israel its self!!
Israelis are stuck here for more than 3 month

Vera Levy

Nobody in Vienna can give any information about flights with ElAl fom here
Not ElAl or even the Israeli Embassy

Vera Levy

And by the way there were flights from Frankfurt withELAL
How on earth you want israelis get to frankfurt when we all have tickets from Vienna
Germany has 163.000 covid infected
Why should we wait for hours on that german Airport buy new Tickets for getting there
ELAL is not fairly Organiced and give no answers to the passengers
Cancel Tickets one week before flights
I wich they would be more professional
We have our Familie wich are waiting for us to get home
Thank you


I was able to change my Air Serbia ticket dates. I first tried Air Serbia who redirected me to Etihad. Etihad redirected me to trip.com, but they did mention that they can do more if it’s in 48 hours before the cancelled flight. Trip.com only offered a refund. I tried Air Serbia again, and while they were supposedly transferring me to a supervisor, they hung up on me. I called again, and the woman I got through to changed my tickets. She did not mention Etihad or trip.com. I don’t know if it was a mistake on her part or not. It was very time consuming. The phonecall was 2 hours and 15 minutes, but I got my 7 Lag B’omer tickets changed to Sukkos. The American number for AirSerbia is (718)725-8642.


where is dansdeals getting their information about Israel ban until May 16?
I don’t see that anywhere. I live in Israel and since I am not a citizen I am unable to return to Israel.


I just got an email from trip.com that my flights with air serbia for May 11 are cancelled


Same here.
Dear Passenger,

We would like to inform you that flight JU0501, scheduled to leave New York City, NY, United States JFK, on 11 May 2020, 14:35, has been canceled.

We would like to inform you that flight JU0810, scheduled to leave Belgrade, Serbia BEG, on 12 May 2020, 10:00, has been canceled.

Your flight is canceled due to the special circumstances of the COVID -19 Pandemic.

Air Serbia would like to assist all our passengers with canceled flights due to COVID-19 to better adjust their travel plans, especially those who do not want to rebook for a future date at this time, we offer a Credit Voucher of equal value to the ticket purchased +10% increase on base fare and fuel tax, for purchasing of new ticket valid until the 31DEC20.

COVID-19 flight cancellation options:

get 10% value increase (of the net fare and fuel tax) by applying to receive Air Serbia voucher for purchasing of new ticket valid until the 31DEC20. Application form and detailed terms and conditions can be found here.
change the dates of their travel without penalty and processing fee, provided that travel must be completed at the latest on 31DEC20. Only one change per ticket is permitted, without penalty. If originally paid fare is not available, the difference in fares will not be charged. If the passenger does not know the new date of travel at that moment, original itinerary may be canceled. The passenger must keep the number of the original ticket. The new ticket will be issued subsequently.
choose any other Air Serbia destination within Air Serbia network, except New York. New ticket will be issued without penalty and processing fee. Passengers will not pay the difference in fares and taxes if any. Only one change per ticket is permitted, without penalty. Travel must be completed at the latest on 31DEC20.


UA 84/85 canceled thru October 23rd !


el al flights open for June?
will passengers need to self quarantine for 14 days upon referral?


Would love to know – any site to look it up?


I booked UA flight for 9/29 day after Yom Kippur TLV-EWR was a 9 am flight and it was canceled, they put with a stop in SFO, UA tells me to contact TK


And TK can’t help me at all they can refund or put me on a much later date basically just whenever award space is available


After HUCA multiple times I was finally put on to a non-stop flight same day flight 91 by an United agent.


Azerbaijan claims they are only restarting September 5th as of now.


Looks like they automatically moved me from 84/85 to 90 for June 21.


Dan, what’s the source of United SFO – TLV cancellation through July 5? Thanks


Dan. What’s your gut feel about travelling and touring the Holy Land mid-November?


I was scheduled to fly UA84 to TLV Thursday may 7 4:20pm. Now cancelled. They’re saying that since UA90 is 8:00, it’s only a DELAY of less than 4 hours so they don’t need to refund me. Is that accurate? Or it’s considered a cancellation?


Have same flight on different day I believe it should be considered as cancelled because original flight UA84 is cancelled, also return looks to be just moved by half hour, do we just ask for refund if not tell them will file DOT complaint?


Dan I know a British couple who went on todays Wizzair flight to TLV and got in without any prior permission, just by showing their student visas, (the officials checked in their system and saw the couple only left Israel just for pesach), they gave them a Corona test, and sent them to a free hotel near their apartment in romema!


Doesn’t make a difference where the hotel is. They can’t leave it for 2 weeks.
Israel is now considering going back to home quarantine for those coming from abroad.


I’m platinum – Booked for my wife and myself end of May for Shavuos and also early Aug before Elul business to Israel using points. I assume neither flight will be flying and if flying for Shavuos, I would be quarantined anyway. If I cancel, will the points just go back into account? I was using 75K each way!


united switched me from UA 84 to UA 90 on Sep 16 however upon checking
Sep 16 UA 90 is not available for sale, do you know why?


Sold out.


doesn’t make sense that all 3 classes are sold out.


Any ideas…If we had an El Al ticket to TLV for March and we had to cancel our flight because we are US citizens and were not allowed into the country. Yet the flight was not cancelled. Can we get a refund for El Al, or are we only entitled to postpone the flying dates?


If the outbound is cancelled and inbound not will they not refund? How am I supposed to get there?


does anyone know if i have flight from tlv-cdg-jfk-yyz with delta if i have to recheck my luggage in jfk ?




are you sure


Yes – had a friend go from TLV to Chicago, through MSP. Told her she could get her luggage in MSP and not take the final leg to Chicago, which worked for her.


Eaven if I go to Canada I have to recheck?

Machal Malot D

Anyone know when the current foreigners ban is set to expire ?


United just cancelled my flight, set for June 22. What is the process to get a refund? Sorry for the newbie question


Netanyahu is talking currently, and his words were that they are “debating/weighing” on how to open flights from other countries, but not to infect Israeli citizens. Not sure how that will work but that’s his words on it.


united changed the departure time from 10:45pm to 8:00pm.
i obviously cant fly because israel is not allowing foreigners in.
the travel agent tells me that since they booked the ticket as a bulk ticket i am not entitled to a refund or a travel credit or voucher all they can do is book me the same intinerary or a flight to europe in the next 24 months.
does anyone know if that is true?

Glenn Livet

Has the same problem. I called my CC company to dispute charge. Also filed a complaint with DoT they responded that they are contacting United directly and logging the complaint in the system.


Flew TLV-EWR early March. Return flight was cancelled by United. United said (by phone) that we can fly back (direct instead of planned stopover) within 3 months of outbound, without paying change fee or fare change. After 3 months, we’ll have to pay the fare change. So far, Israel isn’t allowing foreigners back. Does this “extended waiver” cover the change fee only, or also the fare change?


Anyone from england here? Anyone taking the elal flights to tlv?

Srully Epstein

My son returned home from yeshiva in E”Y before Pesach. His original “return” ticket was for June 15 on Delta, but I was forced to buy him a one-way via United to bring him home early. Question: Should I try and move his ticket to an earlier date hoping they will cancel, or just roll the dice and hold on to the June 15 ticket which will go unused if the flight is not cancelled? Thanks!


virgin have now pushed off flights to june 1 by the looks of things


still holding out hope my family trip 8/3 will happen.


Any idea on Azerbaijan Airlines? We’re not getting a clear answer from them…


I spoke to delta yesterday and they cancelled all flights until July 2


I see flights from Zurich to Tel Aviv in early June on El al as code sharing with Swiss from June 1 and you say no flights until the end of June?


swiss is cancelled in june check it out


Dan, thanks for this post
You wrote Elal cancelled flights from Toronto to TelAviv for June. When was this done? I have a flight June 8 and I don’t see anywhere showing that it was cancelled? Thanks


I see they stopped selling but that doesn’t mean it’s cancelled? I’m talking in regards to getting refunded from them or from travel insurance I have no way to show? Or do I? Thanks so much Dan

Mordechai Klagsbrun

Can my son come from Switzerland to isa next week he is usa citizen his wife not


being a USA citizen doesn’t help. Israel doesn’t allow any foreigners to enter at the moment


This is the most helpful info i have managed to find to date! Thanks so much for the updates! I live in the UK but have an Israeli passport, hoping i will be able to make it over sometime in June but presume i will need to quarantine if flying in from UK, any ideas?


I had flights to Israel on air serbia for succos and they cancelled my flights. They says covid 19 was the reason. Shocked that they already cancelled flights for September! They gave me the option of a credit but didn’t give me an option of a refund funny enough. I’m going go have to call in. Flight originates and finishes in JFK

Bennish travel

Looks like Turkish now cancelled flights for the beginning of june


@dan, I have United EWR-TLV tickets for my family for August, which we booked in January, in your opinion should we wait to see what happens till then? What are the chances of Israel removing the mandatory 2 week quarantine by then? Thanks

Dani W

i noticed that the cancellation date was updated today for TAP Portugal to go through July 31 now, i believe it was through June 30th earlier. I have a flight coming home on July 13th and its not showing as cancelled on their website. Really hoping it gets cancelled so i can try and get my money back….

Dani W

@dan looks like they have flights starting July 3rd. Still hoping it gets pushed back further….


If I book an ELAL ticket now for Sukkot for my family, do the current flexible cancellation/rebooking options apply for those tickets?

frustrated with elal

At the time I prosponed my el al ticket they offered free rebooking 12 months from ticket date. I am almost there. They are not flying , what are my options?


Hi Dan, I was booked for United flight ua84 in April which was later switched to 90 at the same time. I had to cancel as I wouldnt be allowed to fly. United would only offer credit so i filed a complain through dot and just got a call from united that they cant refund. Is there anything more I could do? I am entitled to a refund?


elal website says flights are suspended until june 20


Dan, what’s your source for “returning students can apply for permission to enter through their schools”? And does is only apply to returning student or new students as well? Thanks for keeping us in the loop!


@dave check the Israeli embassy website . They say this.only returning students with visa and was in Israel for the majority of last year


@dan If I book an ELAL ticket now do the flexible cancellation/rebooking apply for those tickets?


The consulates do not issue permits anymore fore residents and schools so far have not been issued any guidance on how to apply for their students.

Paul David Bloom

United has been great during this crisis( at least for me). I was in Israel for Purim and changed my return flight 3 times without any penalty or hassle. Cancelled my Pesach trip to Italy and used the credit for a trip to Israel this winter, with no penalty. Cancelled my Shavuos trip and got all my money back. Planning to go to Israel this summer, but I know that United has my back and changes will not be a problem.

Torn in LA

Dan, There are some really good deals for July 1 from LAX to TLV via AA website with a stop in Madrid on Iberia. I feel like this may be my only chance to take my family to Eretz Yisrael for the summer. But if it doesn’t open, will I get my money back? Should I take the gamble? I’m so torn!


Need to fly out of Israel in mid-July. Any tips on when to book/with which airline?


does anyone know if turkish started flying to israel

Cathay Pacific

Cathay pushes resumption of TLV flights to Aug 1…


Are wizz flights from Luton defiantly still operating? I think easy jet flights from Manchester have been cancelled again in July? Whats best to book a flight from UK? I know i need to quarantine on arrival


dan can we get another update for those flying back to the us in jul & aug and what are our options for a return late aug