Israel Will Now Allow Airlines 90 Days To Provide Refunds For Cancelled Flights

TLV Ben Gurion Terminal 3 GeorgeDement / CC BY-SA
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The Israeli government has approved a temporary amendment to their aviation law to allow airlines 90 days to issue cash refunds for flights that the airline cancelled between March 1-May 31.

Previously the law required a cash refund within 21 days.

The amendment also wipes out any additional compensation owed for cancellations and delays from March 1-May 31.

That end date can be extended for up to 9 additional months.

Note that Israeli airlines are still subject to the laws of the countries that they fly to.

It’s worth noting that the US DoT is not waiving their requirements to issue timely cash refunds for cancelled flights and airlines that fail to do so will face enforcement actions.

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There is truly a logistical challenge when the number of people needing refunds is 50 or 70 times the norm. I do not like LY but many airlines found the sheer number of refunds challenging.


Total nonsense. They are sitting on $100m in cash while people are waiting to get money back. AND ELAL is currently essentially out of business for now and laid everyone off. Luckily I paid with my American credit card and got my $ back.


El Al still claims they’ll refund me as soon as they have the refund staff operational again. Hm.


I booked an air france flight tlv-jfk thru paris using amex miles. flight was canceled & air france says that amex must give me the credit. amex says they can’t bec air france uses a different credit system. this passenger can’t use this ticket within the time frame (& is no longer based in Israel) so i’m hoping to get the miles credited. anything else to do?


Well I issued a complaint to the dot about my cancelled elal flight and elal just responded to the complaint the same that they already told me. refund when we resume to full operation. I emailed the DOT again about this. No response.


I had the same happen to me. How did you reach back out to dot? By filling a new complain? Any idea what there is to do next?


I disputed my credit card charge.
Let them fight it out..


Hi dan
I’ve been talking to chase travel every week since elal canceled my flights trying to get my points refunded so I can rebook with United but they keep telling me elal is not refunding them I’ve spoken to multiple agents and supervisors anybody have an idea to help me get my points refunded ASAP so I can use them for United


I had a terrible experience with Chase Rewards Travel. It’s seems to be a shell of a company. Not really a travel agency as they didn’t understand anything about different airports, dates…basic stuff. I complained to Chase Sapphire but got nowhere :(.


So the airlines with face discipline from the country
El Al is on the verge of bankruptcy as it is
So they’ll get hit with penalties
Then what ?
Fares increase ?? It’s no win for passengers
El Al specifically isn’t worried about US DOT or they would have figured out a way to start issuing refunds already, once they basically all out closed the airport and even before then


is disputing the ticket charge, an option?

help in cle

Dan, is there a discussion link or opinion you have on apartment rentals in Israel through a third party? Refund?

Lia Rostenne

Dan, where can I find a copy of this law in english?


In light of Israel extending El Al’s need to refund to 90 days and possibly further (?9 months) is it a reasonable/viable option to start a dispute with USA credit card to have the money refunded, and not wait for El Al to respond? The credit charge went to El Al, not to the travel agent. Any downside to doing so? Thanks for insight on this.


Their website still says that all flights are cancelled through 16 May


Do you know their guidelines regarding canceling hotels? I have a booking for Lag Be’omer, but the hotel refuses to issue a refund.


Thanks a million.
I just forwarded this to my travel agent and B”H, he was able to get us a refund.

Richard Williams

An article in The Times of Israel about the El Al bailout on July 6 said they owe customers $350 million in refunds. The entire bailout is $400 million – good luck getting our money back.