Israel Will Remain Closed To Most Foreign Nationals Through At Least July 26th

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Update: The Israeli NOTAM banning foreign nationals from entry without special permission has been extended through at least July 26th.

A line item has also been added that Israeli citizens and residents must present a health form stating that you won’t travel to a high risk country, which currently includes Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia and South Africa.

Israel had hoped to open on July 1st, but that was pushed off due to the growth of COVID cases thanks to the Delta variant entering the country.

Israel is open for people for vaccinated organized tour groups and for people who apply for special permission to enter, such as having first degree relatives in Israel.

Israel has continued the extension on the ability to waive the PCR requirement for outbound flights if you have an Israeli certificate of recovery or vaccination. Destinations like the US still require a COVID test, but will accept telehealth antigen test results.

Originally posted on 4/23:

Israel has published a NOTAM laying out their restrictions that apply from now through May 6th. All foreign nationals need special permission to enter and all passengers must have a negative COVID-19 PCR, unless they were at their destination for under 72 hours:


Israel closed their borders to most foreign nationals back on 3/18/20 and they have extended the ban on a monthly basis since then.

On April 7th, Israel started allowing vaccinated or recovered passengers to apply for permission to enter if they have a first degree relative (child, parent, or sibling) who is a citizen or permanent resident in Israel.

Do you think Israel will expand eligibility on May 7th to allow more people into the country for Shavuos?

When will Israel will open their borders to vaccinated or recovered Americans?

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When will Israel will open to non-vaccinated or recovered Americans?

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Is ‘never’ not an option? I’m afraid a lot of countries will switch to some sort of ‘vaccine’ passport and the unvaccinated will never be able to travel.
You used to be able to travel without passports before the 20th century, now we’ll have ‘vaccine passports’ in the 21st.


It’s one thing to argue that you shouldn’t be forced to get a vaccine in your own country… It’s an extra level of gumption to be annoyed that other countries won’t let you in without a vaccine

Rabbi Solomon Piller

Oh please. The whole vaccination is nonsense for those who are negative or have antibodies. Stop with hysterics and think objectively.


That is simply and objectively false.

1. 72-hour negative is a nice safety cushion but it doesn’t mean that the person didn’t get Covid in the days immediately before or after the test, the person can still have Covid and pass it to others who are not vaccinated.
2. Right now, we do not know how long antibodies last in someone’s body and how they deal with variants. If you had Covid in the US, will it protect you from the Indian variant?

If you’re really a rabbi, you should lead by example.


If you are concerned about getting sick, stay home. Every person has a right to make risk management decisions about him/herself and their families. No reason vaccinations should be mandatory for something that has a survivability rate of 99%. Stop regurgitating MSM BS


Right now, we do not know how long antibodies last in someone’s body and how they deal with variants. Neither do we know right now those things about vaccinated people. While the lab did not even reveal my antibodies numbers to me for fear that I might think about letting up my COVID restrictions, antibodies are now a reason for vaccinated people to do as they please


Let’s just give it a good 20 or 30 years….just to make sure.


Why do you say it’s all non sense?


Get vaccinated and travel to your hearts content


Anyone had a issue with a student visa?


So, an approximately 6% chance that vaccinated Americans will be able to travel to Israel starting May 6th?


I am booked for Thanksgiving weekend. So I am really hoping they open before hand for vaccinated people. And it’s will elal so I am in a bit worried.


Does anyone know of any updates regarding unvaccinated children whose parents are allowed in, ie because of a close relative?
When are they going to stop requiring children to be vaccinated when children are not even eligible for any vaccine?


i just landed on friday and aside for a covid test where they didnt even ask for an adress or number ,nobody asked for a permit, green pass or anything else.maybe they are relying on the fact that the elal worker in america checked but it was still surprising after all the noise about the permits etc.


Are you an Israeli citizen?
If not, did you have any specific permits to enter or you took the gamble?
Would love to know how you did it because I’m trying to go.


i am not citizen,i had all of the necessary papers but nobody checked them in israel


Which is odd.ppl where sent back for not having correct document


Once you have a permit you would be on the system and they would see your permit when swiping your passport apparently.
The papers are just proof for yourself and for the airline.
I haven’t heard of anyone managing to get in without a permit


How did you prove that you have first degree relative, what documents they accept?
Also can grandmother considers first degree?


Has there been a rise in covid since they took down the restrictions?

Dan\'s the Man

No. A huge decrease in cases


hey dan,
i would like to go to Israel with my family for the sukkos. I plan i using my chase travel points. 1. how do I make the most of my points? 2. what happens if Israel wont let us in?


Probably your best bet if either to use chase travel or to transfer it to United, Singapore, etc. if you can find availability for ward tickets.


It seems the government is suffering from BPD.


Hi Dan do you have any idea if my wife is an Israeli citizen, (I’m not) and we’re not legally married , would our kesubah work to get us both into Israel ?

Orrin d

We got into Israel yesterday, after three previous attempts.

Recommendations: you must have an Israeli phone number to fill out forms. You can use your kids’ phone, but no one wants a US phone….. (which is what we have.)

Register for covid testing at Ben Gurion, prior to departure, as you’ve listed, and use coupon, so it’s free. You have 4 hours after estimated arrival…. no worries.

Many drive straight to United Hatzola, and get blood drawn for antibody serology. About $75. Bring a credit card, passports.

Get ‘green passport’:

Enjoy walking around sans masks!!


ignore making an appointment ,the lines are shorter without one and you dont need a coupon the clerk will know you and everyone else arriving at the same time have all just landed and will type in the far as a number goes they didnt ask me for one and either way you could just make one up….the four hours is irrelevant as they let you go any way beforehand just youre technichally in quarantine at home until the result.unless youre really worried about being positive because youre neither vaccinated or recovered in which case you wont get an entry permit a general rule the israelis bark and dont bite,when i flew in last week they didnt check ANY permits or pcr tests etc. the only real hurdle is the desk agent overseas


Does united Hatzola require you to make an appointment or do they do walk ins?

Orrin d

Walk in. No appointments necessary


Do you have to be vaccinated?

Orrin d

I believe so


@Dan where do you get your notam info from?


When you return back to USA from Isreal do you need to take another coivid test within 72 hours of return? If so where is the best place to take it? Thanks.

Chaim Eis

You do need a negative test. I got mine at Icud Hatzalah 269nis. I got the results within 24 hours


My wife is an Israeli citizen, and we are legally married, can we go together with the negative test and vaccine card?


Change title. Says may 6


is it possible to get a refund on flights booked on American airlines for shavous to israel, or will they only give a voucher i booked hoping to go


When will these lockdowns end, isnt Israel mostly vaccinated?


The problem is that they worried about foreigners bringing in covid variants that can break through the vaccine protection.

concerned citizen

i dont get why? in the usa breakthrough infections has been super rare. also even if they get covid in america the data shows your chances of dying 1 in a million.


I never knew the US had 580,000,000,000 people in it that all had COVID.



hes talking about “breakthrough infections” not normal infections


That is not how I read it or how he wrote it…

“also even if they get covid in america the data shows your chances of dying 1 in a million”


Looks like cdc requires 72 hour testing upon return. Any good ideas easy, inexpensive in yerushalaim?
Btw, relative of mine was on inaugural jfk-tlv flight today. 75 people on whole plane, Herzog had whole wine selection. Had kosher food situation going also. Big send off with water canons. American personnel super excited and really nice. Good start.


@dan you posted way back when the AA cheap tickets came out that if the country remained shut down then AA will cancel and refund the tickets. For those of us that booked for Shavous, any idea if that is still the case?


Hey Dan,
I’ve book flights with ELAL however I need to change the dates due to the restrictions they have for foreigners. They don’t have a call center available over the phone and the only option is via whatsup which is not helpful and ridiculous!! Any ideas on how to change the dates without any penalty? Since I’m unable to have assistance over the phone do you think the insurance r the chase reserve would refund the tickets?


I got very good an quick customer service from them via whatsapp. Try it


Well I messaged them today and never got an agent. Would love to show you a screen shot.


My wife and I are Israeli citizens. Our kids were born in the US, where we currently live. Our kids are therefore citizens, but we never registered them (on our previous visits we were told by the border control that we dont need to register them until they are 16 or should we move back to Israel). Does anyone know if we need to apply for permission for them to enter? Or can we just land in Israel, show our passports and their birth certificates which show they are our children, and that’s fine? Will this be okay with the airline agents before takeoff in the US?

First degree

No first degree relatives in Israel?


Anyone know if I took j&j vaccine does it count as a vaccine for entering israel


This was extended through June 3


I have a flight on Elal schedule to leave MIA May 30th. Do you think they will issue me a refund rather than a credit because they are not letting foreign nationals into the country?

Moishe NYC

I sent an email last week to the Israel Consulate for permission for my wife any myself to fly to Israel. Does anyone know what happens if the Israel Consulate refuses to give us permission to fly – do they notify us that they are NOT giving us permission or they just never respond to us with permission? How does this work?

orrin d

Yes, you receive a denial email if you are denied. We applied four separate times…..before Pesach, after Pesach x 3. We finally received a positive response, and are in Israel now, where it is very tense.


With ban now thru June 3, I’m getting a little nervous about them allowing in students in August for the new school year.


Smart, prevents over eager travelers from visiting, and don’t want to put more innocents in harm’s way than necessary

Take care of yourself

Smart doesn’t come in here, each person has the right to make a decision for them self, if you’re scared of being harmed you don’t have to travel and you can stay home, don’t make decisions for me, freedom rights

Ben Ami

Just like the weather in England, if you don’t like it, wait 5 minutes. It will change. Same thing with the border laws in Israel. Once the Gaza situation calms down and the media is back full force into the formation of a new government, the laws will change by the day, depending on where the polls are leaning. A Nation of Jews, for Jews, where any Jew is allegedly welcome, is a farce unfortunately.


We need to ban Israelis from coming here.


Anyone know the cancelation policy of Qantas, I booked a flight on ElAl with Qantas points.


If booked before April 30 you should be able to cancel for free


Sukkot questionable ?
Are in laws considered first degree ?


If you are traveling with your wife then yes


(Or husband.)

Confused and misses Israel

So, are unvaccinated kids allowed to come with parents if the parents have a first-degree relative living in Israel, if they will to do bidud for 14 days? Obviously with permission, but would this be something that is allowed?


Please be aware based on information I received from the embassy in the US over the weekend new guidelines are going to be for foreign Travelers entering to Israel.


“The regulations in order to enter Israel are supposed to change over the weekend, please monitor any updates here:


That link says “A foreign national entering Israel (who has recovered from Covid 19 or has been vaccinated) is required to act according to the isolation conditions and tests of the Ministry of Health, including a serological test and a self-financed electronic bracelet.”

Are they really starting the bracelet thing?


Yes Lets wait till tomorrow to have all final details.


Any update?

Jacob Schwartz

This NOTAM expired today June 3rd, any update on this?


What about A1 visa.

S katz

Any one know if the dan lounge in tlv is open?


It was in mid-march. Possibly with curtailed hours.


yes, was there on Monday. The one for “B” gates (United) was closed, but we went to the one by the “C” gates


It is i was there this week


i’d settle for just crossing the broder for a quick vacation to canada. any best guesses for that?


If we had planned to have a bar mitzvah at the Kotel and fly in around July 20th, do we think that will happen or will we still not be allowed in?

Orrin d

Has anyone flown on a Turkish Air flight into Israel recently? Did you feel safe at Istanbul airport?


I flew about a half a year ago, as well as a few years back and I felt totally fine. And I wear a hat and jacket white shirt tzitzis etc. It is a very normal airline and airport. Although I can’t say anything about after the last Gaza war, they never seemed antisemitic in the slightest. If you are flying “on season” it will probably be full of frum yidden. If not, the short flight from IST to TLV will probably have many (frum/ not-so-frum) Israelis on it if that makes you feel better…


Any update as to when Israel will open for regular tourism? I would love to go sometime in July


This is from the ministry of health. Foreign nationals with valid student visas do not need special permission. Problem is that Notam says otherwise. Will check in agents accept what’s written in Israel’s ministry of health website or only go by instructions given to them?


Check in agents are aware that student visas are sufficient too enter Israel.


Same question. Has anyone been able to confirm they were able to get back into Israel in June with only a valid student visa? Did they also need a separate ishur?


I believe times on the NOTAM refer to GMT – 2059hrs would 2359hrs IL time on the 30th.

Does any know if these means arrival time or departure time?


I would really appreciate it if someone could please send me the coupon code that was referred to in previous posts, which offsets the cost of the airport covid test upon arrival at Ben Gurion airport.


It’s no longer valid. You can pay 80 shekel instead of 100 by making an appointment in advance at (I just did this for my daughter).


Israel media reporting that the tourist ban may not be lifted on July 1 and may be extended to Aug 1. Just heard from someone who heard from a travel agent that he wont be able to fly in July.


I’m Israeli citizen but not vaccinated. Do they come around to check if I’m in bidud? Do I need a false return for 2+ weeks?