[Update: Apostille No Longer Required] Finally! Israel Begins Reopening With Entry Allowed For Vaccinated Or Recovered Relatives And More!

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Update, 4/21: DDF member Solma and Amudim report that Israel has dropped the onerous requirement for an Apostille certified documents for most applications. Going forward, only a foreign spouse of an Israeli citizen and parents of an Israeli minor child need an Apostille.

Update, 4/8: The Israeli consulate in NY confirmed with me that my interpretation of the rules is correct, there is no need for a special occasion if a recovered or vaccinated foreign national wants to visit a first degree relative in Israel.

Additionally, they confirmed that proof of recovery requires a positive COVID PCR followed by a negative COVID PCR. If you don’t have that, you will need proof of vaccination to enter Israel.

Note that hotels and many restaurants in Israel require a Green Passport. Several non-Israeli commenters report below that they were able to apply for and receive a green passport after testing positive on a COVID antibody test in Israel.

Originally posted on 4/6:

Israel is finally beginning their reopening process for foreign nationals with changes that go into effect 7am tomorrow.

The country will now allow select people who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID to apply for permission to enter the country through their local Israeli consulate.

Vaccinated or recovered foreign nationals can apply for entry permission if they have a first degree relative (child, parent, or sibling) who is a citizen or permanent resident in Israel. Proof of full vaccination or proof of recovery with a positive followed by a negative COVID PCR is required. An apostille seal for proof of the relationship is also required. If you have a first degree relative, you can also bring your spouse and children with you to Israel. However, everyone except for infants up to 1 must have proof of COVID recovery or vaccination. That means if your kids between 1-15 years old haven’t had COVID, they can’t go to Israel under this exemption for foreign nationals.

You must remain in quarantine until you test positive on an antibody test in Israel. You may need to wear an electronic monitoring bracelets while in quarantine. Antibody test results are typically promised in 1-2 days, though several DDF members say that Shamir gave them same day results. Expect a test to cost about $50. After that you need to apply online for a cancellation of your quarantine. The official cancellation document can take another day via email, but you should get a notice of cancellation sooner via SMS if you have an Israeli phone number that can accept SMS. Once you get the SMS or email you are free to leave quarantine.

DDF member ExGingi wrote up an excellent comparison of several antibody test providers here.

You can check your antibody titer level in the US on Labcorp test 164090, which checks for both natural and vaccinated immunity to COVID. You’ll need a prescription from a Doctor to take this test. My insurance covered this test in full without it going to my deductible.

Others who are unvaccinated and not recovered that can apply for permission to enter Israel and go into 10-14 day quarantine include:

  • Foreign nationals married to an Israeli citizen or permanent resident and their minor children.
  • Students through their learning institution.
  • Experts through their employer
  • Artists, cultural figures, and athletes through their inviting body
  • Volunteers in the field of welfare or agriculture through their inviting body
  • Life saving medical tourism
  • Parents of a bride or groom living and getting married in Israel (other first degree relatives must be vaccinated or recovered)
  • Funerals for first degree relatives for 24 hours only
  • National-Civil Service volunteers and first degree relatives
  • Lone soldier visitations by first degree relatives
  • Businesspeople who are vaccinated or recovered and need to attend meetings in Israel need a special permit from the ministry of economy to apply. If unvaccinated/unrecovered permission from the ministry of health is also required.
  • Agriculture and construction workers
  • Clergy with a recommendation of the Branch of Religious Groups and ministry of health.
  • Foreign journalists
  • Nursing home workers (vaccination required upon entry).

Note that everyone will need to provide:

  • A negative PCR test from within 72 hours of your flight departure time. An additional test will be performed upon landing in Israel.
  • Travel health insurance that covers COVID.

It’s also worth noting that if you leave quarantine early to fly home, you won’t be allowed back into Israel.

Hopefully if all goes well, the next steps will be Israel allowing anyone who is vaccinated or recovered to enter Israel and allowing everyone to get a green passport!

Do you qualify to enter Israel under the new rules? #LetMyPeopleGo

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any suggestions for:
Travel health insurance that covers COVID.


Does the ‘under one year old’ exemption apply to children of students as well? Will one parent be required to quarantine along with the infant as they do along with an older child?


Hello all,

Has anyone got any idea if a fully vaccinated adult can now visit Israel with a child who has no vaccination?

Or would it require the child to quarantine once there?!


you didnt mention bar mitzva?


all good until roomers from a new variant

Dan\'s the man



Not that anything about covid ever has to or does make sense, cuz COIVD… but assuming I have proof of vaccination that is acceptable, why would I also need to take an antibody test in Israel, isn’t that self-understood?

Concerned citizen

Nothing is self understood with covid especially with the Israeli government. There worried that the vaccine won’t work and worried you faked the documents and


Because take a look at the CDC card that we get here upon vaccination… anyone can make those on their home printer. They are proof of basically nothing- it makes sense that other countries won’t accept it. The truth is we’re lucky Israel is exempting people with an antibody test- not every country will do this, and it might be a while before Americans can travel to many places due to the lack of any centralized system and option for verification that someone was actually vaccinated.

Concerned citizen

And you think this will get us back to normal? Does this sound anywhere close to normal?
It’s like follow this , due this – be good boys and girls listen closely and perhaps we’ll let you go out and play abs if your really good well give you some toys too.

Your kidding yourselves!

What happens in 6 months when you need to get a booster shot Bec the variances are back ?


The country will now allow select people who have been vaccinated
Which Vaccine are they accepting ? Any of them?


Have tickets for the summer from the AA deal you posted in January – when do you think they will announce if they’re letting everyone in? If not, do you think I can get a refund?


A child tag along does not appear to be allowed without vaccination


As a vaccinated Israeli who lives in the states, is fully vaccinated, and missed his family dearly, I am still not going there until they offer the Green Passport to people who weren’t vaccinated in Israel. Hopefully soon.


You can get now with an antibody test. Many have


Very hit or miss on Tav Yarok enforcement.
I would not let its absence dissuade you from travel to Israel.


What proof needs to be provided showing that you recovered?


Is there any chance that they’d make students quarantine in a Hotel?
From the entry permit (issued yesterday): “To comply with the instructions of the Israeli Ministry of Health, to stay in home isolation or State isolation (quarantine), in hotels or any other facilities, as determined and approved solely by the authorities of the State of Israel, upon his/her arrival to Israel, for a period of 14 days from the day of entry to the State of Israel.

Dan\'s the man

The school will set up quarantine in the dorms like they did in elul.


If my father is an Israeli citizen, but lives in the states, can I as a foreigner visit Israel now?


Not completely sure about his, but if I remember correctly, the law in Israel is that you become an Israeli if one of your parents are Israeli (or maybe only if the father is),
I don’t know the answer to your question – but I suppose this law would mean you become an Israeli – and if that’s the case – then you should be allowed in (although you’d have to quarantine, etc, etc)


If you bring a letter stating you the Anti bodies, would you still need to take another test in Israel?

Rose kay

What if someone had covid. Recovered. But has no antibodies? Are they allowed into israel but will need to stay quarantined for 2 weeks?


And how will one prove they’re vaccinated or recovered if Isreal doesn’t trust outside proof?


I wonder if a son/daughter studying in Israel satisfies the rule of:
“have a first degree relative (child, parent, or sibling) who is a citizen or permanent resident in Israel”

Dan\'s the man

Student visa is not permanent residency!


If my married daughter and husband (both US citizens) live in israel, will I be able to apply for an entry permit?


According to reports in the Israeli press, one needs to get approval from the Population and Immigration Authority via one’s local Israeli Consulate. Any ideas on how to go about this expeditiously?


There was online form to fill out (it’s only in Hebrew) and they respond within a day or two if you are approved entry. But that might change now that they eased up on restrictions.


Can you please post the link?


Does anyone know definitively if
a) will Israel accept the card we got with CDC logo as proof of vaccination
b) if the ministry’s ridiculous website actually works and getting the Visa is practical?


I got approved from the ministry website. Filled out the forms and waited for the response. When I arrived two weeks ago they didn’t care for the CDC vaccine card or any documents from USA stating I had covid and recovered or that I was vaccinated. I did however go immediately for an antibody test and was out of Bidud I’m less than 18 hrs


what travel insurance did you get? I am having trouble finding one that covers covid. I tried to upgrade my chase card but they said that I would have to pay the fee for the Chase reserve card even if I try to downgrade after the trip

a yid



my wife has Israeli and American citizenship . Our infant baby only has American citizenship.
Does she need any permission to enter with or without our baby ? (I’m not going)


Dan any insight on my question please?


That means if I never had covid but not vaccinated I can’t get permission to enter ?


We have tickets to Israel on May 10th. Our whole family tested positive for covid a month ago. Does this mean we should be able to enter the country? I have siblings living in Israel. What happens if only part of our family tests positive for antibodies? Is it worth the risk?


Is a spouse considered a first degree relative?


kids with no antibodies can’t enter at all or they need to Quarantine??


What means “recovered from COVID”? how can i proof it?


I’m an Israeli resident with a green passport since I have antibodies. Do I need a negative PCR test to fly to Israel?


“…apply for permission to enter the country through their local Israeli consulate.”
Can i apply for Permission before i get Vaccinated? How long does this process take?

Alan Sohn

The post says “You must remain in quarantine until you test positive on an antibody test in Israel. ”

I assume you mean tests negative?


No, you WANT to have antibodies, as this protects you from (re-)infection in the future- so testing “positive” is what you want.


Based on this, kids (of first degree relative ) who test positive for antibodies but have no proof of covid or vaccine would not be able to come? Is that correct?


How would they have gotten antibodies if they never had COVID or got vaccinated??


How old can the Positive+negative PCR test be?


Thanks for all the great info Dan…this article is by far the clearest and most useful of all the updates I’ve read! Just FYI for people bringing small kids and assuming they are going to get everyone out of quarantine with antibody tests, it looks like on the Shamir website posted above that they only test children 6 and up. Maybe someone can post if they know of places that can antibody test younger children or people with little ones should make sure they look into this themselves or plan to have their kids have to quarantine for the full amount of time.


Question: how are u supposed to go for an anti-body test during quarantine? Leave Jerusalem (or where ever) to go to Shamir?


So if I enter as a student with a 1 y/o and a 3 y/o me and my wife have antibodies for the vaccine, the children would need to quarantine for 2 weeks even if we get out of quarantine based on a positive Antibodies test in Israel?


So my understanding is that I would be able to apply on my father’s behalf from here in Israel with the requested documentation (to save him the schlep to the nearest consulate)?

Talmid chuhom

Dan the way you learn pshat in all these laws without getting confused is even harder a hard marshu. I would bet that when learn a hard toisfas your brain gets it in minutes.


Is a grandmother a 1st degree relative?

Chaim shea

Just saying i have a green passport and am not isreali but was recovered in isreal.

Grandma norma

My grandson going to the army April 18th. Can I travel to israel vaccinated to see him go. He is a Lone Soldier who made Aliyah in March of this year


If vaccinated, do you need a PCR before and after landing or only antibody?


The ‘application’ requires specific travel information. Is there a way to be granted permission BEFORE booking a flight? Am I missing something on the form? I know that flights can be canceled w/o penalty, but I don’t want my $$ (or points) being tied up indefinitely. Buying tickets before getting permission to enter Israel seems like putting the cart before the horse.


Our local Israeli consulate seemed taken by surprise regarding these new rules and were unhelpful.
Perhaps by tomorrow the rules will be clearer


You are assuming that these new rules will be in place tomorrow. Let’s see

Jo Ann Friedman

How does this work with the negative test 72 hrs prior? Son you get your visa then show test results to enter?

Dan\'s the Man

You need to show results at airline check in the departing airport. If you don’t have the negative result with you they won’t let you fly. Many countries have been doing this for months.


Is an antibodies test enough to enter and not have to quarantine? For someone that recovered from covid but doesnt have a positive test to prove it

Rubin Yarmush

I apologize if this was already addressed, but if an american citizen is fully vaccinated, do they still need to quarantine upon arrival and take an antibody test? Thanks for all the great info!

Shulammis Saxon

What is the definition of Permanent Resident? My husband and I live in Israel with a student visa (he learns in the local Beis Medrash) & adjunct student visa (for me). We have a rental apartment and Israeli drivers licenses. So do we come under this category?


How do you sign up for the covid quarantine hotels (as an Israeli)?


The Rambam Lab on Hillel St in Yerushalayim had the antibody test results in a few hours. I was out of quarantine within 18hrs of landing in Israel.


What was your antibody number level?


All it gave was a positive greater than 250


Where do I apply for this permits? In person or by email?
Is there a for that I need to fill out?

Jo Ann Friedman

My interpretation is that we need an apostile for my son’s birth certificate instead is merely having it notarized. Will they accept the apostile he used 14 years ago when he made Aliyah?


Dan, will you travel to Israel as soon as foreigners can go?


do you need to take a covid test when landing in tlv?


Are they accepting vaccination cards from the us?



covid shaile

is a brother in law called a first degree relative?


According to multiple health sources online, a serological/antibody test will not accurately produce a positive result if you are vaccinated but NEVER had covid.

Does anyone have proof that a serological test exists that 100% proves vaccination when no covid infection occurred?


I am a dual American and Israeli citizen with a teudat zehut. I am also vaccinated. I live in the states. Am I considered a foreign national or a citizen.
In addition to the PCR test stateside and in Israel and the Antibody test in Israel will I also need a first degree relative in Israel?

want to go

if i had vaccine will i automatically test positive for antibodies?


not sure if this was already discussed in the thread but it seems that in order to prove relationship one needs an apostille certified document. in order to get one in new jersey it taked 8-12 weeks just to get the document then an additional time to send the document for apostille. essentially a barrier that precludes reasonable entry.


Does anyone know how long it takes for approval after the required documents are submitted via email to the Israeli consulate?
BTW, there are, for a fee, Apostille expediting services that will do all the work and overnight, just like Passport services

Elisha G

Pre Corona times

knowledgeable guy

up to 2 weeks to receive a permit from application


what is a permanent resident?


What about a positive rapid test followed by a negative PCR?


What happens if you’re vaccinated and antibodies don’t show up on a test?


Are they accepting all 3 vaccinations?

de rebbeh zukt

Dan, as far as Amudim is reporting, the 1st degree relative that one is visiting must be an Israeli citizen. If the consulate told you anything else, beware! In Israel you will get a different answer from every person you ask.


so if my kids had covid, but didn’t test (last march) but have antibodies, no chance they can get in? they need that positive pcr test?


There’s still no clarification on first degree family of that includes students.
I’m also wondering how they received a green passport as I believe that is tied to national health ID.


Does the first degree Israeli relative have to be currently residing in Israel? Or is it enough for the first degree relative to be an Israeli citizen?


Proof recovery – what’s the timespan that’s considered good enough? If someone had covid in January and wants to travel in August (8 months later) is that good enough?

Chaim weinberger

If I have a uncle can I go visit or just if my father comes along???
And do you have the link to get a permit


Can someone with first degree relative bring their son in law and grandchild?


“hotels and many restaurants in Israel require a Green Passport.”
Non-Israeli should not need to apply for green passport in the first place, as they are not allowed to enter the country without Proof of Vax, or Positive & Neg test, hotels and restaurants should allow Non-Israeli as long showing proof of foreign and they entered recently Israel.


I’m a American, I tested positive for antibodies in Israel and I got my green passport already.


once one enters Israel who and how will they be tested for antibodies? who pays for it?


Very confusing,
If I have an USA proof of vaccine card do I still need the PCR 72 hrs. b4 the flight and another test at landing and travel insurance?

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

In reality they are not requiring quarantine from most people entering the country.
As long as you’re qualified to enter as a student or one of the other options, they are allowing people in without requiring quarantine.

Speaking from experience of the past few days dealing with many students and others.


Not my experience. All the students without Israeli records of vaccination or previous recovery had to quarantine.


What if spouse us Israeli passport, but doesn’t currently reside there


just fyi, Apostile service can take weeks and sometimes months. They may have sped up a little since Covid but just a few months I had to do it for multiple documents as part of my nefesh b nefesh aliyah application and it was not simple or quick


On the chance that Israel opens for all vaccinated 5travelers in the next few months would you know if it would make a difference if I took the Johnson and Johnson instead of Pfizer vaccine to get in. What vaccine did you get?


“Vaccinated or recovered foreign nationals can apply for entry permission if they have a first degree relative (child, parent, or sibling) who is a citizen or permanent resident in Israel.”

Is there a direct link to apply??

Moshe Gelb

Does the first degree relative have to be a citizen or permanent resident, or is it enough to be on a student visa ?

Joel Meisles

My wife is a citizen but US resident, so she can go and I can go with her, correct?
Is a positive NY Anti Body results good for travel if I don’t have positive/negative Covid test?


I had COVID a year ago, from which BH have recovered. However it was so obvious that I had it at the time that I didn’t even get tested. Do you think they will accept an antibody test with a positive result?

Sary Thaler

What do they mean by first degree relative? Can it be uncle and aunts?


Dan is a 1/2 brother also included as a 1st degree relative?


Did you asked them to clarify if NAAT test works?


“That means if your kids between 1-16 years old haven’t had COVID, they can’t go to Israel under this exemption for foreign nationals.”

I thought one the the vaccines is approved for anyone 16 and over?


“An apostille seal for proof of the relationship is also required”

how long and difficult is this process?
I thought it was only a notarized letter?


you have to bring the birth cirtificate or other proof of id to the foreign ministry .it costs money but when i did it albeit pro covid it took 2 minutes


Are you referring to getting the apostile done in Israel as opposed to the US? Is that even an option? I am currently in Israel but want to leave and come back. I want to get the first-degree relative permit to get back into Israel, so I am thinking that if this is an option then I can do the apostile in Israel. Please let me know. Thanks!

Elisha G

Very difficult


Do they have a preference which Vaccine to use?

cindy Frank Feigenblum

Any clarity if documents used to prove familial relationship to first degree relative in Israel ( birth certicate ) or prove that you are spouse of someone with first degree relative needs to be apostilled to be granted approval ?


In the past you had to apply like 2 weeks before your travel date, and you got a permit for 2 weeks, how is it now, can I apply for a trip in a few months from now?


They don’t do the bracelets anymore and they test everyone for COVID at the airport


Do antibodies expire if I took a test 6 or so months ago?

cindy Frank Feigenblum

Any clarity if documents used to prove familial relationship to first degree relative in Israel ( birth certicate ) or prove that you are spouse of someone with first degree relative needs to be apostilled to be granted approval ?


Yes it does. The counsel replied to my permit request today that I need an apostille stamps on birth and marriage certificates.

Elisha G

According to NY Consulte, Yes

Moishe NYC

Here is my story…had Covid last March for 6 weeks , recovered BH , still have antibodies-as of few weeks ago, however never had Positive Covid test, as doctor last March (during all of the chaos) said no reason to test…how do I get into Israel without positive Covid and no vaccine?


Wow, I can’t read every comment but it seems like I cannot take my son and the rest of my kids for his bar mitzvah even though they have antibodies, because we do not have a positive PCR test. We had corona way back over a year ago but we still have antibodies. Nobody was giving out positive tests at that time. Am I stuck? We have the AA tickets from that deal

Scott Siegel

Despite reading all the posts I am still unclear as to what document I need apostiled in
order to visit my daughter. Is it my daughter‘s birth certificate or my and my wife’s birth certificates?


Does Israel consider the J&J vaccine as vaccinated?
Do you need to send the birth certificate of the first degree relative as well or only their passport?


only birth certificate, that proofs that you are a relative. no need a passport.

Double L

As a US citizen with a lone soldier son (who happens to now be a new citizen) I applied online 2 weeks agovia the previous exceptions committee (a simple 2 page form) and within 45 minutes received email approval valid for 10 days from that day which didn’t work for my ticket booked for April 12 so I reapplied on April 5th knowing anticipated approval would be forthcoming and the 10 day window would work for my April 12th ticket. On April 6 the news came out of the disbanding of the exceptions committee and applications going through the local consulate with the new regulations taking effect the next day. Luckily later that morning I received the second approval from the old exceptions committee for 10 day window to depart for Israel. As a precaution i applied last night via the embassy website online form (received a response a few hours later requesting more documents), uploaded the pdf with every single requested document; son’s army ID, israeli ID, my passport, letter from army attesting to him being alone solider, Apostille birth certificate (with thank gd I had on hand from his aliyah process last year), my US vaccine card, proof of travel health insurance with letter confirming covid 19 coverage (cost $35 for my 8 day trip), confirmed flight ticket itinerary and signed affidavit from Misrad Hapnim confirming quarantine obligation and details. Have scheduled PCR test within the 72 hour departure window and also recently learned that my stopover transit country requires a negative test (rapid antigen works) taken within 48 hours or ARRIVAL in the transit country!

Best advice I can give is pay attention to every single detail, err on the side of caution and do your due diligence in figuring out every single requirement for every single step of the journey. Happy travels!

C Eis

What company did you purchase the “ health insurance with letter confirming covid 19 coverage”. Thanks


Can we please get a new post for requirements for Israeli citizens living abroad that want to visit Israel


I have the same question. But to add – what are the requirements for dual citizens (living in the US) who are vaccinated? Can we go with our vaccination card and be good to enter? Would really appreciate more info about this if possible!

Eileen Greenspun

I’ve been working on getting apostilles for Aliyah to Israel for about 6 months; the New York system is totally bizarre, requiring long waits and multiple regulations (my husband, born in Pennsylvania, got his in three weeks.) I want to visit my married daughter and see my latest grandchild, born on Yom Kippur. I booked a ticket for the day after Shavuos; how can I possibly get her birth certificate apostilled before then; and anyway her name is now changed!


Can anyone recommend a service to get documents apostilled in New York? I know it’s expensive and I can do it myself, but for now, I’d rather pay someone to handle it for me. Thanks.


Apostille.net very fast service


does the consulate accept apostille on copies (checked the website that’s what they provide)?


Yes. I didn’t receive my permit yet, but I got a permit reference number which means that the documents I provided are good and they processing my application.


Can vaccinated person go without first degree relative.?


I am working on going to israel in the near future and I wonder if you would help me troubleshoot some points
1-Has anyone figured out what form of proof of relationship to a resident is needed?
2-How do I know that my antibody level is high enough? I do have antibodies, i did not vaccinate. I dont want to land and be told I dont have enough antibodies to exit quarantine!

I am by no means an anti-vaxxer; HOWEVER, being that I had Covid and have antibodies, I would prefer to avoid an unnecessary vaccine if I can. The only country I travel to is Israel and I am wondering if we should expect the vaccine requirement to be a long-term thing, or if it’ll blow over in a few months-which in that case would make me just skip the vaccine and consider skipping this trip if I dont have antibodies.
Any ideas?


just did a little research online. It appears that in some states you can get documents apostilled with same day service. anyone have experience with this?


yes, did that in st louis last week.


I want to go as a relative and would need to apostille it. Do they accept a birth certificate in other language then English?


Do you think having only one dose Moderna + antibodies would be accepted?


Dan, you keep saying that a positive antibody test is not enough and you must have a positive and then negative PCR test in order to apply for entry. however, I saw this on Amudim’s website, which seems to indicate that antibody testing should work

B) 2-4 DAYS – Those that have proof of vaccination outside of Israel, Proof of Previous covid diagnosis and recovery from Covid outside of Israel via a formal letter from a doctor or medical Facility, or have a recent positive antibody test from outside of Israel. Anybody fitting the above category, will be permitted to take a serological antibody test at a Ministry of Health approved Testing site. If you test positive for antibodies, you can then submit those results to the Ministry of health with a request for quarantine exemption.


Sorry if this was already asked: Anyone know the quarantine process these days until you get approval to leave? The misrad ha’briyut website mentions an app or the electronic bracelet, that you need to pay for. Anyone have any experience with this and know what costs are involved and what the story is with the app?


Looking for some clarification. We have siblings in israel.

Our family here had covid in December but didnt get our daughter tested. After, we got her tested for antibodies and she tested positive for antibodies.

Based off not taking a covid positive test during that time, will she need to quarantine for 14 days or depends if she has a positive anti body test there?



Dan, do you know anyone that has been approved already for an entry permit through the NY consulate? I have a flight on Tuesday and they are almost impossible to get ahold of. What is average time to hear back on entry permit? Thanks.


Dan, any advice on how to get permit to enter for business?


So far i know of one person who got approval through a consulate but a bunch who got approval in israel. You need to go to the major branch closest to your home. I went to ramle and got approval, but the woman only noticed at the end that she probably should have sent me to netanya, so i would not bank on that working.

Despite what the website says, it seems all visas are without appointment. Visas is the line to go to.

Ramle required brand new versions of the quarantine and entry forms that i and others there had to fill out (and have relatives sign) on the spot, but from friends it seems different branches are using the forms from last week.

Even if you have a family flying together, its best to bring hard copies of documents for each individual as they open separate files for each person (dont know if true for kids too). They will photocopy things if needed, but organizing it per person in advance would make it faster.

When i arrived i told the woman i needed to walk out with the approval for my parents’ flight same day. She said no way, it takes time, etc but i walked out with it in the end, as did a couple others there at the same time.


Was this in Israel or the US? Were you trying to get entry permit for a foreign national?


In israel (ramle). Got an entry permit for foreign nationals.


The Ramle branch of what office? Misrad hapnim?

Jo Ann Friedman

What if you are vaccinated but do not test positive on a seriology test?


My daughter is 20 months old, we want to fly into Israel from NY in 6 weeks for a Family Wedding. My wife & I could get the Vaccine but our Daughter cannot. Is the only option for us to Quarantine upon arrival with her? We’re planning on testing her for Antibodies in the US in the Next few days/week. We don’t have +/- Covid tests for her.


Vaccinated or recovered foreign nationals can apply for entry permission if they have a first degree relative (child, parent, or sibling) who is a citizen or permanent resident in Israel.

I have Yahrtzeit in June, my parents are buried there- does that count?
Sounds gross, but really want to know.


Hi Dan! I have a question. My father is an Israeli citizen living in America. I am an American citizen living in America. I want to travel with him to Israel, meaning we will enter at the same time. Do you think this will be allowed under the new guidelines? I contacted the consulate but didn’t get a response. Thank you!


If vaccinated is there any way to prove it before coming to israel so we dont need to qaurantine at all? Otherwise how much time should we leave to get out of quarantine? Going for a family wedding and we dont want to miss it because of qaurantine issues (we got the vaccine)


dan for my sister who is an Israeli citizen do i also need her birth certificate with an apostille stamp or only her Teudat Zehut and my birth certificate with an apostille stamp?

Matt H

Just her teudat zehut


and my birth certificate or not?

Matt H

and yes your birth certificate of course, tho it doesn’t need an apostille anymore


Parents of a bride or groom living and getting married in Israel (other first degree relatives must be vaccinated or recovered)

Im a USA Citizin living in USA
I wanna attend my brothers wedding in israel,
He is a USA citizin living in USA, And getting married to a Israeli Citizin living in israel.
He is planning to become a permanent Israeli residence ones married.
Is there any chance I can get a approval to get in if im vaccinated ?


I asked travelhelp@amudim.org
Im a USA Citizin living in USA
I wanna attend my brothers wedding in israel,
He is a USA citizin living in USA, And getting married to a Israeli Citizin living in israel.
He is planning to become a permanent Israeli residence ones married.
Is there any chance I can get a approval to get in?

Respose from travelhelp@amudim.org —-
unfortunately not – you must have a 1st degree relative that lives in israel and is an israeli citizen


Anyone have experience with this yet?
Specifically asking about the apostille.
Do all docs need to be apostilled?
Relative is my brother. His Birth Certificate, Teudat Zehut, my Birth Certificate, Marriage certificate (going with wife)
What about the passports?
Apostille.net charges $150 per doc, that adds up to quite a bit..


I recently applied to visit my mother. I used apostille.net for my birth certificate and BH I got my permit yesterday to fly tomorrow. Apostille.net is the quickest way the necessary papers.


Thank you for the feedback

Matt H

What does the permit look like…is it just an email from the Consulate? Did they ask to see the permit on arrival at TLV customs?



Effective Immediately, an apostille is no longer required to accompany any proof of relationship documents, other than in the following two categories
Foreign Spouse of an Israeli Citizen and Parents of an Israeli Minor Child.


So a sister (1st degree relative) and her husband in law of an Israeli citizen no longer need annapoatile?

Ari K.

There’s a mistake in the way this is written. It is: “Minor Child of an Israeli Citizen Parent” NOT “Parents of an Israeli Minor Child”. Meaning (I think) that if the parents are Israeli citizens but the children are not they need the apostille and require proof of relationship documents, etc. This is our situation unfortunately.


Dan I’m my wife is Israeli but I’m not can would I get approved to travel without her , meaning she would stay here and I would travel by my self


so is it looking optimistic that shavous might be in the cards for vaccinated people who dont have a first degreee relative?


How about children under the age of 14, do you think by June they will still require isolation or a PCR test will be sufficient?


Dan, is it true that you can only stay for not more than 4 days?


I’ve been hearing that foreign children of and Israeli citizen will need to become a citizen to enter. They cannot simply get a permit to enter. Is this accurate?


Does the first degree relative need to be israeli? I have a daughter there as a student, is that enough?


My parents and I are visiting my brother (their son) who lives in Israel.

Am i correct in stating that for my parents to prove first-degree relative, that my brother’s birth certificate suffices for both of them? And for myself, my birth certificate would suffice to prove he is my brother?

Also, can we just send a pdf of the original (stored in a safe) birth certificates? Or must we somehow get new ones notarized and/or certified?


ira kahn

Are non-Israeli citizens who are vaccinated (never had covid) and visiting a 1st degree relative for their wedding, also able to end quarantine early (10 days instead of 14) based on the rule that requires 2 negative covid tests? I know that I can take a serological test to prove vaccination and end quarantine early, but I just want to know if there is a backup option in case the serological test somehow doesn’t work out.


So if I’m Israeli but family not (and I would like to keep it this way) my family will still need to request permission (and fill documentation) in order to enter??

Hahu Gavrah

So if I have a sister living in Israel I am a first degree relative and I can go. What about my wife? And what about my children that are older than 18? Anyone know?


So I assume if I don’t fall within exception, even though double vaccinated, Shavuos will be out and most likely my summer trip too!


If I have proof of vaccination in the USA do I still have to quarantine in Israel?

If I have a Israeli sister in Israel can I write I am going for Shavous?


I have Sister who is a citizen of Israel . What paperwork do I need to submit to prove that ? I was born overseas and am now a US Citizen with a Us passport but i dont have a copy of my birth certificate . Is a pass port enough ?

A mezei

If my married brother is there on a student visa would that let me in ?




I have a sister who is a citizen. Both of our birth certificate are in portugues. will they accept it as proof of relative? Obrigado




if i’m an American-Israeli (i.e. I am an israeli returning to Israel,) and vaccinated in the USA, how do i apply for a green passport, and will i need to quarantine?

Berry Stahl

Application for what did you need an Apostille?


Do you have to have antibodies currently, or is it ok to have had anti bodies at some point?


Can A US home care worker apply now for a permit to enter Israel

Oleh Chadash

Without bituach briut to my knowledge a non citizen can get a Teudat Chisun which basically allows you into most places but if they are stringent they can force you to produce the Tav Yarok which runs on the Ramzor app and I’m told from my non citizen friends is impossible to work without a Teuda Zehut which no non citizen can get.

Yumi Santiago

Not accurate. We are US Citizens and we got in with our unvaccinated kids, who are too young to vaccinate. My sister in law is an Israeli citizen who lives in Israel. We got blood tests the night we arrived, were cleared to leave bidud after a day and we got a Tav Yarok by email that is good until 12/31/21. We don’t have Israeli Health insurance or any apps.


Here’s my scenario, haven’t received a good answer for it: My father wants to visit his parents who live in Israel and are citizens. He is a first degree relative, so I understand he is allowed to travel. I am his adult child, can me and my wife travel with him Israel? Are we under the category of “child”?


Is an RT-PCR (the kind Walgreens runs), accepted?


Is there a wait period after vaccination until it’s considered accepted, or as soon as you received your second dose you’re good to go? I feel like I read somewhere that there’s a 2 week wait from the second dose until you can fly, but I want to know if anyone here can confirm or deny that? (I have a flight to Israel scheduled exactly 13 days after my second dose…)