Israel Won’t Reopen To Tourists In July, When Do You Think Israel Will Reopen?

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Unfortunately, Israel has reportedly decided not to move forward with plans to reopen their borders to tourists on July 1st. The hope is to reopen in August, though as we’ve seen, you can’t count on that until it happens. This is exactly why I recommended that people should wait before making travel plans or to book tickets that can be freely changed, like award tickets.

Most foreign nationals have been locked out since 3/18/20.

The news comes as Israel faces a growing outbreak of the Delta variant, which is rapidly spreading from India to countries across the globe.

Apparently there is now also a Delta Plus variant…


Prime Minister Bennett has asked Israelis to pause their plans to travel abroad as he reassembles a Coronavirus cabinet that may reinstate travel and mask restrictions.

When will Israel reopen their borders to vaccinated Americans?

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When will Israel reopen their borders to non-vaccinated Americans?

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Does this affect the vaccinated people with first degree relatives as well? Has that been changed? Or can they still get in with ishur?


I love your tweet!


If Israel was this risk-adverse historically, would not be an issue of travel since there would be Israel to visit. Fun to live in fear, isn’t it?


Will this also affect tour groups?

Dan\'s the man

Apparently carona beer did well this past year. Maybe Delta does want the next variant to be Delta One!


I believe the last thing that Bennet need is to get corona situation to his clock what will kill him completely.


What about group trips, are those also cancelled now?


Hi thank you for the update
Nevertheless may ask what is the source if this info, I haven’t seen anything like that on the news or on the Israeli gov sites


Finally got my permit Monday night for tonight’s flight, waited 2 weeks after sending all the required information for first degree relative to the Jerusalem משרד הפנים special email still didn’t hear back from them. Friday morning I contacted Amudim and they were extremely helpful and they sent it to me on Monday. I also sent it to the Washington embassy and same no answer.


This seems absurd to me. 125 cases yesterday in the whole country? Most of the population vaccinated?
The vaccine is highly effective against the new variant. I have yet to see any data showing how many of the new cases are severe (causing hospitalization or death) for those already vaccinated. I’m guessing the answer is zero.

Positive cases is meaningless without that data.


Any idea if airlines will be more flexible with refunds or vouchers? I have 2 seats booked with cash and 4 with miles on American

The miles can be reinstated.. but they told me the cash tickets I only get voucher for the name on the ticket and must be booked within 12 month of original purchase..


Judith Hellerstein

Hi Barry, that is illegal you can tell the Airline, American that it is against US DOT policy which requires them to give you a cash refund if you want. Search the DOT site for a copy of these rules


Even web special?

Has anyone had success getting an AA cash refund?


Having a similar issue with AA.
I searched the DOT site and couldn’t find what you are referring to- where does it state they have to give a cash refund if the borders are closed?
Thank you!


If my American daughter leaves there (non aliyah), would I be able to visit?




What’s the story with seminary girls going in August?




Pro tip: The Caps Lock key can be found on the left side of your keyboard. Press it once to chance back to lowercase

יהושע יעקובסון



Also very true


So true


Does anyone have any information about wait times for authorization from israeli consulate on los angeles? Are they still giving authorization?We submitted our application three weeks before scheduled flight of July 7th


I was told by a Canadian friend that, ironically, Canadians can get their isshur very quickly if they qualify. Sadly, due to the lack of vaccines, many of them can’t.


On a related note, the health insurance company who’s Covid coverage letter is required for the isshur should be reimbursing you for the costs of the serology & pcr tests. So save receipts. Blue Cross Blue Shield just sent my checks. It took about a month.


Does this effect seminary girls and yeshivah boy’s?


If tickets were booked on a web special American Airlines only cancelable ticket not changeable and you gd forbid get corona even if vaccinated while already in israel, what option is there for the return flight home? The trip is less than 14 days if you have to stay for bidud?



We need to get some of our politicians involved. Very simple, if we are not Kosher enough to enter the Jewish state, Than so may it be with Israelis they can not come to the states without a permit!!!

In most if not all Jewish communities there hasn’t been a single case of Covid in the last few months (you can check it out with your local Hatzolah).

If we follow them and not let in Israelis, you will see how quick they will reopen. I am talking at least for the vaccinated people.

The new infections in Israel is coming from Israelis traveling abroad to infected countries. Why don’t ban Israelis from traveling abroad??? Why can’t we Jews who had Covid and are vaccinated not enter Israel.

Please pass this around it might help

Michael Friedman

The best post on this website today
We need to get real big people involved tell every single stupid is ready to get the hell back to Israel go to hell until you’re not opening up American people just drop dead on the floor

D Cohen

Very simple.
Become an Israeli citizen. Then you won’t have these problems.

S katz

I am supposed to fly with aa to Israel, and I have covid, i called aa to change my ticket and they wanted to charge me the fare difference, any way around it?

Barry D

Did anything change in regards to recovered first degree family? Are they allowing them in, if they haven’t had a Vax but they recovered in September/October 2020?


Well, that is disappointing. I’ve had travel August 2021 plans for our group for well over a year I just don’t think I can wait much longer to pull the plug on our hotel, car, and flight reservations *sigh*

Batsheva Fink

Will ElAl refund a ticket if they end up not allowing us in August 1?

Mike w

If EAl cancelled our 130pm flight from Ewr and put us on the 9pm the same day , can we cancel and demand a full refund or can they just give us a voucher. Either way we won’t be able to go since it’s for mid July .