HOT! Fly Nonstop On American From JFK To Tel Aviv For $531 Or 34K Hybrid Points Round-Trip With Free Changes!

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  • Bookable on Priceline. Tickets purchased from Priceline today are refundable until tomorrow at 11:29pm ET. Please see this post for directions on how to cancel these tickets.
  • Also bookable on Orbitz or Expedia or direct from the airline.
  • Limited seats are available on each date.
  • Use a card like Sapphire Preferred, Ink Preferred, or Sapphire Reserve to earn 2-3 Chase points per dollar spent and get free trip cancellation/interruption insurance, travel accident insurance, luggage insurance, trip and luggage delay protection, and more!
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American is launching sales of their new nonstop daily 777 service from JFK to Tel Aviv with an incredible fare war.

Airlines are waiving change fees on all tickets, though the difference in fare will still be owed. If Israel doesn’t reopen by May then American will cancel flights and will offer refunds on flights that don’t operate.

From JFK to Tel Aviv, coach fares start at $531, premium economy fares start from $1,257, and business class fares start from $2,805 round-trip.

From Tel Aviv to JFK, coach fares start at $601, premium economy fares start from $1,101, and business class fares start from $2,473 round-trip.

Sample JFK to Tel Aviv coach fares:

  • Depart on most dates from May 7th through June 29th for $531 round-trip.
    • Sample dates: May 12-19, May 23-30, June 6-13, June 13-20, June 20-27, June 27-July 4, and many more.
  • Depart on most dates from July 1st through August 22nd for $561 round-trip.
    • Sample dates: July 4-11, July 11-19, July 19-26, July 25-August 1, August 1-8, August 8-15, August 15-22, August 22-29 and many more.
  • Depart on select dates from August 23rd through October 17th for $651 round-trip.
    • Sample dates: September 5-13, October 3-10, October 10-17, October 17-24
  • Depart on most dates from October 17th through October 31st for $591 round-trip.
    • Sample dates: October 24-November 1.
  • Depart on most dates from November 1st through December 15th for $531 round-trip.
    • Sample dates: November 1-8, November 7-14, November 14-21, November 21-28, November 28-December 5, November 29-December 7,  December 5-12, December 12-19, and many more.

Using Chase Points:

You can pay for the ticket with “hybrid points” such as AMEX or Chase points with a card that allows your points to be used at an increased value for airfare in addition to be able to transfer points into airline miles.

If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card you can redeem points for 1.5 cents each towards travel. If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Preferred you can redeem points for 1.25 cents each towards travel.

You can login to your account and redeem Chase points for travel here. The round-trip cost will be 35,408 points with a Sapphire Reserve. That rate include all taxes and you will still earn flight miles as well!


Using AMEX points:

You can login to your account and redeem AMEX points for travel here.

This is bookable for 52,912 points with AMEX in coach. Plus you’ll get back a rebate of 18,519 points with the Business Platinum Card or 13,228 points with the Business Gold Card, dropping the total needed to as low as 34,393 points. That includes all taxes and you can still earn miles for flying!


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Can I make a passport for an infant in this covid times ?


As of now, does it look like Israel would ever allow tourists back in the country?


what about using aa miles ? any value to be had


I have a Citi AA busniess, in order to get priority boarding do I need to charge the ticket to this card ?


Amazing!!! I love this. I’ve been EP or a platinum pro with AA for years. This is the best news to come out of AA for a while!


lots of business space available for 66k, good deal with free cancellation..


Where can I find that and with what points?

Chaim F

I’d like to know the same, good thing I caught that. Please send me the info.


Web promo space is also available, so far I’ve seen as low as 36K econ, 48K premium, 66K biz.

I’ve already booked TLV-JFK in business at 66K in May 🙂


I’m unfamiliar with what is web promo space. Do you mind elaborating on where to book and what type of points your talking about. Thanks


Regular booking method. Just shows up as “web promo.” This is not changeable, which in the old days meant something…now, you can still cancel and get your miles back so doesn’t really jam you


On Chase or AA?


55K if you book RoundTrip


How is the aircraft in economy?

Shell we expect others to match ?


Any idea when the JetBlue codeshare will start? I need to get to JFK with JetBlue.


How much is an infant on the lap ? Can I assume ull get a baby crib ?


Dan i have all of the none annual fee CC but none of the paid versions , which one would you recommend using out of the none annual fee cards ?


Can book with 31,500 Qantas points BUT with about $200 +/-$25 each way.

Joe Gee

@dan How is the process in terms of getting Chase UR points back? Has it improved since March/April?


In the case of cancelation will AA allow rebooking to a later date without assesing a fare difference?


Book for May and if they cancel rebook for September at same cost?


How much does AA charge on on a award for an infant on the lap in business?


When purchasing a ticket thru Chase Amex or AA. Till when can I cancel?


Hmm from your suggested sample you said October 10-17 but I’m seeing it price out to $760.12 on Priceline


Are these cancellable in the future or only within the 1 Business Day? Would book for a year from now if I can cancel at a later date if need be.

Jack Levo

Dan, I have US Bank points (my original Matmid card), is there a way to transfer those points to this flight? Thank you.


@Dan, how does it work to book a flight now for me and
my wife if she’s expecting, can I add the infant later?

R Nathan

How many chase points would I need for premium economy?


Booked for Chanukah 11/27-12/5 for $531


Booking with Chase points. Do they have the same policy for free changes?


Do you think other airlines will match this price ?


Worth using AA miles for economy tickets or use UR points?


Dan In which cc is it best to purchase the tickets? Amex gold,sapphir preferred,aa citi platinum select?


If booking with csr and I cancel do I get the points back?


Dan, any idea if AA gold elite will get 2 checked bags to Eretz Yisroel (1 normally included in the fare plus 1 free)?

Yevgenie Sofer

Looks like on Priceline the prices for flights originating in TLV are similar, around $600


Thanks Dan! I booked for a family of 5 for Shavous! My parents coming along too!

Choosing seats

Are these basic economy ? Why All the seats that they give me to select from are costing money?


Sorry, Priceline does not offer lap infant seating on international flights. What do i do? MY daughter is 1yrs old


what ive done is to book for the adults then call up the airline to add the lap infant.


Thanks for the tip! Booked for my son’s bar mitzvah for the whole family!


As someone who is holding tickets to TLV that I keep having to postpone, I would urge everyone NOT to buy a ticket — and a headache — to TLV. If it were $400 roundtrip, sure, take a chance for summer. But at this price — which is good but not great — wait until you can actually go to TLV. Fares will still be affordable.


Dan! Thank so much I booked a fully upgraded trip for my family of four in October. This will be our first trip to Israel, and I couldn’t have done it without you.


Was somebody able to book a seat for free?


Just booked fll-Tlv for 110k mileage which were priced at $2495 rt. Goes thru jfk and amazing times. At 2.3 cents a mile I like that deal. Thanks dan

Nick Gee

Booked for entire family. Tnx Dan


How many times can I change the date of my flight? I’m making one change now, will I be able to make another change later? I understand I will have to pay the difference once the price changes.



You don’t recommend paying with chase Freedom Unlimited on the chase travel portal for 5points/dollar?


Never knew there is an option to pay with freedom unlimited 5/pts per dollar. How do I do that?


I made a mistake with one name… a family member with a different last name. Is there any way at all to change that?


After the last time I bought tickets on Priceline and was stranded in Israel because there was no one to talk to when all the flights were cancelled the week of Purim, I would be loathe to buy from them again at this time with the pandemic still creating havoc with air travel.

I got out by calling a US travel agent and buying the last 2 seats on a UA flight to IAD. I got my $ back from Priceline after disputing the charges and uploading the insane chat transcripts.


I would not consider flying with American in general because their 3-4-3 economy layout on the 777, most airlines push in 3-3-3 and it’s enough tight and they are from the only airline that pushes in 3-4-3 it’s a disaster, and they also gonna fly with a 777-2 which is probably an old flight as well….

They could go back from where they come…

The only benefit let’s hope we’ll have is the competition and let’s hope it will bring us for cheaper direct flights to TLV with all airlines.


Do Sapphire benefits also tag along using only chase points linked to your Sapphire card? (with no actual purchase on the card)


Priceline offers cancellation until tomorrow 11:29 pm.

What about the chase portal what is there free cancellation time frame ? 24 hours exactly ? Or also like priceline?

And do I cancel thru chase online or thru the airline direct ?


Prices have gone up. I can’t seem to find $532 dates anymore.


I booked 4 tickets in June on United a few months ago using about 1,000 United miles per ticket. This morning I booked the AA flight paying cash at the $531 price. Am I better off canceling the United flight and keeping the AA one?


You cant change dates more than once for free correct?


I wasn’t able to find the $531 tickets but found a work around. Using Amextravel it still showed tickets available for $640 versus $892 on AA/Google flights.


Hi, thanks so much for the info. Can you help me figure out how to transfer my amex points to get this deal please! Thanks!!


The lower promo prices are gone. I was apprehensive to book because I called AA and was told that I would only be able to use transfer credits strictly to rebook a different flight. If that’s not the case and they would really provide a cash refund I would’ve booked. That being said do you think the prices will come back?

Shloime Mermelstein

Is Premium Economy on american airlines worth the additional cost? If you would text reply to 917-757-1585 i would greatly appreciate it!!!


Hi, was wondering if there are still flights avail in the the summer for in the 500’s?


DAN PLEASE HELP – I booked 5 tixx on Priceline with AA on 01/25 for 06/23 and was ultimately unable to travel because my two youngest are 10 and 7 and can’t be vaccinated. I tried canceling on Priceline on 06/22 but was notified that it had to be done on I then tried there but was told that it had to be done over the phone. As you’re probably aware, I couldn’t get through on the phone and was unable to change the date so we lost $531×5. I called Chase but they won’t dispute the charge. What should I do???


Hi Dan & co. I bought 9 AA tickets via this deal thanks to you!

Similar to comment above, we couldn’t fly due to vaccine issues for infants and Israel not allowing us in etc. All AA was willing to do was give me an “unused ticket credit” for each of the tickets.

Here’s the bummer; the travel needs to take place by Jan 25 2022 or we lose the the tickets 🙁
I booked these with Chase Sapphire miles but they haven’t been helpful either. It’s kind of ridiculous. We couldn’t fly yet according to Chase/AA that isn’t their problem.

What’s my recourse? Take it up with AA? Chase? Attorney?

Dan, or someone else please please please give me some of your pearls of wisdom.