With Wide Open United Award Space Into 2021, Turkish Airlines’ Dirt Cheap Star Alliance Awards Are More Valuable Than Ever!

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United’s award space on many international routes is unprecedented.

Just take a look at Newark to Tel Aviv this fall/winter/spring:


Same story for Tel Aviv to Newark:


The same applies for routes like Newark-London, Paris, and many more.

However the best way to book those flights isn’t with United miles, it’s with Turkish Airlines miles.

That being said, you’ll want to actually search for saver award space on United.com. If you have a United credit card, you’ll want to logout before searching in order to access the saver award inventory that is bookable by partner airlines. Just click the small X when it asks you to login.

Use the United one-way calendar option to find saver awards:

As I’ve written about before, Turkish Airlines has a ridiculously generous Star Alliance award chart.

And they don’t charge any fuel surcharges for United flights.

Here is the North America version of the chart with one-way award pricing:

Between the US and:EconomyBusinessFirst
US, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and USVIWas 7.5K
Now 10K
Was 12.5K
Now 15K
North AmericaWas 10K
Now 30K
Was 15K
Now 40K
Western Europe (2)Was 30K
Now 55K
Was 45K
Now 90K
Was 67.5K
Now 135K
Eastern Europe (1)Was 30K
Now 50K
Was 45K
Now 85K
Was 67.5K
Now 130K
TurkeyWas 30K
Now 40K
Was 45K
Now 65K
Was 67.5K
Now 100K
Middle EastWas 32K
Now 58K
Was 47K
Now 93K
Was 68.5K
Now 140K
North Africa Was 30K
Now 60K
Was 49K
Now 105K
Was 73K
Now 160K
Central Africa Was 30K
Now 65K
Was 49K
Now 125K
Was 73K
Now 190K
Southern AfricaWas 45K
Now 75K
Was 67.5K
Now 140K
Was 100K
Now 210K
Central Asia Was 34K
Now 60K
Was 52.5K
Now 100K
Was 77K
Now 150K
Far EastWas 45K
Now 75K
Was 67.5K
Now 130K
Was 100K
Now 195K
South America and OceaniaWas 52.5K
Now 90K
Was 75K
Now 140K
Was 115K
Now 210K

As part of the Star Alliance, Turkish can book award travel on airlines like United and Air Canada.

You can open a Turkish Airlines mileage account online (Hint: Your password must be exactly 6 numbers or else it will give an error).

And you can book Star Alliance awards with Turkish miles here (Login and then click this link again). You can’t search for partner awards from their home page. Search for one-way at a time for best results.

While United charges 42.5K miles for a ticket to Tel Aviv in coach, Turkish charges just 32K miles:


While United charges 75K miles for a ticket to Tel Aviv in business class, Turkish charges just 47K miles!


Best of all, you can earn 2 points per dollar and get a 10% rebate for points redeemed via the Citi Trifecta and then transfer points to Turkish!


If you need to fly across the country today, you’ll need 15K United miles in coach or 38K in business class:


But those same flights are 7.5K Turkish miles in coach:


Or 12.5K miles in business class:


Turkish even counts Hawaii as domestic, so a flight there is the same rate, 7.5K miles in coach or 12.5K in business class!

Alas, I have not had luck booking any nonstop flights from Chicago, Houston, Newark, or Washington DC to Hawaii online or over the phone (800-874-8875).

But you can book nonstop flights and connections from other cities to Hawaii via Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco:

Other highlights include:

  • The domestic rate of 7.5K miles in coach and 12.5K miles in business even applies for flights to Puerto Rico or S. Thomas, USVI!
  • You can fly to Cancun for 10K Turkish miles in coach or 15K miles in business class vs 17.5K/30K with United miles.
  • Business class to Europe is 45K Turkish miles instead of 60K United miles.


Fuel surcharges will apply with most other airlines besides United, though at these rates it may be worth paying them.

As you can see from this chart, you can transfer points to Turkish Airlines from Citibank at a 1:1 ratio from from Marriott at a 60K:25K ratio. Transfers from Citi take a day, while Marriott transfers can take slightly longer.

Miles expire after 36 months and won’t be extended with activity. But you should never transfer miles unless you’re ready to book an award.

Turkish allows you to hold an award for 3 days, which will allow you to transfer in miles after the award is on hold.

You can get a free stopover on Star Alliance awards with round-trips that cost at least 60K Turkish miles in coach or 90K Turkish miles in business.

Another nice perk is that changes or cancellations cost just $25!

Marriott cards with transferable points to Turkish Airlines include:

Read about the Citi Trifecta here:

  • The Citi Double Cash® Card offers 2% cash back or 2 points per dollar spent everywhere that can be transferred into ThankYou points. If you also have a Citi Premier® Card Card you can transfer points into miles or get a 25% added value for paid airfare. No annual fee.
  • The Citi Rewards+® Card offering 15,000 points for spending $1,000 in 3 months. This card can’t transfer points on its own, but can transfer points if you have one of the Citi cards above. This card automatically rounds up rewards earned on every purchase to the nearest 10 points, meaning you earn 10 points on a $0.50 Amazon balance reload. Earn 2 points on $6K in annual spending at supermarkets, 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months, and a 10% points rebate when you redeem points, up to a 10K points rebate per year. If you also have a Citi Premier® Card Card you can transfer points into miles or get a 25% added value for paid airfare, plus get a 10% points rebate on transferred or redeemed miles. No annual fee.
  • The Citi Premier® Card  offers up to 3 points per dollar spent and allows you to transfer points into miles. $95 annual fee.

Have you used Turkish miles to book Star Alliance awards? What are your favorite awards to book with Turkish miles?

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I just flew Turkish business from TLV. Istanbul Business Lounge was out of this world. They gave me private suite!


Craziest thing about this, is there are no saver award tickets in business available at all from EWR to LAX the whole year! There are so many seats available in business to TLV, but nothing to LA. If you book a roundtrip, Turkish allows a free stopover, so you might as well get a free ticket to LAX if you’re booking EWR-TLV.


can i transfer chase points to turkish ?


so having citi premier card is must in order to transfer points to Turkish?


I have had trouble finding any flights from EWR anywhere on Turkish Airlines website even though United has saver availability.


Read the post. After you log in, click on the link above to book Star Alliance award tickets. If you don’t use that page, you’ll only see Turkish flights.
Once you enter your dates, the next page will show economy class tickets. If you are looking for business tix, click on top to show the business seats available




Is there a reason I can’t view any comments when I use telegram or safari on my phone?


However Turkish is a very mixed bag of goods. The website can only book the member others need to be done by phone and their systems can sometimes be down for extended periods

joe al.

if you only have the citi rewards + card anyway to transfer to turkish miles?


Does united typically share their saver award space availability with partners?


those looking to use aeroplan which is a good option however can currently only be booked over the phone and there is a $31.5 (maybe Canadian) pp which is not waived !


can you explain more how to book free stopover?


can you book an additional flight to west coast after completing roundtrip how do you do that on award booking


why did you begin you dates with Nov 2020
what about sept and Oct 2020?


Tk infant award policy ?


Just booked TLV-EWR UA business with TK miles and infant was 4.2k


Strange bc site says its 10% of full cash revenue fare


Sorry I meant to ask if they share their saver AND non saver awards with partners, or only saver ?

In other words , if united have business class available on standard award price will it be bookable on Turkish for 47k?


Tried searching for FLL/EWR/IAH to HNL/OGG throughout the year in first, but only coach available… Bummer

Jack out of the Box

Looks like United switched their once-daily EWR-TLV schedule starting today.


IAD-TLV-IAD Feb 2021 is not available on the United direct flights, only bookable on Turkish metal


Would this work for NYC- SE Asia being that United is going up to 99k on a saver award?


yes registering to account online doesnt help to book other members


Could anyone please explain this paragraph “You can get a free stopover on Star Alliance awards with round-trips that cost at least 60K Turkish miles in coach or 90K Turkish miles in business.” What means a free stopover in this case?


I’ve been having an ongoing issue with the TK *A search tool and wondering if anyone else has experienced the same. When searching for round trip tickets, when I enter all the details and click the red search button, the tool never shows results. After a few seconds of searching, it just loops back to the beginning of the search. One-way searches work fine, display results, and appears bookable.

Anyone else experience this? Not sure how to fix it. Issue happens in other browsers too. Thanks!


Just need some saver space to AKL now!


zero availability in business from Chicago – Hawaii (Kauai, Maui, Big Island) for entire January 2021.


I can’t seem to get anything to show on the link above
2/14/21 – 2/24/21


Search 1 way at a time. 2/14 EWR to TLV is showing in coach (32k) and business (47k).
2/24 TLV to EWR is only available in business (47k)


if i have citi points and i want to give it to a friend i can just transfer to his turkish account directly from my citi points. cmiww as citi allows for these types of transfers as opposed to chase or amex


Turkish will reject the transfer if the name on the account is not the same as the Thank You point account (I just tried it last week with 1k points to a family member with same last name).
Citi allows you to transfer to another TYP member, up to 100k points per year. That transfer is instant.
Turkish allows members to transfer to each other for $10 (USD) per 1000 points transferred

mo s

Hi is there a way to transfer united miles to Turkish

Chezky Berger

I called Turkish to book and i asked them to hold the ticket for 3 days so i have time to transfer my thank you points, they told me that they can hold it only for 3 hours.
can anyone guide me how to book with a 3 day hold?


Try another representative.

Ask them to make a reservation and pay with your points within 3 days.

Chezky B.

I tried 3 times they told me it’s an automatic system.


I made a reservation last week and they told me they will hold it for 3 hours. I called the next day and the tickets were still on hold for me and I was able to complete the booking. Don’t think the 3 hours limit is real.
Citi transfers took day and half till they posted

Chezky B.

Thank you


Thanks for all the help still not there I’m getting error –
“For Star Alliance award ticket transactions, the ticketing process is not possible for non-members.”
is that because it is a new account? or because I’m booking for my parents and we don’t have the same last name? I created Turkish s&m #s for them and added it under the profile but nada.


Can I book from my partner’s account even though I’m not on the account at all?


Any idea why I find availability one way TLV-EWR and EWR-TLV but when I search the same dates RT nothing comes up?

Charlie Ferguson

Can I get a free stopover in IST by flying round trip from the US to Kenya using United or Turkish miles?


I am looking to book United Business TLV-EWR-TLV by using your link after having previously logged in, all I get is Economy availability. What does “If you are looking for business tix, click on top to show the business seats available” mean? I do not see anything to click on for Business availability.


Am I missing something? If you pay cash for these same flights directly on United’s web site it costs $434 one way. So you are getting 1.35 for each point. Deduct the $5.60 and any taxes and you are at about 1.3. Is that really the best we can do with thank you points? In my mind I would just go for the statement instead of going through the hassle. I would then pay cash and get rewards on that (about $15) and have just about broke even. Is there something I am missing? Or is the value of thank you points mainly maximized for business class tickets?


any idea why I can’t open an account on Turkish? Am getting error messages on multiple browsers

Chaim F

I can’t find Turkish awards between LGA and YYZ. But I can book that flight via United or Air Canada awards.

What am I doing wrong?


If I book an award ticket using Turkish miles on United Airlines, can I still get benefits as a United Platinum OR Star Alliance Gold?


Is this better then the chase ultimate reward points? If so am I able to transfer UR points to turkish airlines?


Hi Dan- I’m thinking about the venture x so this led me here down the rabbit hole since I fly United.

Fascinating that Turkish offers cheaper redemptions. 15k domestic. Wow. Think they will devalue?

1) is it hard to change united tickets if booked for miles through Turkish or same no fee reside within a year, done in united site to manage and change reservations?

2) in Turkish site it has a button change class but keeps economy as only choice?

3) I’m united silver. Do I get economy plus seats / preferred at, if ticket booked here via Turkish?



You cant book Domestic flights with Turkish.
I called them


I have been trying to sign up with miles and smiles for months and keeping getting errors. Any ideas?


so i’m collecting my 500,000 capital one points thx to both your links, however am not getting much luck in finding flights many domestic for 7,500 on Turkish, even if they show available as saver awards on united, and 0 flights to HNL, very frustrating, and tips? spending too much time with no results, thx


@ Dan, what’s the deal with luggage when booking United via Turkish?


if i book united via turkish with someone elses cc do i have to go to a turkish sales office to show the cc and id


does anyone know if you can still get domestic us flights for 7500 turkish points?


@ Dan Anyway to solve such issue?
Trying to book LHR-EWR, United has Savor available, Its bookable thru Air Canada and thru Lifemiles.
But CAN’T find availability with Turkish Tried searching on Turkish website tried calling in but no luck!, Tried emailing them they replied please call our call center.
Any go-around?
Thank you!

Tzvi Shpindler

is this page still relavent? why cant i find Star Award Ticket on in the link provided?