Citi Kills Virtual Card Numbers On AA Cards

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Citi has long offered virtual card numbers as an option from their website.

With a VCN you can set a dollar limit or expiration date to a one-time use number so that you don’t keep getting charged for subscriptions or have your real card number stolen, among myriad other potential uses.

Unfortunately they have removed the functionality from all of their American Airlines cards.


VCNs are still offered on other Citi cards, but Citi sure hasn’t invested in their future. It still runs on Adobe Flash, and Chrome browser support for Flash is in its final year.

You can still use VCNs with Capital One, but Bank of America killed off their VCNs last year. Will Citi do the same?

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13 Comments On "Citi Kills Virtual Card Numbers On AA Cards"

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Bob Smith

What a shame. I absolutely love using VCNs as they help me not get stuck with predatory recurring payments and protect my purchases on the internet. Really hope citi continues to support it on at least some of their cards.


Capital one still has virtual cards

Bob Smith

Not as versatile though. Each number is restricted to a merchant who is required to have an online presence on my computer. So if I’m trying to order something on my phone or the merchant only has an app, then I either have to fire up the website on my computer or I’m out of luck. Also, cap one doesn’t let you set a dollar limit on the virtual number.




Capital one offers Virtual numbers. And they have an awesome chrome app to go with it.


Why would they kill it for only one of their card types?

Lkwd girl

Does citi double cash have it? How do I get it??

Lkwd girl

And what abt citi dividend? Thanx Dan!! You’re awesome:)

David R

MasterCard has it. Amex doesn’t.

David R

I haven’t been able to open it in Chrome. I always use Internet Explorer. I have used this feature since they introduced it. I hope they don’t kill it.


Desktop version has stopped working for me. I login and can see the card list but it won’t let me click on anything in the list, even non-AA cards. Anyone else?

Web version seems to still work in IE.