Spend $15K On A JetBlue Plus Card And Earn Mosaic Status!

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JetBlue has added another way to earn Mosaic status.

If you spend $15,000 on a JetBlue Plus card between 10/1/21-12/31/21, you’ll be Mosaic through 12/31/22.

Opt-in for this promotion is not required and is open to existing and new customers.

This is not valid on the JetBlue card or the JetBlue business cards.

Normally you need to spend $50,000 in a calendar year to earn Mosaic status.

Unfortunately, Mosaic is not what it used to be and it’s one of the least valuable airline status levels, but there is still some value to be had.

The main value of Mosaic status has been free changes, but now everyone gets free changes on non-basic economy tickets (as well as basic economy tickets for a limited time).

Worse yet, JetBlue will charge Mosaic members a change fee on basic economy tickets when the COVID-19 waiver ends.

JetBlue also ditched free Mosaic in-flight alcoholic beverages due to COVID-19.

They did add a sweet free companion offer earlier this year, but that was not renewed.

Last year they massively devalued their Mosaic elite status by quadrupling the price of advance upgrades to Even More Space (EMS) seats without any warning.

JetBlue offers free EMS seats at the airport before your flight, but by that time you’re typically stuck with middle seat options and it’s nearly impossible for a family to be able to sit together.

Here are the Mosaic status benefits.

Published benefits:

  • 15K points upon qualification.
  • If there is EMS seating available on the day of your flight, you can ask an airport agent for a free upgrade for you and everyone on your itinerary and most will grant it. If the ticketing agent won’t do it, you can always ask at the customer service center or at the gate. Of course that means risking not sitting together if you’re traveling with companions.
  • 3 bonus points per dollar spent on JetBlue flights.
  • First 2 bags free for you and all passengers on your itinerary.
  • Free carry-on bags on basic economy fares for Mosaic member and companions.
  • Same day confirmed flight changes (without paying difference in fare) and standby fees are waived for Mosaic members, even on basic economy. That means you can buy a cheaper flight and switch to a more expensive flight for free (even to a nearby co-airport) starting 24 hours before your original flight. Note that basic economy can’t be changed for free before 24 hours prior the flight.
  • Priority Mosaic phone line (877-538-8783) with faster and better customer service when you enter your TrueBlue Mosaic number.
  • Priority security line access.
  • Priority boarding.
  • Free on-board alcoholic drinks.

Unpublished benefits:

  • No charge for suitcases weighing up to 70 pounds each.
  • Some people have reported being upgraded for free to business mint class at the airport.
  • Mosaic phone agents are also much more lenient when it comes to policy exceptions, though it may take some HUCAs.
  • You may be able to match your status to other airlines, share your results in the comments!

Will you take advantage of this offer?

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17 Comments On "Spend $15K On A JetBlue Plus Card And Earn Mosaic Status!"

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From JetBlue site it seems mosaic that buys blue basic fare can get same day flight change at no charge
‘Starting 2/25/2021, Mosaic members may make same-day switches on all fares(including Blue Basic) starting 24 hours prior to departure without paying a fare difference or the applicable fee.’


If I spent 15k on my JetBlue card already this year (2021) will I get mosaic or I need to spend between 10-1 and 12-31


If my credit line is 2k, will Barclays allow me to prepay the necessary 15k?


Definitely NOT! I was thrown out from Chase from prepaying and then buying. The $2,000 credit line in your case is for the month. Even if you pay it off immediately, you can’t charge again. Learn from my mistake. It’s somewhere in Dan’s Forums (I saw it after the fact)


This isn’t chase though..


Are there any offers for the card currently?


If I am already a mosaic but ending this year, can I spend 15K and it will have it run till 2023?


yes you will.
but make sure u charge new charges (from 10-1- till 12-31)on a consumer JetBlue plus card.


The main question is if you fly maybe once or twice a year.
Would it be worth it to spend the 15k on this card or another card and get more?


Why did you write that it’s not valid on JetBlue business cards, the link clearly states: Jetblue Plus and Jetblue business cards

“To accommodate your evolving travel needs, we’ve extended our reduced qualification thresholds for 2021, and added another way to qualify with your JetBlue Plus or JetBlue Business Card.”


Ha, squeezes in near 15k of spend in the last month alone, in lieu of the 50k spend threshold. Oh well