[JetBlue Now Posting 15K Bonus Points And Mosaic For $15K Card Spending!] JetBlue Announces New 2022 Mosaic Benefits, With A Poorly Conceived New Top-Tier Status

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Update, 1/25: I reached out to JetBlue this morning about the 15K points that is normally awarded upon Mosaic qualification for people who spent $15K on Q4 on their JetBlue Plus cards. JetBlue has now added those points into qualifying accounts, backdated to 12/31/21!

Update, 1/25: JetBlue has posted Mosaic status for spending $15K in 2021 Q4 on a JetBlue Plus card. Unfortunately, the 15K bonus points for reaching Mosaic were not awarded as part of that offer.

Update, 1/5: JetBlue has emailed many 2021 Mosaic members that they have extended their status through 12/31/22. While other airlines extended status before the year end, JetBlue was able to push members to qualify on their own before announcing the extension. Was your status extended?

Update, 1/5: The new benefits, including full rebates on EMS seating for Mosaics and FoundersCard membership, are now live!

Now, which DD readers are going to apply to help improve the Mosaic Experience or Mosaic Support?

Originally posted on 12/17/21:

Mosaic is not what it used to be.

Back when it cost hundreds of dollars to make flight changes, the main value of Mosaic was that it offered free changes. But in an era of free flight changes, Mosaic has found itself without many perks.

Worse yet, JetBlue charges Mosaic members a change fee on basic economy tickets, so that benefit is effectively dead.

JetBlue also ditched free Mosaic in-flight alcoholic beverages due to COVID-19.

They did add a sweet free companion offer earlier in 2021, but that benefit was not renewed.

Last year they massively devalued their Mosaic elite status by quadrupling the price of advance upgrades to Even More Space (EMS) seats without any warning.

JetBlue offers free EMS seats at the airport before your flight, but by that time you’re typically stuck with middle seat options and it’s nearly impossible for a family to be able to sit together.

Luckily between 1/5/22-12/31/22, JetBlue will charge no more than 200 points for EMS seats and they will give a 200 point rebate after the flight, making advance EMS seat assignments effectively free! This benefit applies to the Mosaic member and all companions on the same reservation. This benefit does not apply for basic economy bookings.

Mosaics will also get a FoundersCard base membership for free in 2022, but that is not a useful level.

Mosaics and companions will also get a complimentary upgrade to Business First on the Heathrow Express train.

JetBlue will also have a Mosaic+ top-tier elite level in 2022. Mosaic+ will offer 4 one-segment upgrades to MINT class, excluding flights to/from London. If you book a paid flight (even in basic economy) more than 96 hours in advance of the flight then you and one companion will be automatically put on a waitlist for an upgrade, which will clear at approximately 24 hours before a flight as long as there are seats for sale. If there are no seats for sale 24 hours before the flight when upgrades clear and seats then open up, you won’t be able to get upgraded. If you have more than one companion on the reservation then nobody will get upgraded. If you have one companion and only 1 seat in MINT is available then neither of you will get upgraded. If you don’t want an upgrade on a particular flight, you need to call JetBlue to be removed from the waitlist. All of this is rather indicative of JetBlue’s industry worst IT capabilities.

Mosaic+ members will also get FoundersCard Elite membership.

While other airlines are lowering the threshold to earn status on 2022, JetBlue is not.

You’ll need to earn 15,000 Mosaic qualifying points or 12,000 Mosaic qualifying points+30 flight segments in 2022 to earn Mosaic through 12/31/23. American flights credited to JetBlue also count towards earning status. Alternatively, you can spend $50,000 on a JetBlue Plus or JetBlue Business card.

If you want Mosaic+, you’ll need to earn a whopping 45,000 Mosaic qualifying points in 2022 or you can spend $150,000 on a JetBlue Plus or JetBlue Business card. Bizarrely though, you will only get regular Mosaic status for 2023 as the Mosaic+ level is only slated to exist in 2022. As it takes some time after you finish spending on your card to earn Mosaic status, there may not be much or any time at all for you to enjoy the Mosaic+ benefits before they expire at the end of the year. And that’s a ton of spending required for 4 one-segment upgrades!

You would be much better off putting that spending on Delta AMEX cards or American Airlines cards, which can now earn top-tier status with unlimited domestic upgrades and extra legroom seating through 3/31/24 for $200,000 in spending in 2022.

Published Mosaic benefits:

  • 15K points upon qualification.
  • If there is EMS seating available on the day of your flight, you can ask an airport agent for a free upgrade for you and everyone on your itinerary and most will grant it. If the ticketing agent won’t do it, you can always ask at the customer service center or at the gate. Of course that means risking not sitting together if you’re traveling with companions.
  • From 1/5/22-12/31/22, the cost of EMS seating will be no more than 200 points and you will get a rebate of 200 points after the flight. This applies to the Mosaic member and all companions on the same booking. Basic economy fares are not eligible for EMS seating.
  • In 2022 you will get a 12 month FoundersCard base membership.
  • Complimentary upgrade to Business First on the Heathrow Express train for Mosaics and companions.
  • 3 bonus points per dollar spent on JetBlue flights.
  • First 2 bags free for you and all passengers on your itinerary.
  • Free carry-on bags on basic economy fares for Mosaic member and companions.
  • Same day confirmed flight changes (without paying difference in fare) and standby fees are waived for Mosaic members, even on basic economy. That means you can buy a cheaper flight and switch to a more expensive flight for free (even to a nearby co-airport) starting 24 hours before your original flight. Note that basic economy can’t be changed for free before 24 hours prior the flight.
  • Priority Mosaic phone line (877-538-8783) with faster and better customer service when you enter your TrueBlue Mosaic number.
  • Priority security line access.
  • Priority boarding.
  • Free on-board alcoholic drinks.

Mosaic+ published benefits:

  • In 2022 you will get a 12 month FoundersCard elite membership.
  • You will get 4 one-segment MINT upgrade certificates valid from 1/5/22-12/31/22 on paid fares booked more than 96 hours in advance of the flight, which will clear about 24 hours before the flight. Not valid on award tickets or on flights to/from London.

Unpublished benefits:

  • No charge for suitcases weighing up to 70 pounds each.
  • On rare occasions, some Mosaics have reported being upgraded for free to business mint class at the airport.
  • Mosaic phone agents are also much more lenient when it comes to policy exceptions, though it may take some HUCAs.
  • You may be able to match your status to other airlines, share your results in the comments!

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Right after I spent $15k to be mosaic….




So if I already have a flight booked with EMS seating for January, do I have to cancel an rebook to get for 200- 200 points? or change seats and change back? or will they refund the points?


Do you know the answer? I have the same question


The answer is most definitely yes. 6 of my family members are going to Aruba in January (7 total). Just spent 50 minutes cancelling and rebooking, but it was worth the 40,000 miles I got back. Cancel and then be ready to book right away


Do you get free same day changes on award flights booked thru partner miles?



Founders card

Can you please make a post about this?


So, MINT class upgrades are interesting, so most airlines exclude premium transcon from free upgrades, but MINT doesn’t have that exclusion.

Other big question is if you can confirm into mint early enough for a KSML – which in MINT is supposed to be good.

Still probably not worth earning status just for that.


I qualified in early November for mosaic status based on credit card spending. I am still waiting for the status to take effect. The credit card company blames jetblue and jet blue blames the credit card company.


It took me around 6 weeks to get it.


Old news 🙁


Same here. I was hoping it would take effect before my flight next week, but it looks like it’s going to take a bit longer.


Funny, it took a little while for the reasoning behind the 200 point EMS change to hit me. Read on, I think this is a pretty sneaky (and smart) trick.

As a Mosaic I regularly book the basic economy (Blue Basic) tickets for business travel. Yeah, it’s annoying to lose the flexibility of making changes, but the fare differential is high enough that it’s worth the trade-off. And since I usually don’t fly the super-popular routes, I pretty much always get the EMS upgrade even with basic economy. But now *everyone* who buys a regular Blue fare will have the ability to spend 200 points for an EMS seat. It’s a no-brainer, even without the 200 point rebate. The Basic Blue fares cannot choose seats and so cannot spend 200 points for the upgrade. And so I imagine that Mosaic at-the-airport upgrades will dwindle to none unless I buy the higher fare and lock in my own upgrade. So will I play the game the way JetBlue wants? Yes. Between the flexible tickets, the EMS seat and the few extra points for a regular Blue fare…

Well played JetBlue.




Just moved up using only 100 points… Worked like a charm

hot dog

can i spend this year 2022 to elite stautes on the barclay aviator red card that has a 95 dollar annual fee? i know that you wrote about million or 2 million dollars of spending on any of the card in 2020 alowed you to earn lifetime elite statues but can you still earn elite statues this year in 2022? thank you


Wonder if those who did the 15K spend on the JB plus card will get an additional year on top of this


I achieved my spend in December and it hasn’t come through yet but I did get “gifted” mosaic. So when it does come through in a week or 2 so wonder if I will be able to bank it for future use


mine was not extended!


Not only didn’t I get extended, I spent 50k in 2021 and for some reason my mosaic went away. Any ideas why?


I think that earning Mosaic through spend will hit your account in Feb. They told me 4-6 weeks after promotion ended. This doesn’t make sense if you have flights in January. We are in the same boat but did the spend $15k promo from Oct-Dec to get Mosaic for 2022. Still waiting but thankfully got the email with the gift. I still want 15,000 points for qualifying. Good luck to all of us


@Dan how much (if any) do you value FoundersCard memberships


Lost Mosiac in 2022 mid vacation. Had to pay for baggage and didn’t get ems seats on way home. No warning from JetBlue that I was losing it. Couldn’t get Mosiac customer service to see if they would waive fees. Chat was useless and regular phone wait was hours. Glad to be gifted Mosiac for this year wish it was a couple of days earlier.


You were gifted another year of mosaic from JetBlue?


yes my mosiac was extended as of 1/5


how many years have you been a mosaic member?


Is the 200 pts refund for EMS per seat….so if i upgrade 5 seats i would get a 1000 points refunded?


Regarding same day flight change you say “Note that basic economy can’t be changed for free before 24 hours prior the flight.” Does that mean regular economy can change flights before 24 hours?


@DANSDEAlS How did you find out about this extension. Mine was not extended and would want it to be.


Was debating spending the $15,000. Decided against it, as on top of the neutered benefits, they have severely curtailed service to and from MSY.

Was still pleasantly surprised with the extension email. EMS is the main value, so nice to have it for the couple of times I will fly.


i spoke to a JetBlue executive, they only extended people who have been mosaic for a couple of years.


Now I know why I wasn’t extended. Great policy to turn off relatively new customers like myself who spent a lot with them in 2020. No worries, I’ll only fly them when the best option in terms of price and convenience, and no more than that. All else equal, I’ll just do United as I’ve been getting first class upgrades on almost all flights recently.


Is the 200 points for ems an option only for mosaic or its for everyone just only mosiacs get it back ?


Just in time. I got it this morning and I am traveling tomorrow


Dan is the man !


Are they ever gonna bring back the free alcoholic drinks


Dan thank you for reaching out to JB for the extra 15k I can confirm I have received it now!


How did you reach out? I was told on Twitter that the promo upgrade isn’t eligible for the 15k bonus.


I have been mosaic for a few years now, Spent the 50K on the business card finishing in late december (yes that was a mistake), and im still waiting for to get the status back. I called barcley and jet blue and both claim its the other fault and both tell me there is no expediting. Im traveling tom, with family, any suggestions on trying to see if they can expedidite. Very fustrating to hear the ppl with the 15K spend get it but I spend 50 and it hasnt come through yet (on tops of that there where posts of people who where gifted it for this year as well)….fustrated…

moshe rabin

I didn’t get the 15k points yet…I qualified based on 4q spending and actual flights


I paid 1,900 a few weeks ago for EMS for my flight last night, and right before my flight I switched to a different EMS seat, so I got “charged” 100 points but got a rebate of my 1,900 points


Jetblue: the airline racing to the bottom the fastest