[Now Live!] WOW! JetBlue Offering Mosaic Elites Free Companion Travel On Paid Flights! Plus, More Mosaic Changes For 2021

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Update: You can now book free companion tickets by calling the JetBlue Mosaic line! On domestic flights you will still owe $14.40 in taxes on a one-way nonstop companion fare:

  • US Passenger Facility Charge (XF): $4.50
  • United States Flight Segment Tax Domestic (ZP): $4.30
  • United States Passenger Civil Aviation Security Service Fee (AY): $5.60

Originally posted on 12/16:

JetBlue has massively devalued their Mosaic elite status with the introduction of basic economy fares, the flight change waiver for all members, and the skyrocketing price of upgrades to Even More Space seats. But there are changes coming that should bring a smile to the faces of Mosaic members.

Unlimited companion passes:

For travel booked and flown between 1/1/21-5/20/21 you can get unlimited free companion tickets on all paid flights! You just need to call the Mosaic line (877-538-8783) to book free companion travel.

This will work out great for people that were nominated for free Mosaic status, which is valid through 6/15/21.

JetBlue notes that the Mosaic member and the companion can’t split themselves off or cancel their flights separately form each other. The free companion offer is not valid with free travel certificates, award bookings, cash+points bookings, or other special flight offers. Both passengers must be in the same class of service, in the same record, and must both be present for check-in and travel all segments of their itinerary together.

This should work for travel in any class, so you can get some insane bargains on transcontinental MINT business class flights!

While this won’t work with JetBlue points, you can use Chase or AMEX hybrid points to book any JetBlue flights, convert those flights to TravelBank cash, and then book companion travel through the Mosaic line!

The companion ticket is for new purchases only and cannot be applied to previously issued tickets. However all JetBlue flights can be cancelled for TravelBank credit, so if the price of 1 ticket is less than the cost of 2 tickets purchased previously, you can just cancel and rebook using TravelBank funds!

With the companion bookings, each ticket will get 50% off the base fare. Both travelers are eligible to accrue TrueBlue points according to the fare paid for each ticket at the 50% discounted rate only.

JetBlue says that they may suspend a Mosaic member’s companion benefits at any time for abuse of this program, including for fraudulent behavior, so don’t try using this to just get an empty seat next to you. You will still have to pay for applicable taxes and fees on the companion ticket.

Even More Space Upgrades:

JetBlue has long offered free Even More Space seats at the airport for Mosaics and their companions, but it was never an official published program benefit. They are now making that an official benefit and upgrades will be honored on a first come, first served basis on the day of your flight.

Of course waiting until  the day of travel that means risking not sitting together if you’re traveling with companions.

JetBlue acknowledges the devaluation in saying, “Of course, you still have the option to purchase Even More Space seats in advance with points—an exclusive Mosaic benefit. The cost in points is slightly higher than in years past, but continues to be at a significantly reduced rate.”

It takes some audacity to say that nearly quadrupling the points required to upgrade in advance is slightly higher….

Mosaic Status Qualification And Rewards In 2021:

JetBlue is also making it easier to obtain Mosaic status in 2021.

The Mosaic qualifying options for 2021 will be:

  • 7,500 Mosaic Qualifying points (vs. the usual 15,000 points)
  • 6,000 Mosaic Qualifying points + 15 segments (vs. the usual 12,000 points and 30 segments)
  • $50,000 spent on purchases with your JetBlue Plus or JetBlue Business Card during the calendar year (no change from before)
  • $30,000 spent on purchases with your JetBlue Plus or JetBlue Business Card + 4,000 Mosaic Qualifying points during the calendar year (new and exclusively for 2021)

Upon qualifying for Mosaic you’ll also earn 15K bonus points.

JetBlue is also adding bonuses for hitting higher levels:

  • Earn 10,000 Mosaic Qualifying points – 10,000 bonus points
  • Earn 20,000 Mosaic Qualifying points – Gift Mosaic status to anyone of your choosing (valid through 2022)
  • Earn 30,000 Mosaic Qualifying points – Free round-trip flight certificate in our Core Experience (valid for one year)

Mosaic benefit roundup:

Published benefits:

  • 15K points upon qualification, but this doesn’t apply to nominated status.
  • 3 bonus points per dollar spent on JetBlue flights.
  • First 2 bags free for you and all passengers on your itinerary.
  • No cancel or change fees, unless you’re on a basic economy ticket. If you cancel you’ll get the refund as a TravelBank credit. If you cancel an award ticket you’ll get the points back and get the tax back as a TravelBank credit.
    • Note that due to COVID-19, JetBlue currently isn’t charging any members a cancellation fee and the current waiver even applies for basic economy tickets. That’s a superior cancellation policy than the regular Mosaic benefit.
  • Same day confirmed flight changes (without paying difference in fare) and standby fees are waived for Mosaic members, unless you’re on a basic economy ticket. That means you can buy a cheaper flight and switch to a more expensive flight for free (even to a nearby co-airport) starting 24 hours before your original flight.
  • Priority Mosaic phone line (877-538-8783) with faster and better customer service when you enter your TrueBlue Mosaic number.
  • Priority security line access.
  • Priority boarding.
  • Free on-board alcoholic drinks.
  • Use points to upgrade to EMS (Even More Space) seats, unless you’re on a basic economy ticket.
  • If there is EMS seating available on the day of your flight, you can ask an airport agent for a free upgrade for you and everyone on your itinerary.

Unpublished benefits:

  • Some people have reported being upgraded for free to business mint class at the airport. That’s not as common, but it’s certainly worth asking!
  • Mosaic members and their companions aren’t charged fees for suitcases weighing up to 70 pounds each.
  • Mosaic phone agents are also much more lenient when it comes to policy exceptions, though it may take some HUCAs.
  • You may be able to match your status to other airlines, share your results in the comments!

Overall the companion pass benefit is nice, but it doesn’t fundamentally change the poor value proposition for Mosaic members in the long term, especially with other airlines ditching changes fees, which was one of the core Mosaic benefits.

Where will you fly with free companion passes? Will you try to requalify for Mosaic status?

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Bobby Orbach

Free companion Probably only for cash flights
Not award flights


Any update on how Mosaic will work with AA codeshares?


If you use Chase UR to book, does that count as Cash flight, or does it have to be booked as a cash flight through jetblue.com?


they wont claw back if the money stays as travel cash in the airline


If im mosiac in 2020 but havent met the points or spending threshold, will it get extended like other airline partners?


The big problem with the current JetBlue revenue-based program is that you can’t use your points to buy Basic Economy tickets. These are often half the cost of their regular coach tickets. So their points have little actual value.

Shawn Karp

Do you get the 15K points on qualification if you get Mosaic status through the 50K spend on the credit card?



Shawn Karp



“For travel booked and flown between 1/1/21-5/20/21”
Need to do the booking AFTER January 1?


Ya you can’t book this until Jan 1st as well

Oleh Chadash

How many one way flights gets you 7,500 Mosaic Qualifying Points? I’m trying to understand the most efficient way to get Mosaic since I lost it in 2018.


“you can use Chase or AMEX hybrid points to book any JetBlue flights, convert those flights to TravelBank cash, and then book companion travel through the Mosaic line”
How do I do this exactly with my reserve?


Start making reservations and get s free companion


Delta matched jetblue mosaic with thrir platinum medallion

From LA

Recently flew LAX to FLL and got the free upgrade to Even More Space seats at the airport for both of us both ways


the people reported being upgraded was it because they asked at the gate or they called the 1800 number


Seems like starting on 2/25 Mosaics on Blue Basic can still get free same day changes.