Transaero Filing For Bankruptcy, Will Cease Operations


Update: It now appears that Aeroflot will only be honoring people holding Transaero tickets for travel before 12/15/15. If you have a ticket on or after that date they say you should apply for a refund from Transaero or your travel agent.

Personally I’d also call the credit card used and dispute the charge if you’re scheduled to fly after that date.

You can also try calling Aeroflot to see if you can be recommodated after that date.


Transaero, Russia’s second largest airline, will apparently be filing for bankruptcy after failing to complete a deal with Aeroflot.

It is no longer selling tickets and will stop operating shortly.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Aeroflot’s CEO as saying that they will accommodate Transaero passengers with a flight or a refund if no alternate flights can be offered.

I’ll post an update when more information is available on this story and on Aeroflot flight reaccommodations.

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What will happen to my tickets I booked for Jan?????


Did you read the post?


Dan, Any chance they’ll put me on Delta non-stop since Aeroflot is in the same alliance as Delta?


@Moshe: im goin January too. we’ll find out



Nope, Moshe did not.


Only in your dreams.


Thank you for the update.

What does it mean for the people who have purchased tickets to and from Israel.

Do we need to contact them for arrangements of different flights or will they arrange it ?

who is responsible to find a new flight the credit card insurance or only airline

Morris Kassin

How does this affect previously booked trips for future dates??

Just in case!

I know they say they will accommodate people with tickets but I’d recommend printing out news articles about them declaring bankruptcy and ceasing operations and filing a dispute with your credit card company right away in order to protect your rights. If they end up giving you a refund or putting you on another airline you can simply cancel your dispute.

@just in case

Won’t the dispute allow them
To cancel your ticket without reaccomadation on a different airline?


If you bought tickets for future dates, read the post, the answer is hidden somewhere in there


What about making travel insurance? Will I be able to claim a refund or alternative flight from the insurance company?


Doesn’t say when they will stop flying. If you have tickets for the near future, won’t they be honored?

Just in case!

@@just in case: If they will accommodate on a difference airline then they’ll accommodate everyone. Your dispute won’t effect that.


I have tickets for the end of this month, when ate thay stopping operating flights? @Dan:


@mordy: yahoo news says oct. 15


Hey Dan,

Looks like its not quite as simple as WSJ is making it out to be. See here (posted about an hour ago )

(Aeroflot,as you are probably aware, is managing transaero assets/business post bankruptcy ).

Looks like if you booked after Dec 2015 (like i did ) you may get a refund but not much else. Of course the discounted websites like (which is what i used ) are still refusing to issue any refunds or exchanges at all.


@dan, for travel dates prior 12/15/15 do we need to contact aeroflot to reissue tickets, or just show up as scheduled to the airport.

Thank you


I have a flight on Transearo 12/13-12//21
What does that mean for me?


I booked through chase ultimate rewards with points. I sent a secure message to chase already. should I call also?


Hi can I somehow cancel my ticket booked on transaero. Before 12/15/15 and get refunded as I was not able to get a refund until now.


Just in case!

Dan, I wouldn’t “just” file a dispute with your credit card. I would BOTH file for a refund per the instructions of Trans Aero AND file a dispute with your credit card company. While the dispute should be enough. You are supposed to try to work out all disputes with the merchant. You round to follow the the exact rules so you won’t have any issues getting refunded.

Some people never learn

That’s why u never fly such a cr appy airline!!

Sometimes it's good not to learn

We flew our family of 10 with them to Israel this summer. If we would have been cautious, my family would have never been able to afford a trip to Israel until the coming of Moshiach! Sometimes it’s worth taking a risk. We had a blast!

sometimes you win sometimes you lose

+1 to sometimes its good not to learn

We knew the benefits and the risks before we bought these tickets. Last time it worked and we had a great time. This time it didn’t.

Thats why we use Amex.


I also have a flight leaving on 12/6 and returning on 12/16. Do you know if it’s good?


If you even thought of flying with them you should lose all your money! Who in there right mind will rely on such a “airline”!


This leads me to think that Ukraine International Airlines are next for in line to go away. Anybody has any idea?


I heard spirit airlines is going to accommodate all of transaero loyal costumers who are so inconvenienced!!


Don’t advise people to call credit card company to dispute charge without calling their travel agent first
That won’t screw over transaero it’ll screw over the travel agents as they can’t recover the funds from a dispute while they probably can recover it by refunding tickets


@Achshell: Ask Putin. Hopefully he won’t blow up the plane you’re own. Hatzlacha.


@anonymous mordy i do not think any reliable travel agency will put someone on transaero.

after elul

@anonymous I think hashem doesn’t want anybody to cancel any credit cards may haycha tasi its mutter?


And who gets messed over when they run out of money to refund?

Besides, most readers here bought tickets direct from them or from Priceline or Orbitz…


Hi, if my ticket from10/25/15-12/28/15 what should i do? Will i have flyght anyway? When they stop flying?


Did you call them and ask?


@Dan: not yet… Shabat are coming i was thinking maybe someone called…


Link to Transaero’s announcement (same like Aeroflot’s)

@Anonymous not sure TAs will have an issue with a dispute, as you won’t need to pay the memo :-). TAs should rush to refund any cash tickets

@smarte don’t say “any reliable TA”, if people requested this airline that’s what they got….

Frequent flyer

@ all brilliant commentators…

Transaero, has been around for some 25+ years. With a current fleet close to 100 & plenty of destinations. Many of which wouldnt be easy or affordable to get to without Transaero.
I am not advocting for them at all but as it happens, family, friends, myself & other acquaintances have been flying with them for 10 yrs now. We are rather familiar with Russia & those parts for quite a while now. We have also been using them for a number of yrs to fly to israel. Transaero has gotten us to our destinations for yrs now. And at relatively solid prices.
But the world goes round. Things like this happen. & when it does its a headache. But for 10 yrs (including 3 flights in the past 2weeks) ppl such as myself have been enjoying their pricing & safe landings. With 1000s of other jews affording a trip to relatives, friends & the kotel strictly bec of Transaero.


what about prior flights already flown?


i have 4 tickets from tlv-jfk-tlv nov 15-22.
can i assume the flights wont be affected?


I booked my tickets on the transaero website. How do I apply for a refund from them. When I click on refund on their site I get “page not found”


will they operate on oct 11th?
I already have a ticket for then


I have a 12/13/15 flight from jfk to Tlv . What do I do ?
Will they rebook me automatically ? Will it be on Aeroflot ?
I booked thru


I have been trying to follow instructions on the website for refunding tickets. I haven’t been able to find a refund application in English, only in Russian. Was anyone successful in getting a refund? Please share any info. tia!


Here are the instructions in English using Google Translate:

To obtain a refund, you must send by e-mail the following data:

1. passenger names in Latin characters

For example: KUZNETSOV

2. Flight

For example: UN123

3. The date of departure

For example: December 27, 2014

4. The ticket number of 13 digits

For example: 6701234567890

5. E-mail specified at purchase

For example:

6. A contact telephone number c country and city code

For example: +79261234567

7. For more information about returns

For example: the cancellation or delay of flight, med.pokazaniya


@lea use google translate. I did and already sent it in.



Liam Knuj

Love the comments by people who obviously did not read the post.
My flight was 2 months ago – will I be affected?
I’m flying American Airlines to Miami next week – should I call or text Transaero?
I just rented a car in LA for Dec. 16. What should I do?
People, you’re smart enough to follow DansDeals – go through the trouble of actually reading the entire post!


transaero will be flying their own planes until the end of October


transaero will be honored tickets until 15/12/15 by aerflot after this date the money will be return by the agency that the ticket have been purchase aeroflot will structure crews at 5/10 to change the tickets to aeroflot becauce of preious comitments to transaero


@liam knuj liam not every one can read da engalish daht good and all we do is know how to clik on da linkes to make it go, so dont think yor al it!!


@doovid Doovid I dont think your supposed to have internet! What happens if the roov finds out?!


My wife just called capital one and they said that they will cover us. They will request the money from Transaero and if they don’t get a satisfactory response from Transaero within 2 days they will refund us the money themselves.


I hate this airline. waited for 30 minutes on the line and when they answered and heard I’m from Israel – they hung up (twice).



Information for passengers “Transaero” with tickets RT (round – trip) tickets before December 15 and return after December 15, 2015

Tickets “Transaero» RT (round – trip) with the beginning of transport to 15 December 2015 and ending after December 15 will be canceled, along with all the reservations, the carriage of which is after the 12.15.2015. Resigning feedback departure date to an earlier not allowed, because ticket sales completely stopped.
Passengers with a ticket issuance date of departure until 15 December and returning after December 15 can apply for a refund in full.
Returns are the place to purchase tickets:
– To obtain a refund of tickets purchased on the website of “Transaero”, should be sent to the email address the following information: the name of the passenger in Latin characters; flight number; the date of departure; ticket number of 13 digits; e-mail, specified during the purchase of a ticket; a contact telephone number with area code; For more information on the return.
Detailed information about the rules of registration of the application for refund of tickets purchased on the website of “Transaero”, stated the following link:
Return payer monies paid for the carriage of the airline can be done only via the Internet at the expense of the bank card or other email account from which the payment.

Liam Knuj

Do they have the same information available in English?


@Dan If I bought my tickets with my CSP, is this covered under their trip-cancellation insurance?


Did anyone actually get a refund from transaer? Or the cc company?


@c Capital One refunded us our money already :


Dear Chava

We want to give you an update on your dispute with TRANSAERO.US billed on 08/13/2015 for $1928.64. We have credited your account for the full disputed amount. If we charged any fees or excess interest related to that amount, we credited your account for those, too. In addition, if we reported anything to the credit bureaus about this transaction, we sent them updated information.

We’ve let the merchant know about this, and they’ll be able to contest your dispute. If they do contest it, we may need additional information from you, so please keep all documentation on hand. We’ll let you know if we need additional information from you, and we’ll also put the charges back on your account while we wait for your reply. If you don’t hear from us within 90 days, your case will be closed.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-887-8643. We’re available from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. ET, seven days a week.


Capital One®
Transaction Support Center


After following Transaero instructions and emailing them the relevant info. but not getting any reply I went ahead and filled for dispute & got rufunds from Amex (Platinum) & Citi (Prestige)
for full amounts.

Michael Goldman

Dan If I have a flight 1 leg of my flight before and 1 leg after what will happen to my flight


now that Russia start a safety audit on “transaero” do you thing its safe to fly with them?


Dear Sruli Reply 61
When was your flight? Was your flight before or after Dec 15 2015?

I also paid in August for flights this November. I am debating on waiting a week to see what happens or look for another flight today.


@Esther – After. I scheduled for Pesach. Baruch Hashem able to do on Alitalia for very similar price


has anyone requested a refund for tickets before dec 15 and have they been succesfull


would they switch my dates to before 12/15/15


Sruli@Sruli: how were you able to get alitalia for a similar price? I’m desperately looking for a good deal, tia


Has anyone had success filling out the refund form from Israel. I cant access it.


Did anyone flew with them after the announcement of bankruptcy?


any body tell me that how get refund back from this airline?


HI I booked tickets from TLV to JFK for Pesach time. I am trying to call trasaero to reequest a refund, but the lines are constantly busy. I followed the directions listed above and sent in all my info via email to request a refund, but still have not heard back. I booked on master card and they are not being so helpful. Any ideas of what I should do now?


I had a flight scheduled from NYC to TLV with Transaero on Oct 21 and had a hard time reaching them so I’m writing this in case you have a booked flight before December 15th.

My booking was automatically re-booked on Aeroflot (Kosher meal information was not transferred). If you are in a situation similar to mine, I would recommend calling Aeroflot and checking if you are already booked with them (save yourself the long wait with Transaero). If Aeroflot doesn’t see you on their system, try calling the following number +74957888080 as the US toll free number doesn’t work anymore.

I’m glad that it all worked out for me. I hope it works out for everyone else!




Can you let me know – were you able to take 2 suitcases?
Ever though Transaero usually allows 2 bags – It was listed on our reservation that we only had 1. Maybe because the tickets were $430RT.

On Aeroflot – were you able to take 2?



@jg call your credit card company, tell them the airline is not providing the service that you paid for (tell them to check out Transaero’s website to see the official notice) and ask the credit card company to refund your money.

Don’t wait for Transaero to get back to you and don’t waste your time calling the airline.



I bought three tickets with Transearo
Dates: Dec 23.15 — Jan 3.16

The first two tickets i bought at once and the third ticket i bought the next day for a friend. I live in Israel therefore my Credit card company wont refund me right away like American Express etc.

I send the same email every morning ( as instructed) to get my damn refund. Did anyone in Israel get their refund?

Is there a number that someone got through to them that maybe can help me?

Im a little lost, i have a feeling my money is long gone and its really annoying. Does anyone hjave any info that can help?

Thanks Maavet Le Trasearo!


I have tickets before December 15. Transaero said they will only rebook me on Aeroflot two days before my flight. I need to buy domestic tickets in the USA based off of my landing time of the Aeroflot flight. The Transaero call center and email will not help- they say you need to wait until two days prior. Any ideas of who can help me get rebooked on Aeroflot now?

Yekusiel plotnik

I booked 5 tickets to Israel in the summer when Transaero was having this deal and cant seem to get the correct number to call anyone to see if its even being honored and validated.

Does anyone have anymore information on this?


@Yekusiel plotnik: Call +7 495 788 8080

They are supposed to refund you about the dates that you booked.Not Before.

Jay Mungra

I have booked Flight ticket of 21 Dec., 2015…According to the decision taken that, people those who hold ticket of after 15 Dec., will get full refund. I have claimed my refund, but No response at all. Can anyone have any info regarding that issue ??