Porter Airlines Now Selling Tickets For NYC-Toronto!



Porter Airlines is now selling tickets starting at CAD $95+ each way between NYC and Toronto.

Some more details:

-Service will start 03/31.

-Porter flies into Newark (so we will hopefully see a strong reaction from Continental).

-Porter serves Toronto City Centre Airport (YTZ), not Pearson (YYZ).

Toronto City Centre Airport is located on Bathurst, in downtown Toronto.

“While on board, passengers enjoy complimentary premium snacks, wine and beer, a spacious cabin environment with leather upholstery, and extra legroom. All Porter passengers have access to a modern, comfortable and stylish lounge at Toronto City Centre Airport, including wireless Internet access, refreshments, and a business centre.”

-All prices on their website are in CAD.

-Porter says it will serve Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. by year’s end.

One caveat that they would rather you not know: Their only aircraft is the Bombardier Q400 twin-engine turboprop.

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Any day I choose is sorry we’ve no flights on that day.


I love the Dash-8, great airplane


To Anonymous! Check the dates after they start service…


I checked for pesach, they had flights. Came out to 300 after taxes?(thats about 100 cheaper than the going rate.

Flying from Newark is way too much of a pain. Plus the aircraft scares me.

I think I’ll pass


The Q400 is a fine plane, nothing to be scared of. There is also a cheap and easy train from Newark into Manhattan.


Maybe the plane is fine. But taking a train from Brooklyn to Manhattan just to take another one to Newark (& than the actual flight…) is a bit too much.

When u fly from JFK of LGA – you usually can get a ride. Or, it’s an affordable taxi ride. Unlike Newark.

(In short with all the traveling time put together, plus the fare – It’s not worth it to fly. (may as well pay half and go thru buffalo)


I commuted to NYC from Toronto for the better part of 2007, flying 2-3 times per month. LaGuardia used to be the convenient airport, but no longer. Air traffic there has become so bad that even on a nice day its not unheard of to push back from the gate only to sit waiting for takeoff for an hour. Newark is superior because it has parallel runways which increases capacity, something LGA does not have. While it is slightly farther from midtown, Newark is more accessible to Manhattan than LaGuardia since it has direct rail service which LaGuardia does not have. I’d rather be sitting on a train moving than sitting in traffic racking up a $50.00 cab fare.


What’s wrong with the aircraft they use?