Free Sample Of GoGo In-Flight WiFi Today; My In-Flight WiFi “Hacks”


T-Mobile One plans always offer an hour of free GoGo in-flight WiFi for their customers in addition to unlimited free texting in-flight. T-Mobile One Plus plans come with free WiFi for the whole flight.

T-Mobile is sponsoring 30 minutes of free GoGo in-flight WiFi for everyone today, no T-Mobile account required.

Of course as I wrote last year, there’s a pretty easy hack to get free GoGo in-flight WiFi even if you don’t have T-Mobile. I just type in my grandparents’ T-Mobile phone numbers to unlock the free WiFi 😀

I also use my laptop’s Windows 10 built-in hotspot functionality to allow my whole family to share one internet connection in-flight.

What do you do to get WiFi on flights?

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i pay






No shame in honesty.


Which airlines have gogo?


Didn’t read the post yet, I will in a minute

On Delta & AA, you select you want to watch something, it takes you to the AppStore to download the GoGo App, and your entire internet is then opened


When you type in your grandparents phone number, is there any record that you are using their account?

Mordy Ort

Free gogo t-mobile doesn’t work on united I’ve only seen this work in a few airlines


Most United planes are not Gogo service.


Can I use my phones hotspot to share wifi?


Most likely not, the chips and/or software are not advanced enough to both receive and broadcast a WiFi signal at the same time.


If you have an S8or a S9 you can share your WiFi up to 10 people


What is your grandparents phone number??


If you have a US Bank Altitude Reserve card, you can register easily for 12 free annual passes. If you renew your card, you have to register again.
Honestly, the level of service I receive on my free passes has convinced me that I’d never PAY for the service. The speeds are quite slow. I know that there is new technology that will speed up service, though.

Jeff B

@Dan why are you using your grandparents T-Mobile? I would imagine you have at least 1 amex platinum card which gives a few free passes. Knowing you, you probably have 100 passes…


Dan: What about ethical issues with using your grandparents’ phone number for free wifi? T-mobile is only providing this service to your grandparent. This is different than a possible website mistake on an airfare where the company then has the option to decline or to allow one to obtain the airfare.


If u have a Samsung device u can share one wifi connection too

Jew swag

Guys enjoy your damn vacation stay away from the internet for once. Better to just relax


is tmobile merging with sprint anytime soon? i wanted to use the blackberry keyone black edition and sprint does not let you activate it one their network