El Al Opens Lounge In JFK Terminal 4 With Kosher Food!

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Yesterday El AL opened a lounge in JFK Terminal 4 that is now open to travelers.

The lounge is a part of the current Virgin Lounge but will offer separate kosher food options.

Travelers will enjoy comfortable seating areas, Wi-Fi, phone and device charging stations, newspapers and magazines, shower facilities, flight information, luggage storage service and more.

In addition, guests will enjoy inlounge dining served to the table (‘A-La-Carte’), from a delicious and varied menu which includes a variety of gourmet
and comforting dishes (including Strictly Kosher dining) and a bar offering premium drinks and cocktails with “on the bar” seating.

The lounge is located after Security in Concourse A adjacent to gate A4, of Terminal 4 from which EL AL flights depart.

The exclusive space is open to those travelling in EL AL’s business class, Matmid Frequent Flyer members with a TopPlatinum, Platinum or Gold status, and EL AL passengers who are members of the King David Club.

El Al hasn’t decided about reopening the King David Lounge yet.

Are you looking forward to taking advantage of this new lounge?

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Not for priority pass?


Who’s hechsher?


Will business class passengers be able to bring in guests?


LOL, if so, there better be room in the lounge for every passenger on a flight.


In the past you were able to bring in 2 guests


is Virgins lounge
Food from borenstein


ELAL owns Borenstein so I doubt food will be coming from anywhere else.


“Are you looking forward to taking advantage of this new lounge?”
You should never take advantage of anyone or anything.


Game changer!


After checking in with Elal is it possible to get thru TSA with a Delta boarding pass and then just continue to gate?


Open to Amex Plat holders (as a Plaza Premium lounge)?


El Al is too smart for that


Not so simple. ElAl has probably contracted w/Virgin to rent a section of their lounge, thus saving them $ from reopening their own lounge. An Amex Delta cardholder might be eligible for entry since Delta & Virgin are codeshare.

Akiva goldberg ptown

Do they accept priority pass?

Mia flyer

Thursday night cholent pre flight will be epic


Exactly. The airline will be able to save in fuel costs on those flights…


Wouldn’t want to be on that flight


and Sunday nights they can serve leftover cholent and give a 50% discount…


Thursday night chulent, candle lighting is about 5pm in Israel. I’ll let you do the math. (I’ll politely decline that flight…)


It’s sounds like an interim solution until KD reopens


The place of KD sold last year. . . No KD any time soon


Meat or Milk? Do you know the Hasgacha?


Meat and fish under the Hasgacha of VK (volove)

Unvaccinated Yossi

ElAl? To where? Israel? Can we get in?


Will they offer single day passes for those without status?

Az t

No Mikvah?


Finally something made me laugh today 🙂 thanks for that


The virgin lounge in Ewr is also used by el al and they have a refrigerator with kosher food and meals from a catering with Rav Teitz from Elizabeth NJ hechsher. Officially it’s for el al premium passengers but when I was there they offered that meals for Orthodox Jews who was there.


How can u fly 47K business round with which airline?


You can book United business class Ewr tlv with turkish airlines points 47k each way.


can you buy a one time pass?


Is this in the location of the previous ElAl lounge in JFK? Or is the previous lounge called the King David Lounge that they are not sure about reopening?


What lounge you can go in jfk Whit platinum Amx?


If not flying business class ( only purchasing premium seats) what cc or other options are there to purchase to be able to use the lounge?

Ariel Evans

Is the El Al lounge at EWR open?


Is it available to upper class customers?