Australia Confirms That The IDF Helped Foil An ISIS Attack On An Etihad Flight From Sydney To Abu Dhabi!

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News reports came out of Israel yesterday that the IDF helped thwart an attack on an Etihad flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi last July.

Sydney to Abu Dhabi is one of Etihad’s flagship routes, featuring their A380 service with business class studios, first class apartments with showers, and The Residence, which is the most luxurious class found on a commercial airliner. I used American miles to fly in an Etihad first class apartment from Abu Dhabi to JFK last March.

A military grade explosive was sent by ISIS operatives from Turkey to Australia. IDF’s Unit 8200 tipped off Australia about the impending attack, which was to be carried out by an attacker having his unsuspecting brother check a meat mincer onto a flight that would have blown a hole on the Etihad flight.

The story seemed a bit confusing to me as the exact details of how it was thwarted aren’t being told, but ABC, Australia’s national broadcaster, is reporting today that Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has confirmed that, “This Etihad flight was almost blown out of the sky and it would have resulted in hundreds of people losing their lives. We are very grateful for the assistance that Israel provided in that matter and we still have a very close relationship with them and many other partners.”

We take the safety of commercial air travel for granted sometimes. Kudos to the IDF for helping keep everyone safe!

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Makes me feel so proud…

y id

Proud with what ????


Proud of carrying the same gene as those serving in the IDF


Go join the Neturei Karta and go live in Ramallah.


my original comment was deleted probably for strong language. I have huge respect for Dan and most of his followers. So I’ll rephrase: why would you write such a mean ocher israel comment to Yossi? What was wrong with his comment in your distorted brain?


my original comment was meant for Yid not for yelped, sorry. can a yid be ocher israel? i guess it’s possible.


YID, what are you doing here?




Just amazing to read! Proud of them

y id

Proud with what ?


Proud with lots of happies.

tony c





I wonder what would’ve happened if the flight would be originating Abu Dhabi


I’m not so sure @yid is a yid…#proudoftheIDF


Does Etihad still give Israeli passport holders a hard time as they were reported to have done years ago? Why on earth support such an airline with your business?


Your asking Dan why he’s using them?

You should have known, Dan doesn’t support, he takes AAdvantage, rather take advantage of an enemy than of a friend….


And why didn’t this make the TV news? Fake media? Nah, can’t be.


It was on the news. CBS


They would never report this… because on that same day there was a kid in ‘occupied territories’ who had a runny nose for which he was denied a tissue – which Israel happened to have sent him… but was confiscated by Hamas and used to wipe up a leak in a terror tunnel. They cannot say anything nice about such a barbaric country who does not make sure their humanitarian tissues reach the kids.


Intelligence is a thankless job, the amount of lives and agony they saved, and no one will ever know who to thank.


Yet Australia abstained in the UN vote on the Jerusalem embassy move