The 737 MAX Is Now Grounded Worldwide

737MAX8 pjs2005 [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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President Trump has issued an executive order grounding all Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 airplanes.

The entire 737 MAX fleet is now grounded worldwide while Boeing can roll out new software that will pull data from multiple angle of attack sensors so that one faulty sensor won’t activate MCAS, which was a critical Boeing blunder. The software will also make it easier for pilots to disable MCAS.

Boeing first took heat for failing to inform airlines and pilots about the new MCAS system after the crash of Lion Air 610 last October.

Hopefully Boeing will figure out how to properly address the issues in short order.

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About time.
Better safe than sorry!


Smart decision President Trump! We love you.

Yossi Fisch

For all we know it wasn’t the MCAS that failed. We just assume because it’s seems likely.

reb yid

Well, compare the frequency of vertical speed oscillations:

with a description of the how frequently the MCAS system corrects the angle of attack:
“MCAS will trim the Stabilizer down for 10 seconds (2.5 deg nose down) and pause for 5 seconds and repeat if the conditions (high angle of attack, flaps up and autopilot disengaged) continue to be met. “

sammy g

AA 737-800 planes grounded as well or only max?


I am booked on a 737 Max from LGA-MIA. When will they show the new aircraft for that flight replacing the 737 max?

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

Safety is priority but giepgullytbis doesn’t mess up people’s Pesach plans.


Better safe than dead too early


“Embraer ERJ-175” is that the same plane?


Or Boeing!!!


@jason LOL


at least he got the numbers 5 and 7 right 🙂


Yep, both have two wings and a tail. Both need pilots. In this aspect they are identical. Just one of them has questionable reliability.


ERJ-175 is vary similar to the max though:)


UA rep “we don’t have any MAX aircraft in our fleet”


Is Boeing going to offer a guinea pig program for the 737 MAX 8 updated software?


Dan are you buying Boeing stocks?


Ba stock dipped today – made $1200 on 6 July $400 calls when I bought @ 2:45 and sold 45 minutes later! Buy BA long


I’m going home today in a 2017 Nissan Altima S. Is that a MAX?


Nah, Nisan Maxima is a MAX.




I have a flight coming up this sunday(3/17). American airline which is 737 MAX. I booked it with my Avios points through British Airway. contacted AA trying to change it. they were happy to change it but since it was booked with BA they weren’t able to! I was told to contact BA. called BA I was told as of now there is no policies in place for these flights and they can’t do anything and if I want to change it there is a 50$ fee.
any suggestions?


Is the airline(AA)’s responsibility to fly you and all other passengers over to the destination. So they will do their best to make the flight happen. If they can’t make it happen, you’ll be certainly notified about it, and you can ask for another flight, or for a full refund. So if you don’t get any notification, go to the airport and expect to travel;)


If you want a confirmed flight instead of waiting, you can cancel your reservation online and BA will only charge you the $5 you paid in fees. Your points will be refunded in full. That would work as long as the flight you want has award space.


tnx, gonna check that option.


i was once served the same drink on a A380 and a 737 MAX are they the same plane?!


Was it Pepsi Max?!?


It’s interesting that the A380 and the 737max both were a failure. The two planes that were supposed to be most successful.


Five months for a software upgrade? Must have been working on it just in their spare time.


I am not an aeronautical engineer, I only follow the news.
The problem is the long term issue of the 737 family, the engines were designed to be smaller. As they got bigger they were raised to be further from the ground. The new MAX engines are a new concept and are huge. They actually are raised and attached forward of the previous way. They are also so huge that under some conditions some parts of the engine provide lift.
That is why there was such emphasis on electronics to take over when things seemed to be going sideways.


Dan, is it legal to buy air tickets from miles sellers?