After Iran Attack On Israel, El Al And United Cancel Flights, Announce Flight Waivers

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Update, 4/14: United has now canceled their Newark-Tel Aviv flight on Monday and their Tel Aviv-Newark flight on Tuesday.

For the first time in history, Iran has directly attacked the Jewish homeland, rather than using their ring of fire proxies to attack Israel.

Hundreds of killer drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles were launched from Iran into Israel, with the majority of them shot down by Israel and allies.

Surface to air missiles took out some of Iran’s ballistic missiles outside of Earth’s atmosphere:



The intelligence community didn’t expect Iran to attack densely populated Jerusalem, but it did so anyway:


Israel is expected to respond to Iran:


President Biden has spoken to Prime Minister Netanyahu:


We don’t yet have a summary of that conversation, but NBC reports that President Biden has expressed concern that Israel will quickly retaliate and draw the US into a regional war.

Of course, by failing to respond, Israel leaves itself open to further attacks. The failed strategy of ignoring rockets from Hamas was proven on October 7th.

In the meantime, Israeli commercial airspace is closed.

El Al has canceled several Sunday flights and announced a waiver, allowing flights booked for travel through 4/20 to be changed to any other flight through 4/20 with no fare difference. Flights that are canceled can be refunded, while other flights can be converted into a voucher.

United also canceled tomorrow’s flight from Tel Aviv to Newark and will likely cancel additional flights. The airline announced a waiver for Israel flights booked through 5/1 to be changed to any other flight through 5/1 with no fare difference. You can also request a full refund for flights booked through 5/1.

United also canceled flights between Newark and Dubai and Washington DC and Amman.

Are you in Israel or were you planning on going to Israel for Pesach? Will you still plan on traveling?

Let’s all pray for the safety of Israel and her inhabitants, along with a return of the hostages, and victory against Hamas. May we experience true peace in the holy land and around the world very soon!

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Liam K. Nuj

Waiting for the pictures and videos of “innocent” Palestinians (and Jordanians).


It would seem that you should seek mental health treatment for your society-level mental disorder cloaked in political ideology.


Why is pointing out a fact a mental disorder? Because facts hurt your feelings?


I have tickets going to Israel for this Wednesday. Hoping the situation stabilizes and we can make it there.
I’m booked on separate tickets, DL BE to Venice and ElAl from there to TLV. I can get a voucher for the ElAl flight (or a refund if they cancel), but wondering if there’s and hope for the DL ticket?


My wife is in Israel and schedule for 7:15 flight tomorrow night to JFK any chance they reopen the airport?


Trying not to be snarky, but why do you think the answer to your question is available on Dans Deals, or in fact anywhere?
This is an ever changing issue and no one knows what’s going to happen.


Sometimes peolpe need to talk it out not so much needning an answer


The airport is open, and there have been some flights departing so far on Sunday. Also some cancellations. Check your carrier.


Thanks for the update Dan, but we have a flight booked on United for April 18. The website is not giving me a refund option — only a credit. When i input my record locator it’s saying “Canceling your flight before your current departure date by selecting “Cancel options”. If you cancel, you’ll get a travel credit you can use to book a new trip that must start on or before Aug 10, 2024.” Where did you get the full refund information?


I booked my daughters return from seminary on emirates tomorrow. Flight was canceled. Return is delta via athens. Purchased with capital One points. They said I will only be reimbursed for the emirates flight.
Shouldn’t I be refunded for return as well?


Any suggestions how to get my daughter home if airport reopens. Her flight (tomorrow) to ny was canceled


Does not seem to be a waiver for fare difference, at least when I attempt to change mine.


Why were the Dubai flights cancelled?
Is their a risk traveling there?

Thanks for update!

I have a flight from England to TLV on Monday night, I hope they open the airport before then!

Obviously not changing plans! As the Rebbe said many times, Eretz Yisroel is the safest place!


That was clearly displayed on Oct 7. It will be, hopefully soon, bekurov beyameinu amein!




My flight on monday with united from ewr is currently on schedule as per the website


United is telling me they won’t change the flight I have the end of April without a fare difference for any date (even thru May 1) because there are no k class available. Is that true? I called twice already. Any thoughts? Thx!


My past experience with united premiere desk, is that during night hours the phones are answered by oversees reps who are not as willing or able to help. Wait till the morning when the us call centers are open. They can be much more helpful


Thx! I would normally agree. Flights are filling up fast and I didn’t want to wait until the morning. I spoke with a lead supervisor in Chicago though tonight…. And she told me the same thing.


looks like they reopened the airspace already…


@dan – can you do a roundup of airlines flying/delayed/cancelled?


back open &:30 am


Israeli authorities announced the reopening of the country’s airspace starting 7:30 a.m. Sunday. The public was asked to check flight times before arrival as schedules may have changed.


I have United tickets from Newark for April 17. I’m really hoping to still make it to Israel with my family iyh.


Really nervous, supposed to be flying United Tuesday morning, flight is not cancelled, I am hoping they don’t cancel it… I did see they did not cancel the Monday 3:20pm flight yet so I am optimistic.

Etan G

As long as my El Al flight on Wednesday from LAX-TLV is still flying I will be on it and will be in Israel!

Simple guy

Based on the short ground time, it may have been to extract some personnel, either company or government


“Of course, by failing to respond, Israel leaves itself open to further attacks. The failed strategy of ignoring rockets from Hamas was proven on October 7th.”
Iran is not Hamas. I don’t think anyone wants a much larger war. Israel showed Iran that they can kill top Iranian leaders when they want and can deflect anything Iran throws back. How is that not a huge win for Israel?


We’re booked on Iberia JFK-MAD-TLV on Tuesday. After October 7, I booked an El Al flight MAD-TLV in case Iberia cancelled that leg. I was planning to cancel the El Al flight today, but I’m holding on to it a bit longer.


Iberia cancelled today’s flight to TLV. El Al took off 6 hours late.

Ua 84

And UA 84 canceled for Monday…..


United just cancelled Monday out of Newark and Tuesday from Tel Aviv.


United told me that all their flights are cancelled until further notice, and therefore will not place me on another flight.