While JetBlue Took Ownership And Compensated For Failures, American Continues To Ignore Alleged Anti-Semitic Incident

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I wrote about 2 unfortunate in-flight incidents last week.

While the American story was covered in The Forward, trended on X/Twitter, and on several blogs, it didn’t gain the viral traction of the 2022 Lufthansa story or the JetBlue story.

These days, people want to see video of what happened, or at least video testimonial of what happened, which we don’t have in the American Airlines incident.

I spoke to Paul Faust about his JetBlue incident.

He told me that he has grown his Instagram presence since 10/7 from 2K to 30K followers by sharing common sense thoughts about the attacks and the war on Hamas. He’s also the co-founder of RingBoost, which sells vanity phone numbers, and made a cameo on The Office.

Paul said that he’s a long-time JetBlue loyalist and Mosaic elite member. He also never called for a boycott, he just wanted to vindicate himself and get an apology from JetBlue.

He agrees that posting the calm video, without threatening JetBlue, just putting his face out there with his story, resonated with people. He was open and truthful, said what was really upsetting, and it went viral. When you speak from the heart, people listen,

Paul said he wasn’t upset over the Free Palestine pin, “Free Palestine? Sure, free it from Hamas.” But he discussed Israel with seatmate Rachel Almagor, and felt the flight attendant was targeting them when she moved only that pin to her apron.

He was much more upset after an agent tried to stop him from leaving and then called the police on him. And he was livid when he woke up the next day to find his ticket had been canceled. When the Mosaic agent read the notes about him causing a disturbance, he knew he had to fight back.

Initially, JetBlue issued a boilerplate apology about not meeting their high standards for customer service. It was an email that you would receive for a broken TV or seat on a flight.

The media took care of vindicating him and Paul commends JetBlue for then taking the complaint seriously. The airline told him that there were failures across the board, from their pin policy, to the flight attendant, to the lead flight attendant who raised the issue when he asked that it not be raised, to the pilot who paged for an agent, to the agent for calling the police based on the false disturbance report. None of those actions followed the airline’s rules and procedures. Paul assumes the flight attendant filed that report, though it could have been the lead flight attendant or the pilot. JetBlue promised there would be consequences based on the outcome of their investigation. The airline did reach out to everyone sitting around him and watched video surveillance from the gate, and concluded there was no in-flight disturbance.

He was very happy to see the pin policy being changed and believes the airline will follow through with disciplining those at fault and providing additional sensitivity and deescalation training.

While he wasn’t looking for a payday, he is still waiting for an apology in writing, as he was promised. JetBlue says that will be coming. The airline refunded his canceled flight and reimbursed him for his flight home, Paul jokes he wouldn’t have flown Spirit if he knew they would do that! The airline is also providing him with 4 free flight vouchers and 2 years of top-tier Mosaic 4 status when he is ready to start flying JetBlue again. That sounds like pretty adequate compensation for this situation.

Paul notes that he received many Instagram messages from JetBlue pilots and flight attendants apologizing for what happened. He’s happy with JetBlue’s response and apology.

All in all, I think JetBlue did a good job getting this one right.

Now American on the other hand…Shame on their crew and shame on how the airline has handled this situation.

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What’s your take on the American and JetBlue incidents?

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23 Comments On "While JetBlue Took Ownership And Compensated For Failures, American Continues To Ignore Alleged Anti-Semitic Incident"

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Perhaps it’s time to start a boycott of AA?

Joel Elliot

Unfortunately, these days the only language people understand are lawsuits. All these people should get a nice paycheck in court and don’t settle with the airlines outside. Make it public and win the case!


Liked and reposted. Guys, let’s go.


Tremendously disappointing from American. If this were any other race or ethnic group, they’d be apologizing in a flash.

Frequent flyer

Explain to me why both families did not start a lawsuit yet? It’s the only language that speaks to them and will scare other airlines.

Basya Kovacs

Who said they didn’t?


At this point, I’ll avoid booking AA, unless they respond as to how they plan on rectifying this situation


He can’t file a lawsuit?


Still have never been able to figure out why there aren’t cameras on planes. Any ideas?

Nuch a Yid

Sad that they’re more concerned about (the high likelihood of) being caught doing something wrong, than the overall enhanced safety benefit of having them.


I just cancelled my American Airlines credit card…only way to voice our concerns with AA is thru the wallet

No more AA for me

I don’t have an American cc to cancel but will not fly with them going forward.


They are clearly not afraid. My guess is that they are banking on this blowing over, and they are probably right. They’ve seen how messy the Lufthansa situation became, but if there hadn’t been footage, they would have likely ignored it. The moral of the story is that cellphone cameras should be the first reflex (I know that in this case, he didn’t have one).


RE: JetBlue
They have done everything right in dealing with Paul. However, where is the culpability for a the attendant who filed the false report. Did I miss that? That should be followed up as well. What’s to stop the next FA from making up a story about a passenger?


I flew AA yesterday from CLE to PHL. I booked first class to avoid some issues that have been going on recently. I had an empty seat next to mine and took the liberty of placing by black fedora on that seat. The first class flight attendant came by and told me that I cannot place my hat on the empty seat. She claimed that in case of turbulence she would sit there so nothing can be on the seat. I said I will put in on the floor (I was sitting in the bulkhead seat) and she said I am not allowed to do that either. I ended up having to hold my black fedora for the full flight with the empty first class seat next to mine. I found the episode very interesting.