We Love You Yossi And You Will Be Missed

Yossi and me, walking off the plane after a red-eye flight to Buenos Aires in 2012
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I cant believe I’m writing another one of these posts.

Just 2 weeks ago, Yossi Bialo got off of work supervising kashrus at Cleveland’s local old age home and came to a shiur at my house. He came towards the end and Rabbi Chaikin gave a chazara for him. He thanked me for always serving the Guarana he loved to drink, we shmoozed for a few minutes afterward, said good night and see ya’ later.

And that was the last time I’d see my lifelong friend.

My cousin, who was best friends with Yossi, called me Tuesday morning with the news of Yossi’s passing and I fell to the ground in a pile of tears and pain. I’ve been heartbroken ever since.

The plethora of fake news stories people sent me and posted online are downright disturbing, what people make up to get the scoop is simply vile. But this isn’t the time or place to get into that.

Yossi lived an incredibly meaningful, but far too short 34 years. He had an infectious laugh and smile that you could always count on, he was meticulous in every halacha and minhag, he was a very talented mashgiach and designer, and a good friend to so many.

The challenges G-d gave to him were staggering. He lost his oldest brother and best friend Levi in a 2005 train accident. He lost his lifelong friend and his wife’s brother Shua after he contracted a sudden illness and passed away 2 years ago. His son Levi was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes earlier this year and getting Levi’s numbers under control was/is a massive challenge. It was so hard on Yossi when his son was being poked and prodded every day and he would ask his father “Am I going to die like Uncle Levi and Shua?”

Shua Polonsky A”H (right) honored as Kvatter at the Bris of the son of Yossi Bialo A”H (left):


And through it all, you could always count on Yossi to have a joke at the ready. Yossi and I also loved to find random foods and drinks that were kosher and he’d squeal with delight at a good find.

He was a prolific Whatsapp voicenote abuser (I may or may not have installed the TalkFaster app for him) and going through some of his hysterical messages now is oddly cathartic and disturbing, all at the same time. This voicenote was typical of his sense of humor. It’s definitely surreal to hear all those voice notes and it makes it feel like he’s right here laughing with me now.  And yet…he’s gone.

He finally got to visit Israel a couple of years ago and it was one of the highlights of his life. He was so elated to be walking in places that he had learned about in Torah for so long.

Back when Mimi and I got married and moved to Cleveland there were practically no young couples at our shul that were our age, but Yossi and Ellie got married a few months later and we were elated. They rented an apartment next to ours and we hung out all the time.

9 years ago Yossi, my wife, and another friend planned a surprise birthday party for me, Yossi’s wife, and another friend. The only problem was that they weren’t able to drag me away from the computer as I was posting the free Vegas price mistake. Eventually Mimi told me there were several dozen people waiting at a surprise party… But at the party I wound up booking free five star Vegas vacations for everyone there. And we all had a great time together, picture below of the 3 birthday couples:


Mimi and I took Rafi and went on an incredible trip to Buenos Aires with Yossi and his wife:


Yossi spearheaded the writing and dedication of a Sefer Torah to be written in memory of Shua. I was at the Siyum Sefer Torah last month and Yossi was positively radiant. I’m getting emotional just reading Yossi’s quotes in the article and seeing the picture of us dancing around with the Torahs in our shul.

But now he’s gone and it feels like a bad dream that I’ll wake up from in a cold sweat and realize it never happened. If only.

Never again will he be seen in shul saying the entire Sefer Tehillim every Shabbos Mevorchim with a minyan. And never again will we see him davening in his makom kavua or laughing with friends.

What can I do other than hug my wife and kids and tell them how much I love them?

But there is more that can be done.

Yossi’s widow, Ellie is now left with raising her 2 sons alone. Assistance will be needed to help her with day to day life in addition to the struggles related to Levi’s diabetes. Keeping his insulin numbers in check while not falling behind in school has been a real struggle that may require a shadow to be with him on a full time basis.

You can donate here to help the family out. You will receive a tax deductible receipt.

May we only know simchas with revealed good and be reunited very soon. Sending my family, friends, readers, and everyone much love, and a happy and healthy New Year.

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Sorry for your loss


I’m sorry Dan. May you be consoled, and his memory be a blessing.


Yehi Zichro Baruch and May the light of Chanukah shine on all of us. Ohr chadash al Tzion ta’ir v’nizkeh kulanu b’MEHEIRA l’oro.


Thank you for making sure we keep the important things in focus.



Has their been a cause of death? Asking out of concern with the recent violence against Jews all over


Our condolences. May you only know Simchas from now on.


Simply no words. Was he sick ?


Thank you Dan for your words. This was exactly my experience with Yossi. Always with a smile and ready for fun times. He will be sorely missed. He knew how to have fun and yet at the same time be serious about his Yiddishkeit. Yehei zichro Baruch

Elizabeth Warren

This is a great organization. Everyone hould participate in this. Its the responsible thing to do.


Hi Dan,
One thing my wife recommended to me when a close loved one has passed, is to make a donation to an organization like kupat hair or another tzedakah organization in honor of the loved one, and also give a name or names of someone who you know needs a yeshua or a zivug or refuah shleima. There is a source that when you daven for other people for other things that Hashem will come to console you. It’s also a very strong reminder that we are only temporary in this world, and to make our actions worth every moment of life.


ברוך דיין האמת יהי זכרו ברוך
תהא נשמתו צרורה בצרור החיים


How awful & so young, was he ill? So sorry


BDE so sorry


Where do you send a donation?


My heart aches for you and all Rabbi Bialo’s family and friends. I worked with the Rabbi at MP and I will miss him greatly. He dipped some items for our activities kitchen for me the week before his passing. I wish I had told him how awesome I thought he was! Because he was, and we all miss him so much. Thank you for posting this.



hopefully only good news !


Thank you for this. Can we arrange mishanyos for him? I will gladly take a mesichta

mendel M PLOTKE

B”H a beautiful tribute for a wonderful friend a”h it is painful to read, to contemplate…a staggering loss. HaMakom yenachem eschem bsoch shaarei Tzion vYerushalayim.

קליוולנדר ייד

The Bialos and Polanskis are great families and don’t deserve any of these tragedy’s BDE רק בשורות טובות


How terribly sad. Thanks for highlighting yossi’s life. May his family and loved ones be comforted during this painful time.

CLE Rocks


You are absolutely right about Yossi’s infectious laugh and smile. He was just at my home about 5 weeks ago and it was rare to see him without a smile!

Sam cohen

Who is in charge of the fund
I dont see any names of people
I feel we should know which rabbi or community leaders or anyone who takes responsibility the mo wy will go to where it needa to go


Yossi was an amazing person. I feel very fortunate for having known him. BDE.


I had this crazy thought to start a gofundme for all DD readers who benefit from DD to sponsor the first year of Amex Black for you, as a way of us giving back for all what you do for us. Just wasn’t sure that there is much benefits for you other than the Avis Plat. When I saw this, I donated the amount that I was thinking to start that campaign with. Had you in mind. Did it out of hakoras hatov to you.
Thanks for what you do for us….


Thank you for sharing with with us. I was moved to tears by your tribute. I knew Yossi from when I was in Arizona yeshiva. You described him just as I remember him. My heart hurts for the families.

A friend

I remember Yossi from yeshiva. He was the nicest guy and even though he did not have an easy time, he always had a smile.


Sorry for your loss.


The link isnt working anymore, any idea why?

Aryeh Sonnenberg

Baruch Dayan Haemess. So sorry to hear about your loss of such a great chaveir.

Unknown Friend

So sorry for your loss, Dan. He sounds like an amazing friend. Sending you all the love in the world.


So sorry for your loss! What did he die from at the tender age of 34?


I only met Yossi once, but I still remember my limited interaction with him. He was a great guy with a heart of gold. I did not know at the time his family life was filled with so much tragedy. He died far too young. My thoughts and prayers are with his family right now. I can’t imagine what they must be going through.

I am also sorry about all the fake news regarding the circumstances of his death. No one should spread false stories about this. It’s incredibly unfair to Yossi’s loved ones. That said, people are naturally curious how he passed. He was 34 years old, which is unusually young, and it’s human nature to wonder about the circumstances. If he were 90 years old, different story completely. Given all the anti-Semitic attacks in the news lately, I think this sense of curiosity is only heightened. People want confirmation it wasn’t a hate crime. I don’t fault them for that.


Dan, did he learn in Detroit?

Eli - your 7th grade Rebbe

Had Yossi a”h in my class in elementary school. Really fun to have in the class. I guess the way to describe him was “geshmak.” Big smile. Had Levi a”h and Yehoshua, too. Both great talmidim/people. Can’t believe all this has happened. Just thinking about it all puts me in a daze. Yossi’s a”h parents really nice people. Mother is a very loving and caring Morah for little kids. Can’t understand Darchei Hashem. This has got to bring us that much closer to the geaulah. Hopefully, we will have them back then.

A fellow chossid

A beautiful tribute to your dear friend. May hashem comfort his family and friends.

PS I was very close to his brother Levi. They are a family of beautiful people. This is a so so tragic and sad. May they know no more pain and sadness and may Gd wipe away all the tears of sadness from the world forever.

Thank you Dan for sharing, may we only share good news!


I’m mourning the loss of my mother less than 2 weeks ago. reading your post is absolutely heart-breaking!
(I love the way you completely ignore the “cause” of his passing), the real and only cause is because that’s what Hashem decided and he sent the Malach Hamoves to carry out his command.
May you be consoled and never know of further suffering and pain


Eli, I’m sorry on the loss of your mother. I like much of your posting, but I don’t believe you or I can determine that this is what Hashem decided. It might be comforting to think like that, however we must all remember that there are various Rabbonim and Mental-Health Therapists available if one were to face troubles. It’s incorrect to say that Hashem intends on each tragic circumstance when we each have free-will. May you only see comfort after the passing of your mother.

Küm Ba\'aya

Is this and the previous comment really necessary?


I completely disagree with this! We have free will but Hashem is in charge of the ultimate outcome. Do the people that are victims of these hate crimes, become sick, or have other troubles that they can’t control at fault?

Carl Sherer

When I saw the news, I suspected he might be a friend of yours. Hashem Yerachem. And may Hashem give Ellie the strength to go on….


So sorry Dan to the lose of your dear close friend.
thank you for sharing his life and is BIG smile.
Unfortunately ppl live for fake news.
his time was up sadly
thinking of you and all
lots of love to the family

Random caring Jew

I’m so very sorry…


Sorry Dan must be so hard for all of you, I’m sure he’ll be taking care of his family from up there , also please look into Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida , they have successfully healed many cases of diabetes and illness,


Type 1 diabetes has no cure, yet. Perhaps you are thinking of type 2.

Mother of a type 1

That is fake news- type 1 has no cure yet and any institute that claims to have a cure is only after your money.