12 Cans Of Guaraná Antarctica For Just $5.51-$6.16 Shipped From Amazon After $6 Price Drop!

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Update: DEAD!

12 Cans Of Guaraná Antarctica For Just $5.51-$6.16 Shipped Via Amazon Subscribe And Save After $6 Price Drop!

This was selling for $12.15 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

Guaraná Antarctica is the national soft drink in Brazil for good reason, it’s delicious and refreshing 🙂

I became quite addicted to the stuff during the year I spent in Sao Paulo when I launched this site some 15 years ago. It used to be quite hard to find in the US, but now it’s imported to the US and sold on Amazon. While I’m not aware of a formal hechsher on it, you can find it served in every kosher restaurant in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro as well as all of the shuls there. Rabbi Ashkenazi and Rabbi Iliovits have looked into the kashrus and gave the kosher seal of approval.

It’s made from the Guarana Berry and is bottled in Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. My old chavrusa is actually the shliach in Manaus, one of the more remote Jewish communities in the world, and is running a campaign to build the first mikvah and raise funds for a new Chabad House building there.

  • Made from a fruit from the Amazon Rainforest, Guaraná Antarctica is a typically Brazilian soft drink with a unique flavor.
  • Refreshing and full of energy, it is unlike anything you have ever tried before.
  • The taste every Brazilian loves is ready for the world.
  • Guarana Antarctica 350 Milliliter (Pack of 12).

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HT: Davidmal.

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They sell it in Israel with a hechsher.


How many calories per can?


How much caffeine per can?


Yummm. This is one of the best drinks ever made! Had it a few times when I went to Brazil and a few times in Israel. I will be stocking up. Thank you Dan


Muito obrigado!


Dan, muito obrigado! Adoro guaraná , e adoro esse preço ainda mais 🙂
Eu nasci em São Paulo, e agente rezava na sinagoga Beit Yaakov do Safra, Rabino Weitzman – conhece ?
Você é top!
Hag Sameach
Thanks for everything


Are the ingredients in the export version the same as in the local one? For example, by Irn Bru, which is approved by klbd, there is one ingredient which is different between the UK and us versions because of food regulations. Not sure if that affects the kashrus, but could make a difference. I once ordered guarana Antarctica from a website that I thought was sending me the local version, and they wound up sending me the export version anyway.


I drank it once and I really liked it however I’m unsure about the sugar level?


We’re sorry. We cannot ship your order to your selected destination. Please select an alternative address.


Have the same issue – is it not allowed to be shipped to California perhaps?




Same. Prob some stupid CA law


Next time you’re in Brazil try the Coca-Cola, it’s even better than the Mexican Coke.

The person who knows his stuff!!

I tried it and it’s an amazing drink!


Back in stock! $5.51- $6.16


Dan, I bought this when you first posted it and now I buy two 12 packs almost every other week. My favorite soda by far. Thank you so much for the site and for intro to this as well as the kosher info.


Tasted like A Shirley Temple (ginger ale and a splash of grenadine)

El Primo

This is really the primo diet soda.
@Dan, you got me hooked.
The price is even lower sometimes from the one other seller on Amazon. It’s not prime or s&s but it’s less expensive.

Marvin Pollack

Amazon says they don’t ship to CA.


On Amazon it’s now $8.49 for diet Shipped from a distributor (not shipped from Amazon)


Thanks Dan! This quickly became my favorite drink when I went to Sao Paulo a while back for my nephews wedding. Did not have it since!


$10.99 for me


Yes, $10.44 S&S or $10.99 regular now.
A diet version is available for $19.99 w/ free shipping.


Now if only you can find me a deal on Nescafe Gold Espresso and I’m good for another 6 weeks of quarantine.


It’s now $6.48.
Has the shaliach confirmed that the one sold for export is still kosher?

Read the post?

Lol, why the Shliach? There are plenty of Jews in Brazil.

Did you miss the part in the post:

‘It’s made from the Guarana Berry and is bottled in Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest’


‘Rabbi Ashkenazi and Rabbi Iliovits have looked into the kashrus and gave the kosher seal of approval.’

Dan is saying there is no difference in kashrus in the local and exported products.


I was referencing a comment that Dan made.


Back to $10.99/$9.34 with S&S


back to $9.88/$9.39

simcha b goldberg

the price is 1099 on amazon right now I guess i missed the promotion


Does not ship to California?


Back in stock.
Even the Chasidishe Yidden drink it in Brazil


Did You mean: despite?

Jokeal oneal

Should be assur altst the sugar content and such too for all soda dirnks


Wish they had the diet one


Don’t know why, but it never ships to Los Angles



It becomes $11.92 after adding to cart, tried a few times. Main page still shows the $6 price until you add to cart.


Back to $11


I bought a case last sale. Very sweet. Interesting is that it gives a high similar to caffeine. Can read up on it.


is the diet also kosher ?


I came across a 2 liter bottle of this soda in Brooklyn, is there any reason to believe that kashrus wise it will be any different then the cans ?