We Love You Shua And You Will Be Missed

Shua and his family
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I was in Maui yesterday when I learned that Shua Polonsky passed away. He seemed to be in perfect health when we celebrated Sukkos together in Cleveland last month.

It’s never easy to process the sudden loss of a young life. It seems surreal, that I’ll wake up and he’ll still be around. Especially in an era of social media, you can read through someone’s writing and feel like they’re right there next to you.

Shua grew up with me in Cleveland. He was 31 and had 2 kids with his wife Simi.

He always had an incredible positive outlook on life. Always upbeat and seemingly never down. His smile was truly contagious.

I helped Shua book a trip to Europe with his wife back when they were living in Cleveland. Always appreciative and always excited about life:

Even his email address accurately spread his life message, “itsall4thegood@gmail.com.”

At times like this it seems so hard to see the good. I have had life experiences where the good of something only becomes clear many years later, but how do you find the good in this? It seems so sad and senseless.

But if there’s anyone that would have been able to, it was Shua. And for whatever reason, G-d wanted his soul closer to him. I’m sure that Shua is making heaven a happier place than it was before he arrived.

And if there’s one thing we can learn, it’s to always put a smile on your face and think positively. Because good things happen when you think positively.

I’ll drink a L’Chaim for Shua before Shabbos today and I hope you will too.

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BDE he should be a maletz yosher for his family and klal yisroel bsuros tovos. Good Shabbos
To dan and to all.

g-d bless

Many terrible, terrible losses within the Jewish communities this week. May g-d bless us all and may they Rest In Peace.


I cant stop thinking about him. He was truly special man that will be missed!
Its puts things in perspective when someone like Shua is no longer here. I appreciate every moment of my life and my family and never take anything for granted.
Lechaim & Good Shabbos to All!


אוי נעבעך.
Who is helping the wife and kids now?
Lets start something good.


Boruch Dayan Emes!
I agree on starting something good. ‘The one who starts a mitzvah…’
Open a thread on ddf and lets do a project, i.e torah, fund etc in his memory.


BD”E. So so sad
May Simi have a nechoma & only know of simchas going forward.


Baruch Dayan HaEmet. Seemed like an incredible person. What happened to Shua?


Baruch dayan ha’emet.


Sorry for your loss, Dan


A l’chaim *before* Shabbos?!! Modernishe minhagim. Do it *on* Shabbos, as is the age old custom!
Anyways… L’chaim! Gut Shabbos!


His legacy indeed lives on. I personally find him an inspiration to life. His positivity and his smile are a true panacea to the adversities and complexities in life. Yehiye zichro Baruch. Shabbat Shalom to Dan and to the whole group!


So nice of you to write this. BDE. I did not know shua but a tragedy like this is for all of our sins. Deepest condolences to the family and friends. He will definitely be in my thoughts.
Good Shabbos.


Nothing with our sins…we don’t understand !!!




Hi dan, you dont know me. I just read ur post about your friend shua…. My mother passed away very recently at a young age, and during shiva someone mentioned only the good die young…. I immediately had a thought that takes this really to a whole new level…..
Its true only the good die young…. But that is because they are the good ones. They fulfill their tafkid quicker than a normal person would. And that is why hashem brings them closer to him. They dont need to be in this crazy, messed up & corrupt world.

I saw thru facebook that shua and i knew a few of the same ppl…. From what ive seen and heard, he was such a great and real person.

May his neshama have an aliya and may he be a meilitz yoisher for everyone.


Thank you for sharing this. Condolences to you, and all of his friends and family.

Koby Berkovits

BDE. My deepest condolences to the extended Polonsky and Gestetner families. Such a tragedy and a shock to the Jewish community at large! Shua forever will be in our hearts and prayers! May the families be blesees with a long lufe and revealed good and both only share in Simchas and good news from now and forever on!

Although Shua had never known of me or heard of me, when he came across the world to Sydney for his nephew’s Bar Mitzvah, with a broad smile, he welcomed me to Coogee Synagogue and made me feel at home with his warmth and kind personality!

Yet only a small gesture, my only memory of Shua and his contagious smile still permeates me to this day with a unique buzz and a special feeling!

I’m sure he is now in Heaven, still smiling down on his amazing family who are all such big mitzvah doers and community people! May HaShem comfort his wife and kids and his extended family and all those that knew him!

May his neshoma rise to the highest of hights, the chamber of HaShem and demand Him of Moshiach now, reuniting us with his special soul!

P.S: Very touching article Dan! I’m sorry for the loss and may we only share good news!



I don’t know you outside of receiving dansdeals, and I didn’t know Shua, but your beautiful posting here and the tribute in it moves me to add my expression of sorrow and condolences, and to wish nechama to you and his family and friends. I also just lost a dear friend (although not that young). Thank you for this caring act of using your loss to help others grapple and cope with theirs. That is a tribute to you.


Shrek! I know another Shua in Cleveland who’s very much a DD person. I’d better give him a call. We need to have more appreciation for the Chavairim we have.


I did not know him, but after reading about this I found the mishanyos being organized for him at http://www.lzechernishmas.com/signup.php?id=6131


Plenty of open mesechtos on lzechernishmas. I heard this morning from the organizer and he is hoping to get some sedarim filled.


Fund to help the famly ~ https://unidy.org/shuastrong