End Of An Era: No Small Business Saturday Offer This November

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AMEX has confirmed to me that there won’t be any Small Business Saturday credits or points offer this month. It’s the first time since the program’s launch in 2010 that they didn’t have any offer whatsoever.

They’re still marketing Small Business Saturday on 11/25, but there is no cardmember offer.

It’s definitely been a fun run over the years. I got years worth of free groceries and pizza and even upgraded my wife’s engagement ring. Thanks for the good times AMEX!

A recap of SBS offer history:

  • 2010, Launch year: $25 off $25 offer announced on 11/8. Registration form opened 11/8. Spending was valid 11/27-12/31.
  • 2011: $25 off $25 offer announced on 10/6. Registration form opened 11/1. Spending was valid 11/26.
  • 2012: $25 off $25 offer announced on 9/24. Registration form opened 11/17. Spending was valid 11/24.
  • 2013: $10 off $10 offer announced on 10/1. Registration form opened 11/24. Spending was valid 11/30.
  • 2014: $10 off $10 valid 3 times per card announced on 09/27. Registration form opened 11/16. Spending was valid 11/29.
  • 2015: On 9/30 it was announced that there would be no credit for Small Business Saturday. However on 11/1 people started finding that most primary personal cards were targeted for $10 off $10 in their AMEX Offers and most business primary and secondary cards were targeted for $20 off $100. Spending was valid anytime from 11/1-11/28.
  • 2016: On 11/20 it was announced that there would be no credit, but that purchases made at small businesses would get double points. Spending was valid anytime from 11/20-12/31.

How did you fare over the SBS era?

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Got a North Face jacket from SBS


Not sure where you get this information from, there was a SBS offer, can send you a screenshot. Offer was spend $20 at SBS business and get 1,000 points bonus.


I got that offer several months ago.


Why do I care about Amex SBS if there is nothing in for me…


They realized no point in beating a dead horse. Mover over Amex, its now Chase Sapphire Reserve’s turn on stage.


Lots of restaurant gift certificates! Mike’s Bistro FTW!


Why do they still do SBS in the UK but not here???


They will bring it back next year…

This year they are still recouping HUGE losses from Amex bizz platinum


Another deal goes away after it was beaten to death by us. So I will not be able to get free pizza and taco’s using my six Amex cards at places I never go to otherwise. My only question is what took them so long?


I really utilized this promo last year. Many of my vendors coded as small business so I was able to get double starpoints. I was really hoping they were going to bring it back.


Shavua Tov Dan
Sorry to use this site but havent ur email – live in Israel and want to buy box spring & mattress Sears has great sales but wont ship this to Israel as well as other stores wont either – same prods in Isr sells for at minimum $8000 to over $1K and thats w/out a box spring – can u suggest please?!
Thank you

Love Israel

That’s one of the reasons i moved back from Israel……
I can tell you lots of stories….. I am sure you have your own too….. Anyway the only thing I can tell you is, don’t be sorry, even if they decide to ship it to you, it will be lost in the Israeli post, but not before you’ll have to pay $8000 for the “mas hachnasa” to release it…..


“pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.”


the year that sbs was most lucrative did that mean it was possible to make 25 dollars off 25 dollars including secondary cards that means if you had the maximum amount for au which i believed is 99 per account and you had all of the amex biz and personal cards you made fortunes of money 7500 for each card?


time to cancel amex card, i have much better benefits with other banks. and amex didnt back a merchant who didnt deliver dispute, so really only think they are good at is collecting fees.


loved running around to all my fav restaurants and buying the $25 gift cards. That was fun while it lasted! Even the $10 gift cards were good.


Ok, I get not offering cash back b/c most just buy the minimum, but not even double points or anything? How much do points really cost them anyways? Pretty cheap of them.