Qantas Adds The Ability To Book El Al Award Tickets From 2 More US Cities! 1 Week Left For Dirt Cheap El Al Awards With AMEX Point Transfers!

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Another day, another Qantas post šŸ˜€

4 weeks ago we broke the news that AMEX points could be transferred to Qantas points.

3 weeks ago we broke the news that you could get a 20% transfer bonus from AMEX to Qantas.

2 weeks ago I wrote about how Qantas was actually offering an unpublished 44% bonus on AMEX transfers, making for some insane bargains on El Al awards in all classes of service.

Last week I wrote about a great trick to book El Al awards using Qantas points from 15 cities that aren’t bookable online. This post contains lots of information about booking El Al awards with Qantas points, so you’ll want to read this if you haven’t yet.

A few days ago I wrote about lots of Qantas program changes and made a new award chart comparison with El Al Matmid. Awards are now cheaper than ever in economy, though premium cabin awards will go up in September.

With the current bonus that expires 6/30, if you want a one-way El Al flight between NYC and Tel Aviv youā€™ll need just 26,250 AMEX points in economy, 43,750 AMEX points for premium economy, or 54,167 AMEX points for business class.

Those are some incredible award prices!

I noted last week that El Al serves 44 airports besides Tel Aviv and online booking works for these 29 airports: Amsterdam, Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London/LHR, London/LTN (Search for LHR), Los Angeles, Madrid, Marseilles, Milan, Moscow, Munich, NYC/JFK, NYC/EWR, Paris, Prague, Rome, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zurich.

As of last week was not able to book El Al award travel from the following 15 airports: Boston, Bucharest, Chicago, Kiev, Larnaca, Las Vegas, Lisbon, Manchester, Miami, Mumbai, Nice, Orlando, San Francisco, Sofia, and Venice.

I also messaged Qantas on Twitter when I made that post and it seems like they are finally working on the bug as Boston and Miami and now bookable on!



2 down, 13 to go. Thanks Qantas!

Will you transfer AMEX points to Qantas during this month’s transfer bonus?

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do dp indicate that the the 44% percent still working? if you hear of dps that it is still working please let me and others know we would like to transfer. and do you know for how long more is the extra 20% FROM QANTAS. thank you very much


Are Elal selling the Orlando flight for points?
I canā€™t get it to price on Elal.


Thanks dan!


any confirmation from qantas that they are going to honor the addtnl 20% (as you have been in touch w them on twitter)


I hade transferd citi points to qantas a few months ago so i got targeted with the email for 15, 20 & 30% bonus until june 30. If i would transfer 500k amex points _ 1/2 million whould i get the extra 20% bonus target in addition to the 44% bonus?


I live in Israel and have an El Al credit card, which earns me matmid points. Is there any way to transfer those points to Qantas?






If I transfer pots to Quantas and book on ElAl, do I get Matmid points after I fly? Like, if I would use Chase points and book through Chase and I would get Matmid points.


You don’t get points on awards bookings.

In any case, why would you want Matmid points?




I would transfer over now . But I lm afraid that by the time the bonus posts that specific award that I’m looking for and is available now wont be available anymore by the time the bonus posts. Not risky ?


Does Qantas allow to make changes or cancel your reward booking in the first 24 hrs after booking at no additional charge?


I cannot seem to see what the taxes/fees are for these flights. Iā€™m finding plenty of awards, but cannot see the fees (I didnā€™t transfer points yet)


After selecting your award flight you will see the points amount on the bottom right click “continue” and you’ll see the fees on the bottom right.


Will only work if you have enough points in your account to cover the award, this individual does not, so it won’t show the taxes.


If it’s Qantas flight then have either that day or 24 hr not clear but on elal flight using qantas points you will get hit with the change/cancel fee immediately if you make any changes

max dalf

How do you get 44%? I see 20% on amex then a additional 20% from qantas, where is the other 4%?


Is there no way to modify the search on to show direct flights only ?


Kind of related- From your experience, in the future do you think that AMEX will offer Qantas bonus transfers again, and maybe guess how often? In the middle of choosing a credit card and booking for Israel via Qantas sure caught my attention. Do you know approximately how many points flights to Israel might cost in the future? Thanks to anybody


Spoke to Qantas customer service: seems First Class on El Al is not bookable on Qantas


I booked El Al business going to TLV, I can’t find any business seats coming back to EWR in the time frame I need in mid September. DO I transfer to Qantas and book economy now and hope that award seats open up. Does it cost money to upgrade to business if the seats open in award availability?

I am considering stopping in Europe on my way home for a few days. What is the most efficient way to do this?


Anything from Chicago ? And if I transfer the points now, do I have to also book the tickets before june 30?


Hi what about flying from Tel Aviv to Newark any deals? My son looking to come home from the Yeshiva for a wedding August 14 and returning August 28 Keep up the great work you doing awesome


check qantas with those dates. theres nothing direct on the 28th from newark to tlv


I am trying to look at flights on, but when I enter MIAMI, TLV won’t come up as a destination?


hi dan pls advise i just transfer 300k than 200k amex but i got only the 20% how could i get 44% off??


Can I use Qantas points to book a flight on a different partner other than elal such as LATAM?

Azis Papa

I have no immediate plans to go to Israel (or anywhere right now). Does it make sense to take advantage of the bonus transfer anyway or am I taking a chance that my points will expire or be devalued?