HOT! NYC To Tel Aviv To Toronto For $461.27 On USAirways!


Update: DEAD


-Bookable on Orbitz with full mileage earning and free cancellations until 10pm CT the day after you book or directly from the airline.

– Earn 3 MR points per dollar with American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card, 3 MR points per dollar with The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN, or 2.14 UR points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.


On Orbitz just click on “multi-city” to search for this.

For example search for a flight from NYC to TLV on 01/12.  Then search for a return flight from TLV to YYZ on 01/20.

Flights go from NYC via Philadelphia to Israel and return via Philadelphia to Toronto.

From Toronto you can spend 4,500 British Airways Avios (plus $52 tax slapped on by our friends up north on flights departing from Canada) to fly nonstop from Toronto to LGA or JFK.
Need Avios? You can pick up 50,000 BA Avios with the BA credit card (the annual fee is waived if you apply by 09/30).

Sample $461 valid dates:
-11/26-12/03 (Chanukah)
-12/01-12/09 (Chanukah)
-04/08-04/24 $693, (Pesach)
-05/14-05/19 $693, (Lag B’Omer)












HT: netzih, via DDF

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Booked last night a little after 10pm for 512.00 a piece. a friend of mine booked also around 10pm for 380.00


End of Feb there are still tickets for $500!
Flight 1 Thu, Feb 20
3:40 PM New York LGA/12:40 PM Tel Aviv Yafo TLV
1 stop 14hr 0min
US Airways 834 / 764

Flight 2 Mon, Mar 3
11:30 PM Tel Aviv Yafo TLV/2:39 PM Toronto YYZ
1 stop 22hr 9min
US Airways 797 / 3770


so many dates still available
as shabbos chanukah for $375


@moshe: not as good reg price generally 9-1200


Help me please. I put info in – no flights that cheap


Looking for the 400 or less deals in December


following exact instructions and i cant seem to find the cheap tickets. not sure why .. anyone can help ?


@Sruli: How many tickets do you need?


Trying to find any date from december to january, but all prices pulling up to be 700$ or greater. any help?


THE ONLY WAY IT WORKS IS if you click on “Narrow the search to my preferred airlines” and select first El Al and then usirways [not the opposite] that prices are actually cheaper!

i just booked from dec. 15 to 24


Guys, December seems sold out. try November or Jan Feb. more options there



Try this


any dates for purim or pesach?


Raphi (or anyone else who cancelled)- were you credited the full amount when you cancelled your original tickets or did you have to pay the Orbitz Service Fee?


Why was I charged $36 for cancelling flight this morning after booking last night?

-Bookable on Orbitz with full mileage earning and free cancellations until 10pm CT the day after you book or directly from the airline.


$390 still available nyc-tlv-yyz on oct.21-28 . you must click on “Narrow the search to my preferred airlines” and select El Al and USAirways


is this deal stll on bec i couldnt find it

orbitz service fee

if you book for a trip which uses two airlines (for stopover in europe flights), orbitz charges a non refundable fee of 18 per ticket. BEWARE


I just cancelled 3 tickets no cancellation fee full refund.


@obi: how do i find the deal


Just booked 8 tickets 11/25-12/3 $440 ny-phil-london-tlv
My younger kids have never seen their grandfather, and now they will. THANK YOU DAN


are all flights through Europe?


Just booked 8 tickets 11/25-12/3 $440 ny-phil-london-tlv
My younger kids have never seen their grandfather, and now they will. THANK YOU DAN


can someone please tell me how i do it my friend got on nov 28th till dec 7th is it still on


@miriam did you use the “narrow trick” – i have been playing with those dates and getting nothing.


Got bwi-tlv w a 3 hr stop in Phili and 5 in Amsterdam . 3 on way back in Amsterdam ! And train back to Balt 392 round trip


@kidooo or anyone , is there any way to book in january for a lower deal? anyone find a deal then? please? haha


do i have to take 2 stopovers? is there bany with just the philly stopover?…….please help me


Anybody have any thoughts on adding the Allianz travel insurance via Orbitz? Booking with Starwood AMEX


i think it is dead


I just booked another ticket for $402 (for Chanukah)(although there were others for as low as $380) using “Multi-City” in orbitz and entering LGA-> TLV for first flight
and TLV-> YYZ for second.

Some key points that people may be forgetting when searching is
1)selecting “multi City”
2)entering return to Toronto YYZ
3)narrowing search to use only US Airways and EL AL (or Air France instead of ELAL will show more flights too)
4)buy no more than 4 tickets at a time as this seems to drive cost up also

good luck, there are still plenty tickets available out there.




for any young folks looking for an extended trip, i found 1/02 – 12/12 at $337


@ orbitz service fee
Yes I got the same thing happen sine the flight I had was combo of US air and ELAL, they charged me $18 per ticket.

I thought it was full refund till 10 CST also , anybody see this $18 fee on their web site? I would like to get that back as well anyone have any advice ow to do that ?


@Daniel: amtrack does not allow luggage


@YY thanks!!! starting to work!

any tips on how to make it so that i can schedule a real stop in europe?


its dead if you try clicking on any results it just tell you
“as flight availability can change rapidly based on traveler demand, the flight that you have selected is no longer available. Please make another selection.”


can anyone help me with available dates looking but cant find the good prices cheapest i found was for 750 maybe im doing something wrong?
Please Help

Andrew L

I have a sub two hour layover in ZRH with a carrier switch from US to LY (Swiss codeshare).

Will US check my luggage through to TLV? Is anyone responsible if the connection is not made? I can see the whole itinerary when I log into US Air.


can you explain how you did it i cant seam to find any for that price
Thank you


Dead.. Tells you that its unavailable


Does anyone know if there are tickets available in the winter that make a stop in switzerland? On the same note – once Im there can I change my tickets for additional $ to stay in switzerland longer?
Thanks to Dan and e/o else for their help!


“as flight availability can change rapidly based on traveler demand, the flight that you have selected is no longer available. Please make another selection.”

This message seems to be coming up when you select any options, even for prices over $1,000
I wonder if it is a temporary glitch or US air just cought on and is in process of shutting the deal down


I just did a search for 11/24-12/9 from bwi still available at 412 – just 2 stopovers each way. So there are still deals out there.

Instead of buying travel insurance through Allianz – PLEASE USE TRAVELPROTECTORS.COM. It is owned by our good friend (shomer shabbos) and has excellent customer service.


do any sites besides orbits work?

@YA: seems like it is all sold out/dead


Dead. BDE. There was plenty time to book.


Not dead, if you make 2 stops on the to Israel $442


follow reply # 331 it works


I am going to cancel at 3:00 pm the following tickets anyone interested in those dates please try it right after I cancel you might be lucky:
3 tickets ewr to tlv 5/13 – tlv to yyz 5/27
7 tickets lga to tlv 1/27 – tlv to yyz 2/10


@Lobbel- did you try booking the flights? It shows the price but doesn’t let you book


@Shiah: Sure they do. I travel all the time on the NE Regional with suitcases


how can I get this special from nyc to tlv and return nyc -tlv

can someone help

@Anonymous: It’s dead


I have been trying all afternoon- what is the secret to make this work?



Thank you so much for your reply Raphi. Will definitely be using your tip for my next trip


Hi thank you for the great deal. It seems like if you have a very short stopover from Philadelphia to Toronto (approximately 4 hours and under) they take the luggage straight from you from customs. Dan, any suggestions or thoughts.
Thank You.


If it is Dan thanks for killing it! I saw this over a week ago and planned on taking a friend for their first time ever….let people who wouldn’t take the time to find this on their own the opportunity to ruin it with no time of their own spent! They should add you to airfarewatchdog!

why wait

@david so why didn’t you book it. you can’t expect a low airfare to last over a week, even if it doesnt get overloaded with dans ppl booking. dont blame dan you should have booked when you saw it.

@r: As said before, not true.

mh swish


mh swish


@mh swish: No


i flew from ewr to tlv via yyz, flight from ewr delayed, we missed tlv connect, got sent back to ewr and had to collect checked luggage, go through customs 2 times and recheck.

If any one recognizes this, power to you!

btw air canada never made up for their junk. nevr flew air canada again and this was 2 years ago


@s: how did you book- where? i don’t see it


@me: how do i order?


just fyi i spoke with us airways last night b/c i canceled part of my tickets and the lady told me i know you are not planning to go all way to Toronto just know your bags are going straight there! i said are you sure? she said yes! i said well actually i’m going for real short so ill pack all in a carry on for the weekend..but i wonder if anyone else was told this??


People seriously need to STOP calling the airline already.

You do realize that the agents you talk to make $7/hour (or 70 cents an hour if they’re abroad) and probably have never been on an international flight in their life.

I’ve been on hundreds if not thousands of flights and I guarantee you that EVERYONE MUST PICKUP THEIR LUGGAGE in PHL if they are flying in from abroad to PHL no matter where in the world bag is tagged to. Same goes for United from TLV into EWR, all bags would have to be picked up into EWR. IT’S FEDERAL LAW.

It does not matter if you have a 1 hour connection or a 1 week connection, you must claim your checked bag, bring it past the customs agents, and recheck it or leave the airport.

Still going to believe an silly agent over me? How about the agent over the US government:


@dan I was told from travel agent in Israel who booked 100’s of flights with hidden city style tickets (2 uman) that the airlines charged them direct fairs to the cc. can u confirm or deny one way or the other? thanks

Dans fan!

@why wait: what’s your problem David, everyone has the same rights as you do to get this flight, your way to stingy why can’t someone else save money also its not like Dan called up the airline and told them not to let you book a flight!!!!!

Dans fan!

I meant at David sorry why wait


Dan are you sure that people pick up their luggage in PHL if they continue to Canada? Yes I understand in the US it may be the law but are you certain that when continuing on to an international destination that this applies?


DO you know if the same applies to stopovers in England, Amsterdam, Brussels, and other countries ?


we bought 4 tickets for channukah vacation for for $575 we had confirmed and everything we even chose our seats but we didnt print the confirmation page and they never emailed us. i called up orbitz and apparently our tickets didnt go through for some reason.
However i did end up buying round trip with turkish for $681! for the same dates and no stopover in philly!


Thanks Dan


@YY: It’s a USA thing.


1. got stopover in MAD 4 hours, can i extend to 10-12 hrs for no extra cost?
2. best way from phili to Brooklyn on return?



Dan, what is x3 I saw on another site?


one way car rental


How can I book those deals for pesach?


@Ari: 295n to turnpike prob less then 2 hours


is it too late for me to book a deal like this for pesach?
what about october? we want to go then too


is this deal still going on? It says on top it appears to be dead.


If anyone is looking to get rid of their tickets around Nov. 17-25 plus/minus 3 days each way, please respond with email contact, willing to buy off 2 if anyone no longer interested, canceled, changed mind and willing to sell.


I need to buy at least 5 tickets to Israel from N.Y FOR DECEMBER 2 FOR 2 WEEKS


@Dans the man: HOW U DID IT CAN U TELL ME PL


United airlines had a glitch in their system on Thursday and was selling tickets for $0, $5, and $10. How come it wasn’t on this site!??? So upset I missed it!


@metziah: I’m on your flight. Don’t you think it’ll arrive too soon before Shabbos?


Has anyone credited mileage to UA Just want to know if this posted including EQM

Awesome shabbos Chanukah!

So we flew home Sunday night from shabbos Chanukah + another shabbos in eretz yisroel (got home this morning) on this deal and then they took our luggage tags after customs and said they are going to put notations next to our names so that they will always know we abused the hidden city tickets. What is that all,about and what does that mean for the future?


Anyone on the USairways flight from TLV to Philly looking to get to Brooklyn on Tuesday Feb. 4? We can share a car rental or car service??