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Trip Notes

Traveling is my passion. Especially when it’s free thanks to miles and points.
Here are some of the notes from recent trips:


Trip Notes: The Redemption, The Comeback, The Renaissance, The Chasedown, The Block, The Shot Part 2, The Tearjerker; Call It What You Want But This Was A Night To Remember

Trip Notes Brazil Part 4: Rio de Janeiro

Trip Notes Brazil Part 3: Iguaçu Falls

On The Topic Of KSMLs; Not Having A Reserved Kosher Meal Costs Lufthansa How Much?!?

Choose My Own Adventure…

Trip Notes: 4 Consecutive Transoceanic Itineraries With IRROPS, Here’s How We Handled Them

Trip Notes Brazil Part 2: Flying “Private” To Sao Paulo With Miles

Trip Notes: A Father & Son Day Trip To Chicago For A Ballgame And A DO

Trip Notes: A Quick Weekend Trip To Miami-December 2015




Trip Notes: Our 24 Hour Flight To Nowhere ThAAnks To AA Or AA’s Revenge?

United Island Hopper Trip Notes Part 4: Tokyo, Japan

Trip Notes: Miami Kosher Food Scene Heats Up, Silvercar, And AMEX Centurion Lounge Report

United Island Hopper Trip Notes Part 3: Koror, Palau And Jellyfish Lake

Trip Notes: Eating Our Way Through Montreal

United Island Hopper Trip Notes Part 2: It’s Time To Hop!

United Island Hopper Trip Notes Part 1: Honolulu

Winter Break 2015 Trip Notes Part 2: Cancun And The Riviera Maya

Winter Break 2015 Trip Notes Part 1: Miami

5 Hours On The Ground In Chicago Shows Just How Cool Miles Can Be




Trip Notes Brazil Part 1: 10 Years Of Travel And Deal Blogging And A Return To Where It All Began

Trip Notes: Niagara Falls And Toronto

Trip Notes: Miami 2014. Food, Food, And More Food.

Trip Notes Hodgepodge: United Upgrade Quirks, Infant Travel Drama, Farewell CLE D, Wrigley SPG Suite, And Chicago BBQ Competition

Join Me In The Windy City

Better Than Any First Class Suite…Taking My Son To His First Ballgame

Trip Notes: Maui No Ka ‘Oi

A Quick Jaunt To NYC

Trip Notes Kauai: Heaven On Earth

The DansDeals Hawaiian Toaster Oven Chain…

Trip Notes: NYC Seminars And Restaurants




From BBQ Cholent To BBQ Ribs, I’ll Judge Them All

Trip Notes: Banff

Trip Notes: Los Angeles 2013

A DDF DO Extravaganza In Chicago

Trip Notes: Chicago Seminar Edition

My Coolest Use Of Miles Ever? (A Trip Out To 2nd Base)

Trip Notes: Hall Of Fame Trifecta And Fenway Park In 72 Hours

Trip Notes: 2 Nights In Singapore And Back Home On A Korean A380

Now Open: Airspace Lounge Cleveland

A DDF Day For The Books And The Joys Of HUCA, Take 2

Trip Notes Maldives: The Longest Flight In The World And 2 Nights In Paradise

Good Night From The Maldives…

Miles And The Gift Of Spontaneity




Trip Notes: Singapore A380 Suites And 46 Hours In Paris

Trip Notes: Miami 2012.

Trip Report: United DO 2012 In Chicago

Trip Notes: Aruba

Trip Notes: Vancouver. Plus: A Comparison Of Cathay Pacific Business Versus First Class

Tips For Flying With An Infant…33 Flights Later And We’re Still Learning The Ropes.

Reader Suggestions: What’s Not To Be Missed In Vancouver?

Trip Notes Kansas City: Ribs And Fiber Edition.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame…Buy Me Some Kosher Chili And Ribs.

Trip Notes: 48 Hours In Boston

Reader Suggestions: What’s Not To Be Missed In Boston?

Children In First Class…

Trip Notes: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Reader Suggestions: What’s Not To Be Missed In Buenos Aires?

Trip Notes: SoCal Luscious Spring.

Beware The Premier Upgrade List Of United.

Round-The-World Trip Notes, Part 4: Sydney, Australia.

A Quick Jaunt To D.C. And Baltimore.

Reader Suggestions: What’s Not To Be Missed In D.C.?

We Flew Southwest…




The Hawaiian Islands.

Traveling To Hawaii…With A 5 Month Old!

Pearl Harbor…70 Years.

View From The Room…

Round-The-World Trip Notes, Part 3: Melbourne, Australia.

Trip Notes: Miami. A Trip Of Firsts.

Reader Suggestions: What’s Not To Be Missed In Miami?

Trip Notes: Our SoCal Quasi-Mileage Run…

Hello NYC! (And Pittsburgh, Houston, And Orange County)

Round-The-World Trip Notes, Part 2: Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Round-The-World Trip Notes, Part 1: Khao Lak, Thailand.




Free Vegas Trip: Live Blogging From The Road!

May 2010 Trip Notes Part 4: Venice And The Trip Home!

May 2010 Trip Notes Part 3: Israel

May 2010 Trip Notes, Part 2: Paris

May 2010 Trip Notes Part 1: Trip Planning + Zurich, Switzerland.

On The Road Europe Edition

Trip Notes: Pesach 5770

Montreal Trip Notes.

Reader Suggestions: What’s Not To Be Missed In Montreal?

Living In The Air…




Hawaii Trip Notes: Part 2, Kauai.

Hawaii Trip Notes: Part 1, Oahu.

Shaloha Folks!

LA Mileage Run Trip Notes…

On A Mileage Run!

Toronto Trip Notes.

Reader Suggestions: What’s Not To Be Missed In Toronto?

…And Back To The Skies

On The Road: Israel Trip Notes, Update #3.

On The Road: NYC And Israel Trip Notes, Update #2.

On The Road: NYC And Israel Trip Notes, Update #1.

Trip Reports: Eli And Levi Use AA’s OneWorld Award To Travel To The Far East And Hawaii In Style!

On The Road: Detroit Edition.

Trip Notes: Cleveland -> Las Vegas -> Los Angeles -> Cleveland.

On The Road: The Upgrade Dilemma Edition…




My Israel Trip-Part 2.

My Israel Trip-Part 1.

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