Pearl Harbor…70 Years.

December 7, 1941. Japan attacks the US, drawing the isolationist US to declare war on Germany, Italy, and Japan, forever changing the course of history…

Oil still rises from the sunken ships…

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4 Responses to “Pearl Harbor…70 Years.”

  1. Twentie4hrs Says:

    wow! looks amazing

  2. reader Says:

    wow what a good deal!

  3. YankyDoodle Says:

    Looks amazing? What a good deal? Is that all you can say when you see Pearl Harbor? Are you guys serious? How ’bout some respect for the soldiers who died there?

  4. momk Says:

    Wow! To be in the place where history was made! Sad history though it is.
    Did you go to any formal ceremony marking the day?


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