Ad: Custom Made Suits Special Starting At $300

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Introductory sale at Zober Custom. Beautiful fully custom made suits starting at $300 for a limited time only. Sale ends July 20th. Come visit our studio at Chateau Plaza 916 River Ave, Lakewood NJ 08701.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment call 732-416-7848

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6 Responses to “Ad: Custom Made Suits Special Starting At $300”

  1. menashe Says:

    where are the suits actually tailored and can u come to my office in lakewood for a fitting ?

  2. bochur Says:

    $300 for 100% wool? Or is wool a lot more?

  3. Joe Says:

    Are the suits full canvas? Half canvas? Fused? It’s all in the details……..

  4. jesse Says:

    To joe:
    For 300 they are probably fused not pure wool and made to measure not custom. My guess is they are made in China. But let’s wait and see if they answer us.

  5. Mac Says:


    For a $300 custom suit you want them to come to your office? You are probably confusing this company with the companies that charge $3,000 for a custom suit.

  6. J.S. Says:

    Zobers’ custom made suits are beautifully tailored, versatile, and extremely well-made. After custom making my last 2 suits with Zobers I will never buy a suit off the rack again. I get compliments every shabbos. (Their dry cleaning service is great too)!.


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