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Free 60 Day Pass To BJ’s Wholesale Club!

Free BJ’s 60 Day Pass Linky

BJ’s Store Locator Linky

You must activate the pass by 12/31/12.

The nice thing about BJ’s is that (unlike Sam’s and Costco) they accept manufacturer’s coupons and they have a wider variety of items.

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3 Responses to “Free 60 Day Pass To BJ’s Wholesale Club!”

  1. rots5 Says:

    did this! thanks dan! worked out gr8! and they have gr8 prices!

  2. Aryeh Says:

    Can this me used multiple times? I.e. if i used the summer one can i now use this one? If i use it today can I use it again on November 15th? If not, can my wife use it when mine expires? Thanks for the heads up Dan!

  3. T.W. Says:

    Did it and in 4 minutes had the free card and ready to go. Many thanks. Toda Raba.


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