Chase Hyatt Card Giving Anniversary Present For Signing Up?

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In August, Chase added an enhancement to the Hyatt card, a free night (excluding hotels in category 5 or 6) on every Anniversary of having the card.

Numerous DansDeals Forum members who opened a Chase Hyatt card since August are now reporting that they have received the free Anniversary night along with the free nights signup bonus at any Hyatt for opening the card!

If you have opened the Hyatt card since August check your account online under “my awards” and post a comment if you also have a free anniversary night in addition to the 2 free nights for signing up.

More about the Hyatt card:

-Current non-elites earn 1 free night at any Hyatt worldwide without blackout dates for spending $1 and another free night after spending $1,000.
-Current non-elites also earn Platinum status with free internet, bonus points, upgrades, guaranteed avaialbility, expedited checkin, and late checkout, for as long as they have the card.

-Platinums at the time of application (including those who status-matched to Platinum) earn 2 free nights at any Hyatt worldwide without blackout dates for spending $1 and earn 2 suite upgrades on paid stays of up 7 days each.

-Diamonds at the time of application (including those who status-matched to Diamond) earn 2 free nights in a suite at any Hyatt worldwide without blackout dates for spending $1.

-You can use your free signup nights at high-end Hyatt hotels include the Park Hyatt Sydney, Park Hyatt Maldives, and the Park Hyatt Paris, where nights in a standard room can cost as much as $1,200 each!

-There are no blackout dates or capacity controls on Hyatt award nights. Plus there are no taxes or resort fees on award nights with Hyatt!

-Earn a free night (excluding hotels in category 5 or 6) for every year that you keep the card.

-Triple points for spending at Hyatt.

-No foreign exchange fees.

-$75 annual fee.

Need more Hyatt points?  The Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Ink Bold cards will each give over 50,000 points for signing up.  Hyatt hotels are broken up into 6 categories that cost between 5,000-22,000 points per night.

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15 Responses to “Chase Hyatt Card Giving Anniversary Present For Signing Up?”

  1. kishmich Says:

    Confirmed. I got the email, and it shows up on my account page.

  2. Sam Says:

    Confirmed here as well, awesome!

  3. mike Says:

    I din’nt get it what can I do to get it? please help:)!

  4. Chuck Says:

    Hmm, just logged in and clicked into My Awards, but don’t see any free anniversary night. BTW, I applied and got my Chase Hyatt card in late September.

  5. Dan Says:

    When did you apply? There’s nothing you can do if you didn’t get it unless you’ve had the card for a year.

    Well the people who got the card in August all just reported getting the anniversary night yesterday, so either it may take another month for you to get the anniversary night, or it may have just been a fluke for those who applied in August?

    Keep us posted either way in a month from now!

  6. chez Says:

    Aha, so you’re saying that if I just got approved for my Hyatt card (which, in fact, I did!), I’ll prob see the extra night in a coupla months?


  7. Dan Says:

    It’s entirely possible that in about 3 months you’ll get another free night, but as they say, YMMV, your mileage may vary!

  8. Jaime Says:

    So if I don’t use the 2 I have now, the 2 will disappear and a new one will appear? Have there been any reports of getting the original 2 extended?

  9. mike Says:

    Dan, I think it was either August or September.

  10. Joyce Says:

    Yay, I got one! What a nice surprise. 🙂

    Jamie… I don’t think you can extend them, but I believe the expiration date actually applies to when you make the reservation… so as long as you get the reservation in before expiration (even it it’s a reservation for a few months down the road), you should be golden. Correct me if I’m wrong, folks!

  11. Chuck Says:

    @Dan: thanks Dan, that makes sense. will see what happens and report back. BTW, your site is a true gem! Through your posts and also the invaluable comments from your readers, we’ve learned a lot and benefited plenty (e.g. free Hilton upgrade to Gold via Visa Signature, matching to Hyatt Diamond via Hilton Gold, credit card reconsideration tips, etc). Thanks a ton for all that you do!

    @Joyce: if you don’t mind, around when did you apply for / receive your card?

  12. Joyce Says:

    @Chuck: August sometime. The first statement cut Sept. 17, if that helps.

  13. Lechaim2Life Says:

    @Dan: I got the card in September and got the email that my reward is on the way today! Looks like September is going to get the same!

  14. Avi Says:

    I assume that if I cancel the card, my Hyatt gold passport account and current resevations will be UNaffected?

  15. moshe Says:

    where can I use my free nights as I see they have no hotels in Israel


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