Pre-Holiday Sale From Twillory!

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50% off sitewide when buying 2 or more shirts!

Code: DD50

Free shipping + returns.

Dan’s Review: I was sent a couple samples of the new Safe Cotton Non-Iron Dress Shirts that Twillory manufactures without industry standard Formaldehyde. They truly are non-iron right out of the package and the wash. They feel luxuriously soft and still manage to stay crisp all day long.

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5 Responses to “Pre-Holiday Sale From Twillory!”

  1. BryanH Says:

    How do they breathe? I find most no wrinkle shirts to be really hot to wear.

  2. Chaim Says:

    Do any of the Twillory shirts have chest pockets?

  3. giveitatwill Says:

    Sounds great but they’re out of my size:(

  4. Dave Says:

    Would be nice if they had any shirts in stock:(

  5. Already had 50% off 4 shirts Says:

    Just saying.. they always have 50% off when you buy 4 (STOCKUP)


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