Level By Iberia: Fly Nonstop From Los Angeles Or Oakland To/From Barcelona For $255 Round-Trip!

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Bookable on Iberia

IAG, the parent company of British Airways and Iberia, is launching a new low cost airline called Level.
It’s launching A330 service with flights between Bercelona and Los Angeles, Oakland, Buenos Aires, and Punta Cana.

-You can book one-way flights from Los Angeles or Oakland to Barcelona for $149.10 on Sundays and Thursdays from June through October.
-You can book one-way flights from Barcelona to Los Angeles or Oakland for $104.93 on Sundays and Thursdays from June through October.

A carry-on bag is free, but expect to pay extra for checked luggage, meals, and advance seat assignments.

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10 Responses to “Level By Iberia: Fly Nonstop From Los Angeles Or Oakland To/From Barcelona For $255 Round-Trip!”

  1. High end hobo Says:

    What about avios earning?

  2. Jacob Says:

    Going so slow!!

  3. Mark Schulman Says:

    Any idea if 24-hour free cancellation period would apply?

  4. Jacob Says:

    Dan! IT worked via orbitz.com booked one way from Barcelona to LAX on 9/3!

  5. Fez Says:

    @Jacob: Thank you!!!

  6. james Says:

    Iberia’s res.system keeps erroring…best to book on a 3rd party site.

  7. Tovi Says:

    I wonder if these low cost carriers will make air miles/points worthwhile anymore for international travel? Obviously it depends where u r going but i’m taking a second look at my fly by points only approach, esp when there are high surcharges and less availability.

  8. Mr. V. Says:

    I’m not seeing $255 RT on a nice Th-Sun 10 day trip anymore for any dates.
    Anyone seeing good dates?

  9. Mr. V. Says:

    Dead :/

  10. Shay Says:

    Thank you DAn from LA! Just got it one way from LAX-BAR for 4 people, total $596.40


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