US Extends Ban On Unvaccinated Foreign Nationals

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We’re entering the 4th calendar year of COVID restrictions, and the effects are still being felt by supply chain logistical issues and the US tourism industry.

Back in 2021, the Biden Administration announced that foreign nationals 18 and older would need to be vaccinated for COVID to enter the USA.

That order was set to expire on January 10th, but the TSA announced that they will extend the requirement via an emergency amendment through April 10th. That order will be enforced on all airlines flying to the US.

Nearly all countries have dropped their COVID vaccination requirements except for the US.

Starting tomorrow, passengers flying from China, Hong Kong, or Macau to the US must also show proof of a negative COVID test. Many other countries are also implementing new rules on arrivals from China.

When do you think the US will drop its COVID vaccine requirement?

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27 Comments On "US Extends Ban On Unvaccinated Foreign Nationals"

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If kids in NJ are required to wear masks then foreigners without vaccines can stay out. Bottom of the list of priorities.


100% this


Neither protocols are justified


You’re comparing apples and oranges.
You can simply take your mask off if you developed allergic reactions to it, but vaccinations are irreversible, you have to live with it for your entire life if you had adverse effects from the vaccines.


What about Canadians entering the U.S. ?

Essen est zich

If they ask they will turn you around


Can you transit through the USA unvaccinated?


not unless u have a vax card


The US is one country where there is no such an idea as transit through.
You must come in, and then leave…


transit through is possible in US only through southern US border.

Common Sense

Under what authority and whose direction is the TSA doing this?


How recent does your vaccination have to be?


Can be from any time. Just 2 doses (or 1 J&J) required.

It\'s the end of the world as we know it

Mashiach is here. Wake up, America!


I hope your right…. But if u truly believed your statement you wouldn’t be sitting here commenting on a deals blog


If this would hold back any of the “bad guys” from entering the US, they should enforce it forever!


Unless u sneak through the border. Rules don’t apply


so Israelis who are only “machlim” cannot enter?




I’m guessing the ban doesn’t apply to the Mexican border?


So entering by land you don’t need to show proof of vaccination?


Depends from which side of the country & if it’s a legal border crossing…


From Canada into US at a real border crossing. This TSA link only discusses flying into US.

Hugh Jass

A regime change is needed


Does this effect land border?
Do they ask Canadian’s by land border if they are vaccinated?