[Goes Into Effect In 3 Weeks] The US Will Lift Air And Land Entry Restrictions On Vaccinated Foreign Nationals!

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Update, 10/15: Reuters is reporting that the new rules will go into effect on November 8th.

Update, 10/12: In addition to reopening air corridors, the US will reopen the land border for vaccinated Canadians in early November!

Originally posted on 9/20:

The US currently blocks most foreign nationals coming from China, Europe, Brazil, and more countries from entering.

The restriction will reportedly be dropped in early November for foreign nationals who have been fully vaccinated.

However all foreign nationals, entering from every country will need to prove that they are fully vaccinated in order to enter the US.

A negative COVID test from within 3 days will also be required.

Kids that are too young to be vaccinated will be able to travel with vaccinated parents.

It’s unclear how this will affect the land border closure with Canada, but hopefully that will reopen as well.

Will this news affect your travel plans?

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This makes zero sense.

They should be accepting antibodies and nothing else. Vaccinated people also spread the virus.


Hold on, your saying there’s a covid-related regulation that makes no sense?
I’m just shocked I tell you. Just shocked.


Excuse me, sir. Are you disagreeing with the Covid-1984 cult?


Vaccinated people have antibodies.


yea but thers seem to fade shortly after the second shot, now the question is if the vax creates a T cell response that will continue there immunity..dr marty macarry from jon hopkins has stated it does.


So your theory is that I have to contract a potentially life-threatening disease in order to be allowed to travel? Were you born stupid or was there a class?

Common sense

Are you stupid? Or just selfish?
Vaccinated people who never had the virus are capable of spreading the virus and should not be traveling.


As are unvaccinated. As are breakthrough infections. You’re an idiot.


Calm down everyone – We should ONLY be looking at antibodies from vaccinated and unvaccinated. Antibodies is what is stopping this virus from spreading. People’s antibodies are wanning faster than others from either the vaccine and from the virus. Hence, if the government would be honest they’d just look at antibody test – but they rather push the vaccine and get more people infected that way!


t cell and b cells are the key here, antibodies are nice, but they do not last ….


Actually, hubby had covid last Dec and just had antibody test showing that he still has antibodies.


Which is why we, vaccinated and people who have had COVID, should wear a mask in crowded places.

You’re unlikely to become deathly ill, but we could spread the disease to others.

Clinical psychologist

As one who refused to be vaxxed, I wear a mask to protect myself and others (in case I am walking around with the virus), but I don’t think that I can demand that others who did take the vaccine or do have antibodies must be wearing masks. I make a choice each day not to vax and I can’t make demands on others; they make their choice. I hope they stay safe.


Drop the mask. Even if they get it from you (unlikely) it’d a 99.5% survival rate – like the flu


peoples argument is that with the vaccine it brings the covid death rate below the flu..and bidens former advisor has said with delta the reg masks are just useless..


99.5% survival rate isn’t that good, would you risk getting a disease where 1/200 people die? The rate is likely closer to 99.9x, and skewing towards older people or those with serious health risks, but still not a risk I’d take.


Single or double masks? Forever?


Personal attacks are uncalled for.
Dan, perhaps remove them?




People with antibodies potentially spread the virus as well, what’s your point?


What’s the current policy on unvaccinated Americans traveling back to the US.
Any changes in the offing?


Why should there be? Keep your lack of sense out of the country.

Harley Kesselman

What about illegal immigrants at the border? I bet they still can come in with no precautions like they do now.


Yes. There can’t be rules regarding sobering that illegal. That would be a paradox.


Lol. Russian Novavax is just as valid it seems.


I can’t wait for all the foreign coronaviruses to arrive here and mix together to create a super variant. Is Omega variant taken? If not, that’s a cool name.


planning december holiday trip to carribean..what are chances PCR test to return to USA will be lifted by January 1, 2022?


As Dan mentions – not going to happen, but this is a complete non-event.

Most Caribbean resorts offer testing on premises and these places turn them within a day. You can also take a self test kit and do it via teleheatlh in your hotel room


There’s also a new rule for unvaccinated Americans to get tested within 1 day


Did that go through? Does it start Nov 1st?


Hashluchim is back on! (For vaccinated Shluchim)


Big deal for our family. Been separated for two years from our family in the UK because of this ridiculous non-scientific ban. Great news bh!


Will you need a Covid test to cross the border


You don’t need one now to enter US by land (just flying – which makes sense), whether vaccinated or not. Can’t see why they would ask for it now if vaccinated…

Clinical psychologist

What is the new news about tourist travel to Israel from the USA?


Do canadians on a student visa need to be vaxxed when driving across the border?


Good question. Until now they were allowed to enter by land with a US student visa, even though Canadians generally could not drive in. Check with SEVIS


According to this, students are ok for now, will need to be vaccinated in January

Jo israel

Are non vaccinated American citizens living abroad allowed to enter the us?


Yes Americans can and could always enter the US at any time by land or by air.


Or just come across the Southern border…


exactly! no maks or covid test needed! just a democrat vote!


What I don’t get. It just doesn’t make sense that many of the people got the vax in the winter which means that the shot has worn off. So what does this all prove??? They just as good as the u vaccinated. And worse off then people who have had covid


Which vaccines are accepted?


With regard to Israel, are vaccinated US citizens allowed in 11/1 or 11/21?


I would like to be informed also about restrictions for entering Israel. Any help?
I am vaccinated, I live in US, have also Israeli passport. I am terrified that I’ll be forced to quarantine for the duration of my short visit.


they should add
fully vaccinated Americans with 3rd booster, returning from outside USA, do not need covid test to return to usa… they should do this starting december 1, this would encourage 3rd booster shots and increase demand for holiday travel outside usa