Déjà Vu? US Reintroduces COVID Testing Requirements On Passengers Arriving From China

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Party like it’s 2020, what’s old is new again.

Effective 1/5/23, the Biden Administration is reintroducing COVID testing requirements on passengers flying from China to the US, including connecting flights from China to the US. This also includes travel from Hong Kong and Macau.

A PCR or monitored antigen test will be required within 2 days before travel to the US for all passengers 2 and older.

The US blames the lack of transparency into China’s soaring COVID numbers and variants during China’s reopening, which is finally happening some 3 years after COVID began in China.

It may feel like it has been a long time, but many countries, including Israel, were still closed to foreign nationals at the beginning of this year.

Do you think this will set off additional rounds of testing requirements and closures around the world?

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17 Comments On "Déjà Vu? US Reintroduces COVID Testing Requirements On Passengers Arriving From China"

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Ed Travel

That is the problem that other countries are going to start to impose those requirements…


Groundhogs day


Like that really helped “stop the spread” last time around. Sure, let’s all “follow the science” and bang your head straight into a brick wall.

This is purely political against China, so obvious.


Don’t care political or not, test to minimize chances of an onslaught of cases coming into our country. This is the prudent thing to do




No way the Joke Biden administration will go up against China. I wish! There must be something much more nefarious behind this decision. Something more to the tune of going up against Americans. I just can’t yet figure out which angle this will hit us from.


2 weeks to slow the spread!


Even the vaccinated? Doesn’t the vaccine work on any possible variant that’ll ever come out? I thought it’s just natural immunity that doesn’t work on new variants or only last a week or month or 6 max…

Harley Kesselman

I remember when this was called xenophobia. But now (D)ementia Joe is in office so it’s ok.


When Democrats single out China like this, it’s not raciss. Funny how that works.


A talked to my doctor. He suggested I get COVID.

Nacy pelosi

This is so racist! Blocking Chinese people from entering the country?!
Oh right, Trump isn’t prez anymore, Ok it’s cool…


Awe. I’m headed to China in October 2023 returning In November 2023. Where do I get tested, cost per test, and consequence if I test positive?

tom bradley

even with china open most carriers are not adding flights seems like china is an off-market unrelated to covid so not sure if the testing is really gonna affect to many people


If Chinese authoritarians hadn’t goofed up literally every part of this pandemic since it’s inception then millions of Americans wouldn’t have died. They could approve western vaccines literally any day and save so much time and death. But no. They mess up and everyone on earth suffers


Why do partisans want to call it political?
The first flight arriving in Italy had a 52% positive test rate and new variants. Why would we want to introduce planeloads of new Covid cases into USA?
Frankly it is shameful and selfless of China to want to export Covid cases right now – there is no reason China should not have waited four to six week to let Covid rip through their population before opening the floodgates. This was done without any regard for consequences, probably to deflect attention from the failings of the Communist Party governance within China.

USA still bars non vaxxed foreigners

Da – in your post you single out Israel – but the US is STILL barring foreigners – including Israelis -who did not take the covid vaccine. Test or no test. At least Israel opened to all.