HUCA To Save With United’s Award Sale

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Several DD readers have posted that they have had United call them and gotten refunds for award tickets that are now on sale with the US award sale and the Asia award sale.

My brother had a more interesting dilemma. He’s booked in September on a one-way 12.5K award from Cleveland to my alma mater, YOEC, in LA. Usually there’s no need to book a round-trip mileage ticket on domestic flights, but the award sale is only valid for round-trip tickets.

He called several times but didn’t get anywhere, so I took over.

I fully expected to have to play the HUCA lottery. That’s not something you smoke, that’s when you Hang Up and Call Again until you get the answer you want.

The first agent told me that it was a targeted promotion. Which is false of course, but I find that when an agent starts making things up it’s better to say thanks and hang up rather than try to correct them and be met with an “I’ve been doing this for 30 years sir, I think I know my job!”

The 2nd agent was happy to add a return segment to fly home for just 7,500 miles, but insisted on charging the $75 change fee as the ticket would have to be reissued.

The 3rd agent wasn’t able to find a saver award flight for the flight he wanted, despite it being clearly available. I just assume these people are grossly incompetent, are too lazy to be bothered to search, or get paid based on how quickly they process each phone call.

Finally the 4th agent was willing to book the return segment for 7,500 miles and waive the change fee as no flights were actually being changed.

All in all it took me about half an hour. Was it worth it? I suppose that depends on how you value your time, but I will say that the feeling of success feels just as good as the miles and money saved.

Have you had success having your existing United award repriced with the award sale?

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Glad it worked out! I agree that the feeling of success often outweighs lost time.
BTW, why not link to their actual Web page?


I was able to get miles credited back for my trip to Australia a while back when they had a promotion back then. I agree with you the feeling of success is the best

Jordan L

I have a domestic RT in 30 days that I have not had success changing to capture the new price because I booked it in June. 2 reps so far have told me they can’t get the updated price without cancel/redeposit/rebook.



Does this deal work to fly to Canada?


@Chaim: if im not mistaken dan wrote clearly it does! Read it over one more time.


@Chaim: I’m sorry he actually posted the information about where it works in his next post so here it is….


Hi Dan,
Thanks for everything! Question: what number did you use to call 4 times and settle everything within 30 mins? I find calling the big airlines from within America takes at least 1-2 hours to have just one agent call me back.


Click on the first link in this post.