[Dead, But Check For Schedule Changes For A Free Change!] Book United Saver Award Travel On Many International Routes On Select Dates In March 2024!

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Update, 8/21: Some readers have had their booking changed by 7 days after calling to complain about a schedule change!

Update, 8/16: I took advantage of this offer below despite the dates not being ideal, in hopes of a schedule change. Sure enough, United emailed me about a schedule change this week:


After clicking see other options, it said that I could make a change to a day earlier or later at no charge:



However, when I tried changing the date, it wanted hundreds of thousands of additional miles.

I sent a DM to United on X/Twitter and at first they said there was no inventory to make a free change, but when I sent that screenshot of a free change, they changed the dates on both my outbound and return by a day at no additional charge.

I love booking early, as that often leads to these situations. Who knows? Maybe another change will come up and I’ll be able to extend the trip again.

Post your experience in the comments!

Originally posted on 4/20/23:

Update: DEAD! Don’t miss it if this becomes alive again. Sign up for deal notification alerts here!

United has opened the floodgates on saver coach and saver business award space on all routes from March 14-19, 2024!

You can book a quick trip, or just book one-way and figure out the other way later.

You can book travel with United miles or partner miles.

If you use United miles, you can cancel for free at any time before departure. Booking with partner miles like Air Canada, Singapore, or Turkish Airlines may cost fewer miles than United, depending on the route, though they have more expensive cancellation policies.

This post will be updated with sample routes and mileage requirements shortly.

For example a flight from the US to Israel is 42.5K United miles in coach or 75K in business class each way:


Or the same flight from the US to Israel is just 32K Turkish miles in coach or 47K in business class each way. You can read the directions to book an award with Turkish miles here.


  • Flights between the US and Europe will be 30K United miles in coach or 60K in business class each way.
  • Flights between the US and Cape Town or Johannesburg will be 40K United miles in coach or 70K in business class each way.
  • Flights between the US and Australia or New Zealand will be 40K United miles in coach or 80K in business class each way.


Where will you book with this award availability?

If you, a member in your household, or an authorized user has one of the following Chase cards, you can instantly transfer points into United miles:

Chase no-annual fee cards that are fantastic for earning points, but require one of the cards above for points transfers include:

  • Ink Business Cash® Credit Card has a 75K signup bonus and earns 5 points per dollar on cable, TV, telecom, cellular, office supply stores, and gift cards from office supply stores, plus 2 points per dollar on dining and gas ($0 annual fee). Read more here.
  • Chase Ink Unlimited has a 75K signup bonus and earns 1.5 points per dollar everywhere ($0 annual fee). Read more here.
  • Chase Freedom Flex has a 20K signup bonus, plus 5 points on rotating categories, 5 points per dollar on travel purchased through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, and 3 points per dollar on dining and drugstores ($0 annual fee). Read more here.
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited® has a signup bonus offering 3 points per dollar on up to $20K of spending in your first 12 month, afterwards earn at least 1.5 points per dollar everywhere, 5 points per dollar on travel purchased through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, and 3 points per dollar on dining and drugstores ($0 annual fee). Read more here.

Will you book any travel with this deal?

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For 5 days?


Nyc to lax i don’t see any business


There is on March 19.


Does that mean the flights have to start on one of those days and end whenever or have to start and end between March 14-19?


Start and end


Are this tickets date changeable?


It’ll cost you the price difference


42.5k per way in economy isn’t a great deal at all. And business for 150k r/t is meh


If I transfer points from chase to united, will it go through instantly?






Usually but not necessarily. Mine didn’t once so I did fare lock so I wouldn’t lose the price


If it’s an old United account already linked it will. if it’s a new account it won’t.


United can randomly decide to hold your transfer for a few days, for security reasons, I have had that with old accounts too


Be aware purim is March 24


Thanks Dan…just snagged 2 seats in Biz EWR to TLV 11 PM flight…75k each….You are the man!!!!


As someone noted, the 24th is Purim, the Thursday before is Taanis Esther. The 14th is on a Thursday, meaning the first practical time for departure would be Motzei Shabbes or Sunday that’s the 17th and return on Wednesday that’s the 20th… if you don’t want to stay over Purim.

As to United in coach, doesn’t seems as a big deal. Turkish is a good deal, but only City transfers to them, I guess?

Who transfers to AC, and what are their rates?

Are there surcharges w/ Turkish or the other partners?


Citi and Capital One transfer to Turkish
Chase Amex and Cap1 transfer to Air Canada
There are no surcharges but AC charges a partner booking fee


Bilt transfers to TK


Who has Bilt points?


I dont understand the post. What is saver awards? What is the deal?


saver awards = cheapest possible mileage tickets. Can be booked by partner airlines – otherwise you can’t book at all.

Duvid T.

So if i have just cash ink points i cant transfer it to united?


If you have a Sapphire or Ink Business Preffered you can combine your points into that account and then transfer from there to United. Otherwise no, you cannot transfer with just an Ink cash card


Looking at booking a flight to South America like EZE or GRU. Is united the cheapest option? Seems like TK and AC are more expensive or the same price. Any tips?


These dates don’t work for me, but should something come up in the future, I want to be sure I understand the process utilizing the Turkish Airways miles option.

Let’s say I have 100,000 Chase points and an additional 100,000 United points.

And then a deal like in this post comes up that I want to snag. Can I use my points to get the Turkish Airlines rate of 32K miles? I created a Turkish account. Am I using United miles for this? Do I have to somehow transfer points to the Turkish Air account?

From reading the post about transferring miles, it seems like you need a Citi card and use those points…but I don’t have a Citi card, so does this mean I’m sorry out of luck and have to pay the higher rate 42.5K United points?

Thank you for helping me understand this and I appreciate your help.


You are correct that you need either Citi or Capital One points (or Bilt) in order to transfer to Turkish to book at their price of 32k. If you only have Chase points you can transfer those to United or Air Canada and book it at their higher price.


Yes, you would need either a Capital One or Citi card to transfer points to the Turkish mileage program, and then book the flight via Turkish. Each major bank points program (Chase, Amex, Citi, Cap1) have specific partners you can transfer points to. That is why it pays to build up miles in each of them.

You cannot transfer miles between different airlines mileage programs. You also cannot transfer miles back to the banks. (Or between the banks.)


yes. You cannot transfer Chase points to Turkish, so you’re stuck paying the higher United rates unless you obtain Turkish miles somehow. Turkish partner bookings rarely work online – you probably have to call in multiple times to find an agent who can do it. After 3 calls today I got someone who could piece together SEA-SFO-TLV for 47k in business.

This deal is now dead btw – all inventory has been pulled 12 minutes ago.


I appreciate the responses, thank you!


Yep. But you’re not out of luck, just sign up for cap1 and citi cards and ur good to go.


Thanks. I need to take a hiatus from new CC openings for a bitt. I opened up several Ink cards during the recent promotion and need to finish making those spend minimums. And for the first time ever, it was getting to be too confusing for me to manage all the cards so I’m working on making sure I’m organized before delving further into CCs. But it will be nice to get about 400k bonus points soon!


I cannot figure out how to get united to show up on turkish award searches.


United doesn’t show up, it just shows up as a nonstop between US/IL instead of with a stopover in Turkey.


Booked 3 seats 47k each Thanks Dan




I’m not seeing any availability at all for the Cape Town flights to EWR/IAD. has anyone else been able to find anything for this route?


You missed the deal, it was there until 15 mins prior to your commebt



El Capitan

Thank you Dan and JJ!

Booked TLV-EWR in J for 2. Thing is, I put a generic name and DOB on the second ticket. Would you say there’s a chance they’d switch it if I show a marriage license?

Ty again!


Just realized that lifemiles deleted all my points in january.. anyway that i can get them back?


As a fyi, I always find good award tickets not only with United but others 11 months in advance for the spring break, roughly mid March. This time I got them with KLM, I couldn’t see them on United. Later, I opened the United app by chance, and surely, the saver award tickets were there too.


Dan, did you book originally with United or Turkish?


Came to ask this.
Wonder if it would work as well if booked with a partner


I actually called them and they allowed be to change my flights up to 7 days prior to trip! Thanks for the Heads up


3 days prior on the outbound and 1 day on the return… I first tried for a couple months early but that didn’t fly


similar but slightly different situation. Booked a trip from lga on aa and there was a schedule change. I tried to get them to rebook me from jfk but they refused and said I can change to any flight from LGA but cannot switch airports. Do i have any hope if I huca multiple times or am i wasting my time.


united Sfo to tlv on september 24 for 80k in business


united sfo to tlv on 9/28 for 80k in business