Hertz Changes Points Expiration Policy Without Warning

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Hertz has a long history of no-notice changes.

In 2019 they changed the expiration policy on points without notice, requiring a rental every 18 months instead of 24 months. They also devalued points without notice that year.

Last year they devalued points again without notice.

And now they have changed the expiration policy on points again without notice, requiring a paid or award rental every 12 months instead of 18 months.

If Hertz expired your points by surprise, you can DM them on Twitter. They have been reinstating points, but warning that points will expire again unless a rental is made by 12/31/23.

Beware that some Hertz rates now have a no-show penalty when booked directly from Hertz, always be sure to check the terms before booking!

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No problem. I have not rented from Hertz since they started arresting their customers.


Just another reason to upgrade yourself to one of the other rental companies. I haven’t rented from Hertz since the days when they gave out cars for free.


Any other way to reach out to them other then Twitter that they will respond?


They are not known for their customer service.

Garry Joe

Just noticed that I lost points, will they ask me for proof that I had points?


Charged my cc at Hopkins without my consent. A big $18.50. 4 months later they have not responded as too what the charge was for?NEVER AGAIN. Fool me once your fault. Fool me twice my fault. Lost a good customer. There are plenty of fish in the sea


Please explain?


Hertz is the Spirit of car rentals


That’s Sixt.


which Company do you recommend




Two times in the last year someone rented a car, checked out and returned it in my name. Crazy. Also got hit with the toll charges on those rentals. Had to fight both times


That would be due to a travel agent messing up on the gold number


I lost over 6k points in 2019 from that change in policy. Had reached out to them multiple times until they threatened to blacklist me if I tried once more


Thank you for letting us know! I do my lease through Hertz to accumulate points. And great for CC points.


Please elaborate?

Peanut butter chocolate flavor

You’re really inquisitive of explanations on this thread


It’s an Iykyk world


Spammers gonna spam


As of January 2024, Hertz only allows status matching once every five years. Status matching is only valid for those who have never participated in the status match before, or if more than five years have passed since a prior status match.