Hertz Massively Devalues Gold Plus Rewards Points Without Notice

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Hertz has shamefully devalued their Gold Plus Rewards Points without providing any advance notice.

You can view the new award chart here and the old award chart here.

Sample devaluations to the standard award chart (Peak AnyDay rewards are double the cost of standard rewards):

  • Premium car weekend: Was 550 points/day, now 750 points/day
  • Premium car weekday: Was 675 points/day, now 750 points/day
  • Premium car week: Was 2,750 points/week, now 3,750 points/week
  • Minivan/Convertible weekend: Was 825 points/day, now 1,500 points/day
  • Minivan/Convertible weekday: Was 1,000 points/day, now 1,500 points/day
  • Minivan/Convertible week: Was 4,400 points/week, now 7,500 points/week

Absolutely terrible that Hertz provided zero notice of this devaluation. Earlier this year they changed their expiration policy from 24 to 18 months without notice. Loyalty programs that don’t realize that loyalty is a 2 way street may find themselves without any loyal members left.

Then again with Hertz reporting rental cars as stolen and having renters arrested, maybe you’re better off without them even without this unethical devaluation.

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31 Comments On "Hertz Massively Devalues Gold Plus Rewards Points Without Notice"

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Yechiel Z

I’m presidential circle at Hertz

Do you know if any other companies match status ?


And Avis


No more weekend awards?!


Also the 24 hour notice before renting with points is ridiculous!!!


U can thank guys who ried to beat the system for that one. Guys used to rent with points and cancel right after they picked up car and they got the points refunded. That’s why hertz made 24 hr rule 🙁


so hoe does the 24 hour notice prevent that from happening?


Any board or commission can we complain/file with?


Wow! Good thing I finally used most of mine last month!
Were others also charged taxes and fees on awards bookings as well? If so, their points are hardly worth anything…


Same, I ended up just using points to buy down my rate as I didn’t have enough for a few weekly rentals


Yes, I had the same thing. So annoying. It’s never actually free because they can always add taxes.


Bad timing right before they go on sale.


They need to do something quickly re Daily Getaways, which is advertised as “One week” when it is now not enough points to get a full week!


And what if you bought a “one week” rental from Daily Getaways in the past? What you got is no longer a week!


Makes me feel good about driving 900 miles in one day for $19.



Loyalty members that don’t realize that loyalty is a 2 way street may find themselves without any loyal programs left.


I usually say to credit United miles for rentals. Is that impacted?


Better to have, points credited to a frequent flyer program (AA, Alaska, etc.)? Is there an option to transfer and convert Hertz points already in the account to anything else?


Yes, under Use My Points, you can exchange them in increments of 600. Not great exchange rate, but I did it when they offered a bit of a bonus with United.


After my latest car has major trunk damage, the gear shift is making noises and it was smoked in – I think I need to find a new loyalty program. The only problem is the competitor canceled my reservation without notice and if not for Hertz I would have been royally messed up.


Pres circle and rent pretty often in LAX. Many many times the cars stunk from marijuana. Sometimes we didn’t smell it until we turned on the AC.

Texas Totty

This is terrible of them! I’ve been renting for years, saving up points so I can rent a nice car this summer on vacation. Now I won’t have enough points for the whole thing and I don’t want to pay premium price for the extra days.
And please don’t nobody go telling us this is a first-world problem. It’s frustrating.


do hertz points work in other countries outside the us. i came to the counter at tlv and hey were whisperig amongst each other about my gold presidents statues and even gave me a newer car becuause of it

Admor Aleph

Anyway this can be reversed if enough ppl complain?

למה זה תשאל את שמי

oy! that Hertz a lot!


So Hertz now updated the points for sale for Daily Getaways so you still get the same rental lentgh per package.



Ed Travel

So glad I used all my point a couple of weeks ago…

sam i am

nothing new, hertz is from the few major corporations with ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE……