Italy Is The Latest European Country To Reopen For Americans

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As of today, American, Delta, and United are operating quarantine-free flights from the US to Italy for all passengers, including tourists. Vaccination is not required.

This comes after countries like Croatia, Greece, and Iceland opened to vaccinated tourists. More European countries are expected to open this summer, under a hodgepodge of rules.

You’ll need to bring negative COVID-19 test results to fly to Italy. The rules about the test type on timeframe vary by airline, so check current requirements with your carrier. You need to test negative again on a rapid test upon landing in Italy in order to avoid quarantine. Unlike the countries above, showing a vaccination card won’t waive the need for those tests. You’ll also need to test negative within 3 days of your return flight to the US.

You can read more about Italy in the Milan, Rome, or Venice threads on DDF. I also wrote about our trips to Rome in 2017 and Venice in 2010.

I had United business saver awards to Venice booked for this summer, but alas United has decided not to fly that route this year due to the pandemic.

Will you travel to Italy this summer?

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Already am booked 🙂

TAP J to EWR-LIS-VCE if they let connections
AA J JFK-MXP if they do not


# of miles?


TAP J – $950 RT
AA J – 57.5k AS OW

I also have JFK-AMS-ZAG in KLM J for 29k FB + $250 YQ, in case none of these work out


I will definitely try!!! Thank you for the update @Dan


would you be able to drive over from milan into switzerland?


If you plan on renting a car be careful of one way fees. They are generally prohibitive if you drop off in a different country.


what countries in Europe/Asia will be open to children withOUT vaccinations for summer travel besides Italy?


if you are a US citizen who has been in Argentina, can you still go to Italy? Does it depend on your passport or where you are coming from?

Rod Walsh

If you fly into Italy, can you then freely drive (or fly) around the rest of Europe?


Test positive? Then the person may be subject to a disrupted travel plan unless ….


If i carry a french passport. Can i fly from France to Italy and then from italy to USA?
France kept promising that they would somehow open. But maybe this could be a solution?

Mark davidson

I suggest everyone calm down. By June 1 EVERY European country will announce open dates for non EU tourists including from USA. Everyone is making knew jerk reactions instead of realizing that every country in the EU is feverishly working to save their economy from a second summer of non foreign tourists.


how kid friendly is Italy? my 2 youngest are 4 & 8.


Millions of kids have been growing up in Italy for thousands of years. G-D willing, your children should be fine.


doesn’t France/Italy “close down” in august, making it a non desirable location to visit?


Where can we get a PCR test to leave italy and come back?