Israel Will Add Most Of The World To Mandatory Quarantine List, Removes UK, South Africa, And More Countries From Red List; When Do You Think Israel Will Reopen?

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Israel continues to make rapid changes to their arrival rules. Last week they added the US and a number of other countries to their Orange list as of August 11th, which requires mandatory quarantine upon arrival into the country even if you already had COVID or are vaccinated. Israel remains closed to all foreign nationals unless they receive special permission to enter the country.

I wrote in that post that it was only a matter of time before Israel added most of the world, and sure enough it took just a few days for that to come true.

Effective August 16th, most of the world will be added to the Orange list:


Uganda, Seychelles, Zambia, Liberia, Panama, Paraguay, Costa Rica and Kenya will be removed from the orange list starting on August 11th, but will be added right back on August 16th.

Countries on the yellow list as of August 16th that don’t require quarantine if you’re vaccinated or recovered include Austria, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Hungary, Moldova, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, or the Czech Republic.

Israelis are not allowed to fly to red countries without special permission and they are subject to fines if they do. Those include Bulgaria, Brazil, Georgia, Mexico, Spain, and Turkey.

As of 8/16 the following countries will move from Red to Orange: Argentina, South Africa, India, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, and the UK.

A potential workaround to all of this is to fly to a non-high risk country such as Austria or or the Czech Republic, spend 2 weeks there, and then fly to Israel.

Back in June 2020, some 68% of DansDeals readers thought Israel would reopen for Americans in 2020.

In January 2021, 88% of DansDeals readers thought Israel would reopen for Americans in 2021.

In April-June 2021, 82% of DansDeals readers thought Israel would reopen for vaccinated Americans in 2021.

Well, what do you think will happen now?

When will Israel reopen their borders to vaccinated Americans?

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When will Israel reopen their borders to non-vaccinated Americans?

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Where’s the ‘never’ option for unvaccinated? Cause that’s the most likely.


That was going to be my comment as I was reading this depressing article. At the rate things are going, I’m looking at NEVER.

Easy solution

Become a citizen


or become an athlete


Definitely a consideration :).

Yitzchok Winestine

We cannot become Israeli citizens. We have 3 sons, and they would be subject to serving in the Israeli Army. This is not acceptable to us.


I understand the concern but it’s not the worst thing in the world. They also could get a petur for a year if they wanted to learn Bava Metzia instead of serving the Nation.


Sign me up for a cross-country swim class 😉


Why should China ever be on any list other than red?


I asked the exact same question when reading the list. How can you trust anything from China after their recent behavior?


They are canceling birthrights this week


how will israel know how long you were in austria for?
just go straight onto israel


If someone is coming from Austria but without an Austrian passport- they could always ask how long you have been in Austria and prove you have been there over 2 weeks- show a flight ticket, etc. And they can verify it with the airline to see you actually came in on the date you said, in case you are showing them a fake e-ticket. I’m not saying they WILL go through that each time, but if they wanted to, they COULD and they definitely might.


Seperate ticket?


In the Israel Entry form they ask you if you’ve been to any other countries in the last 14 days, so I guess you’d need to lie there, as well as where it says that you certify that you don’t need to do quarantine.

Yesh din yesh dayan

The US should ban all Israelis from entering.


why? we didnt put the restriction in place the government did.
And they’re not banning American’s with Israeli citizenship amongst others.

Were there’s a will there’s a way. I know many came in last year for RH/YK/Sukkot

Josh Stein

Not sure this is so.

But my assumptions are that this is all political, all summer long, flights to any tourist locations, beaches and clubs and indoor dining or gyms and what ever had to do with having a good time during vacation season was all no issues and no restrictions at all have been necessary, all of a sudden when the high holidays are approaching and people want to visit Israel for religious purposes, travel is totally banned, regardless of your vaccination or recovery, status.

Somethings just don’t match up well…

Shana Tovah.


I still believe in the Government making decisions without regard nor animosity towards any group. The fact is that the summer started with good news and is ending with more concerns regarding Delta.
You might also take note of the facts, Davening with kavana likely spreads more germs than walking outdoors at a beach.


Keep on believing.

The only full lockdowns in Israel were made during Nissan and Tishrei so families should not be able to “spread the virus” which does not seem work the same way during any other gatherings such as sports events



Dan fan

Coming from a orange country ,is there any way to reduce the 14 days quarantine to 7 days?

Baruch Rosenberg

How is the quarantine enforced? (If you don’t have a smartphone)


It’s not enforced.

Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Can the quarantine process be done in your apt or must it be a room in a hotel assigned by the govt?


to leave israel in the 7 days that i came from a orange country is possible?


even with the date 08/16 will the USA still change before as reported, or they will make everything change together on 08/16?
saw conflicting reports…


In my opinion the ONLY way Israel will start permitting US citizens, is if the USA start to ban Israeli citizens from entering as long they don’t permit US citizens..
This is ridiculous that almost 2 years Americans can’t enter Israel but Israelis can enter USA with no issues..
We seriously need to start a petition to congress or to the Biden administration…


Can one travel from the States to UK, have a negative PCR on day 7 & then travel to Israel w/o need to quarantine? And what about returning from Israel to the US, will the US have restrictions for entering?
One more question: as a tourist in Israel, does one need to have the Tav Yarok to enter hotels, take outs, parks, other public places? If so, Can a foreigner obtain one?


Can anyone please explain why there was not a total worldwide lockdown on India.?? THE DELTA STRAIN ORIGINATED IN INDIA AND MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PEOPLE DIED. THAT WAS JUST ABOUT 6 WEEKS AGO AND NOW IT IS WORLDWIDE.


My votes were in last place. But I’m the most optimistic. I said they would let us back in tomorrow. (sigh)


BH, I just got my son in yesterday with a Student permit – the Yeshiva says they will IYH get a 2 year student visa for him. Let me tell you, it was not easy. They allowed him because he had proof of a prior covid infection + proof of recovery (the test you take 72 hours prior to travel). So technically – they do allow unvaccinated US citizens now, at least students. Is there any reason for me and my wife who are in our 50’s to not get Israeli Citizenship? We have tickets for January 2022. I’m not against vaccines, but since we both still have antibodies (we test monthly), I’d rather not until at least we no longer have them.


Any suggestions for the most efficient (read: actually working and responsive) US Embassy/Consulate to apply for “Permission to Enter Israel as a Foreign National”? I am looking at Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, and NY. Recommendations for easiest processing? Thanks